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It’s a very intense program but the instructors make it bearable. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.
Everyone I have meet seem very friendly. I think have to be somewhat dedicated to get into the programs.
High graduate, board approved, and job placement ratings.
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The setting is modern but does not waste too much time on aesthetics. We are there to learn.
The prerequisite classes I have taken have been educational and enjoyable. The facilities are modern and accessible. All of the faculty have been exceptional nice and helpful. For me, I learn better in this atmosphy, small and hands on, vs. a traditional "College" setting. I look forward to starting the LPN program in a month.
The counselors, advisors, and professors that I have met are wonderful. They have worked with me through the admission and enrollment process. They have extended deadlines and provided additional help when needed.
There is not any room to get off track with the course load. You can not retake any class if you do not pass, you would be asked to leave the program. If you get a failing grade on a test you have to retake the test and you keep the failing grade in the grade book.also there is a strict attendance policy you have to follow, you can only miss 36 hours a semester and only 5 tardy.
I am getting a very good education, it is a heavy workload and very time consuming but if you are truly interested in Radiologic Technology than you wont mind. Basically you"ll have 2-3 classes a semester plus going to hospitals for clinical experiences. I go to school 3 days a week and clinicals 2 days a week. This summer for 2 months I will have clinicals 4 days a week and then in the fall 3 days a week and class 2 days a week
The course material is very in depth and difficult and sometime we have to self teach almost because there is only a certain amount of time available for the material because it is a 2 year Radiologic Technology (RT) program it is a lot to cover in that amount of time.Also we have very new expensive xray machines that we rarely use, and by rarely i mean practicably never. Other than that I enjoy my school and I am getting a very good education.
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