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The people that I met when I joined them to create a course schedule where extremely courteous and helpful. The staff was beyond concerned with my well-being I really enjoyed my time there.
Hinds is the go to community college in the metro Jackson area for a lot of 1 time college students. It allows to get your “ feet wet “ before actually going to one of the major universities , JSU or MSU , which can be very overwhelming . Another benefit of hinds is the low tuition cost, I paid around 2,400 per semester which is the lowest In the area . I took classes online and on campus however the online classes were a little harder because you didn’t have someone to break it down as you do in the class . On campus classes are relative small being 15-17 students per class .
I like the online classes. The instructors I had didn't really do any web sessions so I could go at my own pace for the most part
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I would rate my experience as excellent at Hinds Community College in Raymond because I had the opportunity to take college algebra on campus while dual enrolled as a senior in high school. So far, I have enjoyed every moment of learning on campus, and I look forward to taking more classes as the future draws nearer. Based on my early experiences, I believe Hinds Community College is the best decision for all college freshmen in the Jackson, Mississippi area because it will contribute to a positive perspective on the college environment. One positive aspect of Hinds Community College is that professors care about students' success. Hinds Community College is viewed to possess a small university appearance, which is why many students are guaranteed to develop a strong passion for pursuing a college education at Hinds. With all of this being mentioned, Hinds Community college is a place where educational excellence is a priority.
My experience at Hinds was actually better then I thought coming in as a Freshman . The campus police are always out and I like that because it’s great to know they are close if something is wrong .
My first year
Love it so far.
Heard it's the best community college
I really appreciate it and I will get into my education threw Hinds community college.
So far it's challenging and I will be there at every challenge.
I loved Hinds Community College. This school is on a perfect campus. It is quiet and peaceful. You won't have any distractions. It has great security and good food. Did i mention the great staff they have.
I like hinds very much. I don't see anything wrong with the college and I like attending at this college.
This is my first time attending Hinds CC, as a 50 year old student. I take both online and on campus classes. My experiences with teachers, academics, and the security on campus have been positive. I feel safe and secure as I attend night classes with the presence of security visible everywhere on campus. Another great asset to Hinds are the Math and English labs that offer extra tutoring, for students that may need this service. The counselors and financial aid department are top notch. They make it easy to sign up for classes each semester and answer any questions. This school is a great place to get your basics completed with most courses transferring to your four year college.
Coming into college from high school i didn’t have much of a social life. And my freshman year i met a friend and we built a friendship and we met other people and we all become close and we are all still friends now that we have left the college. Hinds help me met girls i will come to know for the a long time
One of the main things that I liked about Hinds Community College was the athletics department and student involvement. There are many different intramural opportunities at Hinds that suit just about anyone.
Hinds is a great school. I have graduated from there and recently reenrolled to continue my education and bridge my nursing degree.
My experience at Hinds Community College so far has a been great. I look forward to going to class and learning everyday. I hope that the experience only gets better. My professors are very caring and understanding. They try to help us in any way that we can. Success is the only option at Hinds Community College. There are multiple resources for studying and much more. I know that my time there will only get better.
I have been and Hinds Community College for a year and a half now, and I have been very pleased. The professors are nice and easy to approach. This makes it easier to learn the material that is given to us. I like the library because it has silent rooms throughout the building to get away from any extra noise. The campus is probably below average. The school is under construction in some parts, so they are trying to improve the campus infrastructure. The diversity impressed me when I first starting going here. There are many different types of people throughout campus.
Hinds Community College is an average school. There isn't much interactive activities on campus for students, but the overall experience is okay.
Hinds community college is a good college to start off from. While attending this college I have became more responsible and independent. Hinds have provided me with many opportunities. Attending Hinds was a good decision. I have encountered so great and understanding teacher and other staff. They made sure I was able to understand what was going on. They will work with you. Hinds has great opportunities. They have a very understanding staff. The campus life is awesome. They also have something interesting to do. They make sure the students are exceeding in classes and in social life. Hinds is a great community college.
I actually attended the Utica campus, but this choice only listed Raymond Campus. My time on the Utica campus was the best time you could ever have at a community college. I Attended every game and events that they had on campus. Our homecomings is what I enjoy the most, we really know how to have a "Bulldog" good time.
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Hinds is the largest community college in the state of Mississippi.Raymond, the site of our main campus, is roughly 10 minutes away from our state capital of Jackson.
I’ve been to the counselor’s office every week talking with her and getting input on my classes , grades , and upcoming semesters. She’s always a helping hand. They want to see you succeed
School and teachers are very caring and upbeat but the actual campus life is very boring.. other than playing outside activities the school doesn't have a lot to offer. If u want to get out and make some fun activities you are going to have to go off campus to make something happen
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