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School and teachers are very caring and upbeat but the actual campus life is very boring.. other than playing outside activities the school doesn't have a lot to offer. If u want to get out and make some fun activities you are going to have to go off campus to make something happen
I really do like the touring when I went to hinds in Raymond I felt like I was apart of there students I felt amazing my experience was so amazing everybody was nice and fun to be around .
I love everything about my college. The advisors want to see you succeed and do everything possible to help you achieve your goals.
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I like everything about hinds. The students are great and so are the teachers. I always look forward to coming to class.
Hinds has been a great choice because it combines a great education with great and affordable prices. Hinds gives an opens a door for those people that do bat have much money to invest into their school. The greatest part is that they provide quality education that can be transferred to most schools. I recommend Hinds to everyone that I know.
Hinds Community College has been a great experience thus far. Instructors are always readily available to help. I wouldn't recommend any other college to attend than Hinds. "See You At Hinds"
Hinds is a great college to begin going to and build your knowledge towards a higher level degree. It is also great for the fact that tuition costs are very low.
My experience at Hinds Community College has been a good experience. I have came in contact with a lot of amazing teachers. Nice campus and peers to get along with also. Hinds Community College offers lots of great activities for any person looking for careers. In my opinion Hinds Community College is one of the best colleges in Mississippi!
The experience at Hinds was like none other. The campus diversity, staff, and surrounding environment could not have made my college experience any better.
Well I have not started school yet this is my first year as a college student but getting ready for this experience Hinds has been so helpful with me getting ready for classes. Their just really nice friendly people
I really enjoyed my first year at Hinds Community College, the Utica Campus. The teachers are very helpful and understanding. I would definitely recommend Hinds.
When I came to Hinds, I was a little scared. It's a community college, but to me it was real life. I felt like I was being thrown to the wolves. I had grown up and was educated in a sheltered environment, and I had seen the movies... colleges were no where near to my comfort zone. However, the wolves that I was being thrown to actually were super nice and helpful. In fact, they weren't wolves at all, but eagles. Hinds Community College Eagles. With their help, I "flew" through registration, and they made everything a breeze for me. I have yet, after almost three years attending Hinds, found them to be unwilling to help me whenever I need it. I appreciate it greatly.
Its a good college to attend just make sure that you are on your self about your classes. The people at this college are very nice and show positive attitudes most of the time. The professors are sometimes there to help you through your difficult times attending the college.
I like that all the class sizes don't exceed an amount of 20 students per class. That way, it is very easy to follow along with the course and reach out to the instructor is help is needed.
This is a very wonderful college to attend. The teachers are very great and the education is very affordable. Why waste your money attending the same classes at a university for a very high price? With all my scholarships, Hinds paid me to attend.
I am a up coming freshman to be at hinds community college. When I visited their campus everything was in great order. The campus was clean with great food and a wide range of students.
The college is great and I am currently with GPA of 3.769. I am learning quite well but the admissions staff can help students more instead of passing the bucket to others.
Review Hinds Community College
I did not attend the Raymond campus but I did attend the Rankin campus. It was awesome. The classrooms are small enough to where the students can get one on one help if needed !
This is a great school. Most of the teachers really care and try to help their students succeed. I love that its affordable too.
I love Hinds Community College. The teachers are amazing at what they do and are always willing to help students in need. Hinds is growing on me each and everyday I am glade I choose to coke to Hinds Community College.
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