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Hiram College is a great school ! The education is great. It is a small school so everyone knows everyone.
I was able to gain an incredible amount of experience in my four years at Hiram. For an incredibly driven student, Hiram is the perfect place to be able to have access to well-connected faculty members and their research and to have opportunities that will benefit you immensely coming out of college.
Wonderful people who want to see you and help you succeed when you are there learning and in the years after your education.
Review Hiram College
Hiram is a amazing school. The College is small but everyone knows you by face. My first year there I was scared but as time went on I became very close with my professors and they helped me with so many things outside of the class room.
Everybody is happy to be there, the staff are very great! The campus is very clean and nice! Everything is a good and nice walking distance, the rooms are very nice! The teachers are outstanding, the gym is in very good shape! The field house looks vey brand new and nice!
Hiram is a quite college and small. Not many students go there but its very good for those who don't like to be apart of a big crowd. Everyone knows each other so it shouldn't be hard to make friends.
Small liberal arts college. Classes are small, campus is nice and friendly. Professors always want to help you. Very good for its value
Hiram college is wonderful if you're looking for a small university. However, given the teeny-tiny size of the campus, they just don't have enough resources to offer. As a commuter student, I'd hope for a schedule that works for me, and unfortunately, Hiram just can't offer enough class times to make things run smoothly. From what I've seen of on-campus living compared to other colleges, the dorms are run-down, old, and just in need of a serious re-boot. However, small class-sizes And friendly professors make it all a little worth-while.
Hiram is the place to grow into your own. It's a place to express yourself with extreme support from professors. The academics are top notch and the cost is relatively low for a private liberal arts school. It is beautifully placed in a rural setting with an amazing state park down the road-Nelson's Ledges. It was the absolute perfect place for a naturalist musician like myself. It prepared me well toward my goals, as I'm working toward a PhD in music.
Is great school but it cost alot of money to go there.
Peer pressure doesn't really exist. If you partake in drugs or alcohol or not nobody is going to look at you different.
Hiram assures you have success and will stop at nothing less. Class sizes are not overwhelmingly big so the professors know each student and understands all of their goals. It is a great place with lots of safety and they have a lot of opportunities for each student in each major.
Hiram has great safety procedures to assure that everyone stays safe. There is always people around to assure you never walk alone even if you do feel un safe
There is always activities for everyone to feel involved. It's what keeps everyone together and everything fun.
Greek life isn't that big
No matter how good or bad the teams can be there is always constant love and support. Everyone sticks together
Review Hiram College
The school is in a small town. Everyone knows each other and the professors take all the time in the world to help students achieve their goals.
Would not recommend becoming affiliated.
The athletic facilities are amazing but there is no big hype around any big game day.
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