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Hobart lies to everyone that goes to see their school. Everyone who has mental health issues are told to leave the school because they don't know to handle it. If you need help at all they will blame all of your issues on you. The Professors can be wonderful and many are extremely helpful. There are good aspects of the school but the bad outweigh the good. There is no social life at all so if you want to enjoy college this is not the place for you. The people are all white privileged kids who don't know how to do anything for themselves. Girls will be sexually assaulted and the first thing they ask you is what you were wearing. The school prides themsleves on things that do not exist. I am saddened to say . that I do not know a single person who enjoys this school. Do not send your child here.
You are paying for a liberal arts college and a small community but most of the time you just get administrators who don't care. Center for Teaching and Learning, Counseling Center and other student support services they mention in their material - are a joke.
It has a lot of opportunities for students which is good. The faculty members are there for their students and the college itself is small and community-based. I like how friendly people are and everyone's open to helping you out and making sure you are taken care of in an orderly manner. I appreciate the help I received and I will always recommend this school to other high school students searching for a small private school guaranteed to make them successful in life.
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The school is working to become more diverse and promote the learning of other perspectives, which is admirable and necessary.
The entrepreneurial studies minor has helped me realize the importance of an interdisciplinary education. I've had the opportunity to meet students from a variety of majors, who think differently than I do. This has challenged me to think and work in different ways. The professors are there to support and guide you through the initial idea generation and final pitch process. The skills I use in class are applicable to everyday life and often highly sought out in the job market.
The freedom that comes with the academics at HWS is unrivaled. My minor, Social Justice Studies, emphasizes interdisciplinary learning in a way that has given me the chance to explore a wide variety of departments across the HWS curriculum, including theatre, anthropology, LGBT studies and political science. I’ve always believed in the power of people helping people, and minoring in Social Justice Studies provided me with the tools to create meaningful change in the community. I truly believe that I am a better friend, peer, and citizen because of it.
I loved my time at Hobart and William Smith! I was a Biology major and women's studies and psychology double minor and the professors made learning a great experience. I was also a member of the William Smith crew team and met countless friends and made lifelong connections.
Barely any parties, will charge you for things you didn’t break, isn’t inclusive for people with dietary restrictions (especially allergies), housing is a mess, Geneva is small with barely anything to do.
HWS is awesome, and kinda lame. Great hook up scene, teachers who couldn't get a job at a better school. School work is pretty basic tho if you play your cards right. This was my back up choice, but all my other applications were rejected so this is my best choice. Great campus and food, but hard to find social scene at first. Guess that's the same everywhere. Very happy with party scene after a year, and I've almost never had to pay for alcohol which is the best feature, really. WS girls are pretty good to go, and its a small student body so they know things are going to go down with you eventually anyway. Things start early, too, which helps class time go by. Worst part is teacher attitude who dont realize this isn't high school, and that YOUR paying. Some are chill tho and don't care, even if your hammered which explains the popularity of those classes. Settling on english major. Love hanging and swimming on shoars of senaka lake.
Excellent Education with a amazing atmosphere in a unique environment. The athletics is one of the best and also their unique curriculum!
I cannot wait to start in the fall! It has everything that I can ever hope for. I am excited to travel with their international program.
Great professors and administration. Just get all promises down as emails, otherwise, you won't get things done here.
I love that Hobart and William Smith is such a local school. The college is very involved in the Geneva Community as well as the entire Finger Lakes Community.
Top tier education. Strong sense of community. Professors care about you as a person. Party scene sometime lacks because of the rigorous academics
Great College Economics department is very high quality! Lots of fun so may nice kids, meet lifelong friends during my first week at the school. Work hard play hard type of place. Professors really push you! Expect to work!
This College has its prestige, but each incoming class is stupider than the last. They try to entice you to come with a very high financial package but don't take it. This school's future alumni won't live up to its name. I have spent a year and a half here, and this is a continuation of high school (not a college). I socialized and tried to integrate into the school but, what I found was a very toxic atmosphere. Everyone who goes here seems to be entitled to judge and criticize every other person even friends. If you want to stay in the high school mindset, go here everyone is still bickering.
The College is pretty misleading. Honestly became a student here two years ago and I was really excited. Slowly I saw how stingy the Residential housing office was when they would charge nominal fees. For example I was charged $150 for leaving my dorm 15 minutes later than expected. Or I broke an exit sign once and for the rest of the year campus safety would come into my room at 6 am on Sundays to make sure I hadn't broken another and would try to pin other broken exit signs on me. Furthermore, HWS advertises how nice it is to live off campus but its honestly impossible because they charge 7,000 dollars per semester to live in residential housing so they have an incentive to make it hard to live off campus because they want the housing revenue.
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Hobart and William Smith Colleges sit on one of the most beautiful campuses in the Northeast. Seneca Lake provides endless options for fun and photo opps. Geneva and the surrounding Finger Lakes Region have amazing restaurants, hiking and biking trails, an ever growing beer and wine industry and history galore. Day trips are popular on weekends and students can always be found downtown Geneva at shops and cafes.

HWS students have access to opportunities that prepare them for their life after graduation and help them stand out from their peers. Students can take advantage of the career center as early as their freshmen year and go abroad as early as their sophomore year. Undergraduate research is popular as are senior honors projects. Faculty mentorship extends far beyond the classroom and students feel supported during their four years.
Very interesting and challenging courses but wish there were more interdiscliplinary courses Great study abroad program. Could be way more diverse. The administration could be more helpful. Very beautiful lake to hang out near and swim in. The social life could be better but we are a small school in a small town so it has its highs and lows
Hobart and William Smith Colleges is definitely for a specific type of person. I am involved in the English department where the staff are wonderful and super helpful. Socially, things get complicated, the social scene is structured around friend groups where people are often kicked out of. The sex culture is rampant in casual sex and I urge incoming freshmen to be careful. If one plays their cards right, HWS can be a perfect place. The campus is astoundingly beautiful.Theme houses rock!