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Hinds Community College Reviews

736 reviews
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Hinds Community College is a wonderful school, even though there dorms is a little crappy. but they do have a good support system when you need help with your homework assignments.
The staff are really cool to talk to. I love the librarian. They are happy to see me to get a good laugh. The students are cool to talk to.
I love the staff and students. This is a great community college to attend. Love the small class sizes also.
Hinds Community College is an comprehensive educational institution. Although, the campus is full of different activities and the students have the opportunity to interact with one another. Overall, the stuff and students creates an friendly environment.
I liked my experience academically at Hinds. The teachers are there to see you succeed and not only that but they break down the material in the course to where you know it and not memorize it. I would like to see in a change in the dorms. When I was staying on campus, the dorm I was staying in, something was always wrong either the hot water was out, the water pressure was low, the elevator was broke, or it was something wrong with the air. Academically, Hinds is the best school.
I enjoy my campus visit. The Campus is absolutely beautiful.  Part of the beauty is the setting.  This facility has a lodge feel and views of trees, lakes, a golf course and farm land.  They have a nice auditorium, several class rooms, Wi-Fi available and a cafeteria on site.
Productive but cafe food sucks for example seems like most days the food is just put to together and they only cook good food when we have visitors and as far as the people I mean its kinda like a high school all over again but stay focused on what u supposed to. Gym is pretty cool they don't want u to have your own basketball, don't really understand that. I like the diesel mechanic program that I'm in and that about sums it up.
Hinds Community College was a great choice for me. It was convenient to my place of employment and the teacher was very informed.
My experience at Hind Community College was a great one, I really enjoyed the people that was there. I like how the teachers gave one-on-one help to me and other students, they try their best to make sure each and every student understands. I recommend Hinds Community College to every first upcoming college student for the first time.
I really enjoyed being a student at Hinds. I cannot rate poorly on a few bad apples, but all around I enjoyed Hinds. Most teachers work with you especially when your having trouble with understanding the assignment. They take out time to explain and make sure you understand.
The teachers are really there to help you. There are plenty of opportunities at Hinds Community College. The people are really nice. It is a to meet new people.
I love my experience at Hinds Community College. The teachers are always there to help you. There are many programs offered so there are some options to pick from. Hinds CC is the best place for you.
I actually love Hinds Cc. It has given me a perfect experience on my future so far as a freshmen. College life can be depressing sometimes, but at Hinds you will always have someone there to help you. The Faculity is absolutely amazing nice people everywhere. Hinds Community College is one college I would recommend someone to go before a university.
I like all their sport activities. the campus is awesome. I love the layout of the building. I like the way how they stay informative to their students on things on the campus activities.
There are various programs that deal with my major of computer science. Hinds offers computer programming, concepts, and other classes that are associated with computer science. The workload is not much, and the facilities are great. Within this field, there are many opportunities for jobs everywhere and will open up new chances for you in the workforce.
The experience at Hinds is amazing. It has great activities to take part in and also help out the wonderful community. I have done ample amount of community service that is associated with Hinds such as recycling, guiding other people, and helping the campus. The honors program is top notch, and it helps your confidence in your ability. Hinds is a fun-filled community college that many people should attend.
My class is pretty flexible and very stress-free.
It's a little more difficult to learn because it's harder to ask questions.
I do not have any experience with post-grad services.
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The professors are very friendly and want you to understand what they're teaching.
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