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The students are fairly friendly, they are easy to approach and are very inclusive. The professors are great for the most part, they really care about their students and what they are teaching to their students
I’d like to see more understanding for less fortunate students who want to attend Hiram. Hiram makes it hard to be “poor” or “less fortunate” and still attend. Diversity as far as race and religion and sexuality is diverse, but there is not much diversity as far as financial background.
I Love how when you become a student or even a worker at Hiram it becomes a second family. Also they welcome your family as one of their own. They take care of you and you really are known as someone on campus unlike large colleges.
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I’ve had a very amazing first year experience at Hiram. The professors are very helpful when i need help. I feel safe on campus, the campus is very comfortable, hiram was my first choice and I am happy with my decision
Hiram College is amazing! I love how tight knit the community is! Everyone is so friendly and you always see a familiar face. There are perks of going to a smaller school! The professors are amazing and always willing to help. They are all usually on a first name basis. You get to know them so well that they will invite the class over to their house for dinner! If it’s nice out or if the professors are chill, they will let you work outside or in the coffee shop! Hiram is the perfect place for me. It actually wasn’t my first choice of college, but I couldn’t of picked a better place. I never feel alone or left out. There’s always something to do and people to hangout with. I love Hiram!!
Hiram College is a great school for anyone who likes a small environment. It’s in a very quiet place about 15 minutes away from the city. It’s a great school if you like to party a little bit one day and want to study and be quiet the next. That’s the kind of experience I had with Hiram my first year. I was never distracted from my studies at hiram because of partying too much. I was able to party some days and find a quiet place to study the next. I also play basketball at hiram. I love the fan base and support the students show the student athletes. The academic part of Hiram is also great. The professors really care about you and the class sizes are not big. It’s easier for the professors to assist students one on one. Giving students a better chance of succeeding in their field of study. Only thing I would like see change is Hiram adding in more majors and adding track and field. Hiram is a good school to attend.
What i like most about hiram is the professor, they provide a lot of help and really care about their students and if they graduate.
My experience at Hiram is going good had to get use to the small campus but now i like it because i can get more one on one with my professors. Parties can be good when everyone is on campus and sometimes there are really good nights
Middle of no where, teachers are good and care a lot but i found a lot of the assignments very easy. Very small school so dont expect to have partys every weekend. Make sure you have netflix and bring your own wife becasue it goes slow.
My time at Hiram has been extremely rewarding. I have met some great friends and professors. The staff has been accommodating and understanding. My adviser has been more to me than just that. She has been a mentor. She has pushed me even when I couldn't push myself. I like the small, tight knit community at Hiram. I am blessed to have attended and become a graduate from this college. I have grown so much in my time at Hiram, both professionally and mentally.
I enjoy attending Hiram College because the flexible class schedule works well my busy schedule. The professors that l’ve had were awesome and professional . Althoughthe cost is pricey, l wouldn’t trade my experiences or classmates for any other college .
I currently attend Hiram. It is my second year and I absolutely love it. I love the atmosphere of the campus and all the opportunities you get to pursue.
From the little time I have spent at Hiram I know that it is a wonderful place. Everyone is always so nice and will say hello even if they don't know you. The food and dorms are great and the nursing program is amazing.
Hiram College is a small college in rural Ohio. Hosting roughly 1000 students, there is always something to do on campus. However, it would be best for students to own a car since even the closest mart is 4 miles away in Garrettsville. As a nursing student, the academic demand is exceptionally high, and students that are not 100% devoted to their coursework quickly find themselves behind and some forced to drop out. The professors are caring and are willing to help students to the best of their ability. I could not have survived the first semester at Hiram without the help of my professors for sure.
I would like to see more opportunities for commuters, more parking as well. The classes and professors, however, are amazing and all very personalized. Professors care about you here and make sure you are doing well not just in their class, but all your other classes as well.
Hiram college was a close-knit community and it is very easy to make friends there. The professors and staff genuinely care about your success but they don't just hand you good grades. The classes can be challenging in ways that are meant to get you to work hard. That being said, it is very difficult to get off campus if you don't have a car.
Hiram College is a great school ! The education is great. It is a small school so everyone knows everyone.
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I was able to gain an incredible amount of experience in my four years at Hiram. For an incredibly driven student, Hiram is the perfect place to be able to have access to well-connected faculty members and their research and to have opportunities that will benefit you immensely coming out of college.
Wonderful people who want to see you and help you succeed when you are there learning and in the years after your education.
Hiram is a amazing school. The College is small but everyone knows you by face. My first year there I was scared but as time went on I became very close with my professors and they helped me with so many things outside of the class room.
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