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Hinds is a great place to go to school. Whether you’re going for Technical or Something like Cosmetology or Culinary Arts. The programs are very diverse and the instructors are amazing. They push you hard and always tell you “Giving up is not an option “. They actually care about you and want to see you succeed
I love the teachers and the tools they utilize. It is a great learning experience and easy to enjoy.
I take full online classes and can get my Associate degree in Business Management through HINDSCC. I love everything about getting my degree online through HindsCC. Great Instructors, access to classes, class content, my cost. They have been awesome in every way I can think of. Even transferring to a university in Mississippi & all your credits being accepted & inline with continuing on to a 4 year degree program.
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The counselors do not seem to want to help, so you basically have to figure out your classes on your own. You definitely need to know which classes you need to transfer to a university before speaking to them.
Good Community college that is oriented towards freshman and new students. 7 campuses and online classes. Band, Choir, and Athletics are very good.
Hinds Community College is a very down to earth college. The students and teachers are very warm-welcoming. It’s a small loving environment. A great school to attend.
Hinds Community College offered me the BEST experience ever. Everyone welcomed me with open arms and was always willing to help. They provided many resources to help with any and every subject. Hinds also provides many outside programs that help prepare for the real world. At Hinds, I learned a lot about myself as well as working with others. The academic programs were challenging but what would you expect coming from the #1 Community College in Mississippi. I will forever and always be grateful to be apart of the Hinds Community Family. It is an honor to be a student and future Alumni. I hope anyone interested in attending Hinds goes for it, you will be 100% satisfied and will have a lot of fun.
I like my Professors and the learning experience overall. Especially the online classes which are great. The only thing that I would change is I’m paying out of pocket so I’m on a payment plan. I feel that I should be able to choose the date when the payments comes out of my bank account.
The staff was so courteous and very polite. My overall experience was this particular financial aid advisor Ms Elizabeth Hunter did everything that she could to get my appeal Approved and gave me many resources to fund my college experience
I have had a great time there and people was nice enough to come to me and help me with things I didn’t know
As I do not go to the one in Raymond I do attend the one in Utica. If you are coming from a large city, Utica may not be the one to go to because it’s in a rural setting, so if you do not like the country side of life then please go to the in Raymond or the other 6 campuses. As of I, I do not mind it, but it sometimes can get repetitious sometimes. The people there are unique and come from different of places. The teachers there are really helpful in regards of class work just make sure you are speaking up on it and getting help. If you are looking for something different please go to the hinds in Utica
The classes were ok. I didn't feel like I got a good education in my welding program. One teacher I had was great but the other didn't teach us anything and constantly picked on me. Reported him to administration.
Hinds is an extremely fun experience. The downfall is there is nothing surrounding the school it’s basically in the country but the school makes sure you have fun and have something to do.
One of the best schools to start your path for success. Small class sizes and professional instructors. In addition, they have the Phi Thetta Kappa program that earns qualified student variety of schalorships in the state of Mississippi. Affordable tutuition as well. I minnor thing that could get better is to create an organization that assists international students since a lot of them attend this school.
I love that it’s a small town college. There’s so many options and extra curricular things to do. They are very good with helping you succeed.
Hinds is a great college. Everyone is very helpful and understanding. I take my classes online and I love it. When I visit the campus, everyone is so friendly.
The people that I met when I joined them to create a course schedule where extremely courteous and helpful. The staff was beyond concerned with my well-being I really enjoyed my time there.
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Hinds is the go to community college in the metro Jackson area for a lot of 1 time college students. It allows to get your “ feet wet “ before actually going to one of the major universities , JSU or MSU , which can be very overwhelming . Another benefit of hinds is the low tuition cost, I paid around 2,400 per semester which is the lowest In the area . I took classes online and on campus however the online classes were a little harder because you didn’t have someone to break it down as you do in the class . On campus classes are relative small being 15-17 students per class .
I like the online classes. The instructors I had didn't really do any web sessions so I could go at my own pace for the most part
I would rate my experience as excellent at Hinds Community College in Raymond because I had the opportunity to take college algebra on campus while dual enrolled as a senior in high school. So far, I have enjoyed every moment of learning on campus, and I look forward to taking more classes as the future draws nearer. Based on my early experiences, I believe Hinds Community College is the best decision for all college freshmen in the Jackson, Mississippi area because it will contribute to a positive perspective on the college environment. One positive aspect of Hinds Community College is that professors care about students' success. Hinds Community College is viewed to possess a small university appearance, which is why many students are guaranteed to develop a strong passion for pursuing a college education at Hinds. With all of this being mentioned, Hinds Community college is a place where educational excellence is a priority.
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