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The friends you make are phenomenal and the professors are dedicated, gracious, and so willing to work with you and encourage you in your studies and goals.
I love this school! The classes and professors are outstanding and really push you to your limits. It is incredibly engaging and fascinating every day and I can honestly I was never bored in my classes. The professors are so kind and caring and invested in their students. Office hours seem a little daunting at first but as soon as you start talking with the professors you feel all the anxiety fade and take part in wonderful and enlightening conversations. I really do love the majority of the core classes here at Hillsdale because they allow you to experience just about every major area of study and open your eyes to new subject you never knew you liked. I cannot say enough good things about the school except for the food which is not quite as amazing. That being said, all other aspects of the school are truly outstanding in my opinion.
If you do not have a religious background and religion is not a big part of your life, then Hillsdale is not the place for you. Religion is everywhere you go and it seems to be the thing that everybody wants to talk about. The academics really are not any better than if you went to a public state university, the school is only rigorous because the professors love to grade things harshly. There is never anything to do on campus, nobody really goes to the football games or any sporting event. There is nothing to do in the town except for some fast food places. The rules for the dorms are way too strict, with visitation hours and rules about having the opposite sex in your room. If you are considering this school, I would highly suggest you don't come here because you can have a lot more fun, get a better education, and get a proper college experience at any public state university.
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Hillsdale is a college like no other, as they put it, "what college is meant to be. Don't be fooled by the press; here exists a haven of open and diverse academic exchange. It will push you, it will challenge every belief you currently hold, and you will come out stronger if you let the struggle do its work in you.
Amazing education, environment, and teachers. They truly care about who you become and that you’re completely being educated. The students are for the most part studious yet very fun. The culture is great. It is also in a beautiful location. There is a lake nearby with trails for hiking, running, biking, etc. You can rent canoes and paddle boards for the lake. While it is a small school, sports can be very exciting and the school has a lot of spirit. Overall great experience. Would completely recommend, just as long as you go there expecting to be challenged. Expect to work hard. You will be rewarded. The teachers take time to get to know you personally; you are not just a number in the books. Some of the classes are also based off of student participation which adds a great element to learning.
Hillsdale College is a school that offers an amazing community to grow in as well as an incredible education.
Hillsdale College is a phenomenal choice for any student devoted to higher learning. The course load is rigorous so anticipate that the high school GPA which you have gotten used to will take quite a hit once you get on campus. Nevertheless, the top notch professors and well crafted curriculum makes all of the late nights and early mornings seem worthwhile.

Hillsdale is not a “party school”. You can still have fun on Friday and Saturday nights, but don’t expect to find any state-school-level darties come springtime. With the amount of time you will spend studying in order to maintain a decent GPA, you would be lucky to go out two nights a week anyway.

Hillsdale is a unique school to say the least. From the fact that it has one of (if not the largest) core liberal arts curriculum in the country to it’s trailblazing history of government independence, a strong sense of pride exists among the students and faculty for belonging to such an institution as Hillsdale College.
I'm very conflicted over how I feel about my college. I love the greek life and the classes that I am taking. I think the core curriculum is huge, but ultimately worth it. I appreciate the things that I am learning, but the school and administration is so conservative that they can be unwelcoming of other ideas and other people who speak up about issues that they do not agree on. The campus is gorgeous, but the diversity is essentially non existent.
The professors really care about their students, and that's why I chose Hillsdale. My professors have truly mentored me and gotten to know me, and I don't know if that would've happened at a larger college. The conservative Christian atmosphere is overbearing but you can find your people if you're not conservative–it's just a little more difficult.
I love Hillsdale because of the vibrant student life and the stellar academics. Anyone who receives a Hillsdale education possesses the tools to become a very successful person. The town of Hillsdale is a lovey little town and the residents are friendly to the students and there are many employment opportunities for the students.
Hillsdale College is providing a stellar, mind-broadening education for me and many others. The community and academics are both wonderful.
Great school. Very different place in that it’s secluded and tightly govenered. You have your students and then your athletes. Both very smart, but very different people!!
Hillsdale changed my life for the better. There is no other college out there like Hillsdale. If you want a quality education that will make you a better human being, look at Hillsdale. The core curriculum and the rigorous study in and out of the classroom provides students with the tools to be agile critical thinkers that will be productive members of society.
The liberal arts education is exceptional and on par with Ivy League colleges. The professors make every class a journey into the nature of man and what it means to be good.
I have attended Hillsdale for almost a year now, and it has been great! The professors sincerely care about the students' education and are always there for them. Since it is a small college, the community is tightly-knit; students can hardly walk across campus without saying hello to at least one person, students have movie nights and mixers together, and sometimes will even be invited to dine at professors' houses. Hillsdale is academically challenging, which creates an excellence that allows students to self-govern, and discover how to think.
I didn't know if I would like it, but I gave it a chance and I'm glad I did. Small and conservative, totally not me, but I'm found The right people and it's so fun. Couldn't ask for a better place to spend 4 years. Strong classics education and wonderful people and professors.
Hillsdale College prepares students in every way to become independent, successful, disciplined, and well-rounded citizens who engage in their communities and are life-long learners. The academics are rigorous for all students in any major, and faculty and advisors are invested in helping students meet their goals. The College provides an excellent climate for diversity, which is present and will hopefully continue to increase. Hillsdale is dedicated to its mission and turns out alumni who are passionate about encouraging future classes.
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The college is small but that makes everyone know most everyone else, so everyone is very nice here. People always smile at you when they walk past, even if they don't know who you are. It's known for it's academic rigor, and it really can't be overstated how hard it is here. Some of the athletes don't study all the time, but for the most part, everyone is focused on academics. That makes for a pretty good party scene since people want to unwind after a long week, but there are tons of other options if you don't want to go out on the weekends.
Hillsdale is an amazing school! I went on a high study aboard program in June to England. I got to stay on campus an experience life as a student. The professors were so incredible and a treat to be able to talk with. Everyone was very friendly.
Drug scene is very minimal, alcohol use prominent, but safely done. It is popular, but not required.
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