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The Professors I've had have all been ready and willing to work with you if you are struggling in a class. The food isn't great but it's bearable. Housing isn't bad, the room sizes are decent. Support services are helpful and great.
I am currently a first-year at HWS and I absolutely love it here. The courses are challenging, but the professors are committed to your education. They have teaching fellows offered for nearly every subject that are able to help you if you are failing to understand a lesson.
Classes are challenging. Professors are great, food is not. Open minded faculty and students. A lot of student athletes here, this is a good place for high level D3 athletes.
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So far I love HWS, yes there are things that I wish could change but I love all the experiences that I've had.
Career service is very helpful, they reviewed my resume for a summer job application that I was considering.
I lived in an all female dorm my first year and I loved it. The space was generally kept clean.
The sports team are good, and the gym facility for non athletes is great as well.
This school is great, except for some snobby students.
There is a great network of alums who help get kids jobs and internships. The career services offices are really good too.
I like how close the students and teachers become and i like the size of the classes. I like that you arent just another face in the croud but they actually know who you are.
I have never experienced anything to make me feel uncomfurtable on campus.
There are both Single sexed dorms and Co-Ed which is nice for the people who like their rooms quiet or like to be right in the center of attention.
There are only Fraternity's no Sorortiy's so its not a huge part of greek life.
Everything a the school looks really good and there are work out areas for people who dont play sports too.
So far the overall experience is really good and everyone is friendly and makes you feel welcomed to the school and campus.
There is a wide variety of courses that are offered depending on what you are interested in. Class sizes range from 5 to 30 (30 if you are in a highly demanded course) and there is a lot of 1:1 time with your professor. All the professors I've had are funny and very approachable and are willing to work with you. They are also very concerned about your well-being and your performance in their class. Classes use media and textbooks a lot.
The quality of the alumni network is amazing! And there are several opportunities to meet them at campus alumni events. The career services office is very good at helping you search fro jobs/ internships around campus or your hometown.
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Since the incident, a ton of necessary steps and security measures have been taken to prevent a reoccurrence.
The housing is what you make it. The room sin all honesty are pretty nice!! So when people complain and call a building "dirty" it's because of the people that live there... not the building. Overall, the housing process, social atmosphere and convenience is very good!
At my school Greek life is only available for Men. Which is disappointing because then they control majority of the party scene and girls are left at their mercy (in terms of trying to get in). I wish there were sororities on campus but I've heard that's a long uphill battle that not many are willing to take on. Apart from that Greek life does participate in community activities, so they do, do their part!
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