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It was fine. they're doing the best they can with what they have, but its not the best. My only class online is okay but the classes that are usually in person but you have to zoom into are so bad. the older teachers cant work computers.
The food is awful, the people are okay, but its the faculty that really sucks. Im a freshman, and I feel like nobody really cares. My advisor could honestly care less about me, and the counseling center feels like a joke. If you need help regarding your mental health, good luck.
I have never taken a course online or done online learning through Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
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While applying, I had multiple outlets to contact faculty and administration. The admission office was extremely helpful and willing to answer questions throughout the entire process. I am extremely excited to start this Fall!
I overall enjoy my time so far at HWS. I have made the most genuinely sincere friends and have had a lot of fun. However, not all students are this way. Much of the school population is very wealthy and uppity. You can definitely find your place here, just might not be with everyone.
I took online classes with HWS during COVID and it was weird but they did a good job with it. I hope it doesn't continue this year however
Hobart and William Smith has great academics, but it is a very small school and at times (especially the winter) it can become very boring living on campus.
Due to Covid-19, most of my second semester was online, at times it felt as though taking these classes online was not worth the price and that I wasn't getting the same education I would be getting on campus.
Highly regarded Liberal Arts College. Academics and Athletics incredible. Located on one of the most beautiful campuses in America. A true gem in higher education. This college should be on every high school senior’s radar if you truly appreciate being academically challenged and are looking 4 years ahead for career opportunities in your course of study. Go Herons! Go Statesmen!
I have worked for Hobart and William Smith Colleges for the six years and have loved my experience. The students, faculty and staff all contribute to a community built upon exploration, growth and inclusivity. I am confident our students leave here prepared to make a global impact.
I had an amazing experience at HWS! I truly feel that it prepared me for the next steps in my life. I'm currently in a competitive graduate program and feel that the connections I made at HWS will continue to help me and add value to my life for years and years to come.
The Campus is very small and its good if your looking for a homey, quiet, environment. The classes and professors tend to be very interesting and the academics are quite good. However the social scene is very limited to races and ethnicities being grouped into small groups whether socially or by the institution. Down town scene is fun at first but gets old. Good academics, average social scene.
You are paying for a liberal arts college and a small community but most of the time you just get administrators who don't care. Center for Teaching and Learning, Counseling Center and other student support services they mention in their material - are a joke.
It has a lot of opportunities for students which is good. The faculty members are there for their students and the college itself is small and community-based. I like how friendly people are and everyone's open to helping you out and making sure you are taken care of in an orderly manner. I appreciate the help I received and I will always recommend this school to other high school students searching for a small private school guaranteed to make them successful in life.
The school is working to become more diverse and promote the learning of other perspectives, which is admirable and necessary.
The entrepreneurial studies minor has helped me realize the importance of an interdisciplinary education. I've had the opportunity to meet students from a variety of majors, who think differently than I do. This has challenged me to think and work in different ways. The professors are there to support and guide you through the initial idea generation and final pitch process. The skills I use in class are applicable to everyday life and often highly sought out in the job market.
The freedom that comes with the academics at HWS is unrivaled. My minor, Social Justice Studies, emphasizes interdisciplinary learning in a way that has given me the chance to explore a wide variety of departments across the HWS curriculum, including theatre, anthropology, LGBT studies and political science. I’ve always believed in the power of people helping people, and minoring in Social Justice Studies provided me with the tools to create meaningful change in the community. I truly believe that I am a better friend, peer, and citizen because of it.
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I loved my time at Hobart and William Smith! I was a Biology major and women's studies and psychology double minor and the professors made learning a great experience. I was also a member of the William Smith crew team and met countless friends and made lifelong connections.
Barely any parties, will charge you for things you didn’t break, isn’t inclusive for people with dietary restrictions (especially allergies), housing is a mess, Geneva is small with barely anything to do.
Excellent Education with a amazing atmosphere in a unique environment. The athletics is one of the best and also their unique curriculum!