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The only complaint I have with Hiwassee is how out-dated and unorganized everything seems to be. For how much some of us pay financially, you would think they could update a few things.
I love Hiwassee! It is so small, and the professors really care about their students. Here I am a person, not a number. The only drawbacks are the cost of attendance and the buildings are really old and outdated.
I love Hiwassee College because it is located in a peaceful place which makes it easy to be focused on campus. I also love the family atmosphere.
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My experience at Hiwassee College was awesome from the very first day. Coming from a different state I thought I would be alone and was a little nervous. The Hiwassee family made sure I felt secure and welcomed. Everywhere I turned there was smiling faces and people willing to help all around. The feeling of having someone when moving to a new place made it so much easier. I believe there is nothing Hiwassee College could change because they have an amazing family.
Hiwassee is a older college with many plans to revise the campus. The small student body makes it feel more like a family. Staff and facility have the opportunity to work one on one with there students.
I'd like to see Hiwassee get more involved with its community in order to get more community support for clubs and athletic programs.
Since enrolling at Hiwassee College, I have come to find that the professors and other faculty members to be very helpful; whether it is with questions with homework assignments or anything going on in your personal life they are willing to offer advice and support for you in every way possible. If you learn better in smaller classroom settings, Hiwassee College is great. I have really enjoyed getting to attend this college and the learning environment is great!
I feel like this school works with you. I work a lot so I can definitely schedule my classes around work and my job is really good about scheduling around classes. I have never had a problem with any of these situations
Online courses here are great! If you have other stuff to do like work and can not do the campus classes, the online is great for you.
This school helps you out with pretty much whatever you need. They are willing to talk with you about all your problems and help out as much as they can
If the academic affairs come across a job or internship opportunity they always email you about it and give you all the information. Recruiting on campus is pretty good
The classes are small so you always have time with your professors. The professors are always their to help you in any way they can
My major is Physical Therapy so you have to take the core classes first and mostly science classes and they are challenging, which is good because I learn a lot.
I would definitely choose this school again. This school is a small christian college so all the professors work with you all the time. Everybody is driven to work hard and accomplish their goals
haven't had any as of now
I am not really sure about the job opportunities
As stated before, I have some things I do not agree with grading wise
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the program that I am in is the best in the area
I am in a special program for a job.
I am in a special program, and there are things I don't necessarily agree with.
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