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I love attending campus. The Professors are very helpful. The classroom sizes are small so you are able to get more one on one interaction with the teacher and students.
Its fun and extremely helpful with my education. Everything about it was an impact to my life. I love everything about HCC and would recommend it to anyone who is trying college out for the first time.
I like how it is a very open environment to everybody that attends this school. I also enjoy how there are many different resources around the school that can help you with anything that you are struggling in. Something else that is good about Hillsborough Community College is that the student government always has many things going on for the students to be able to interact with, some things are like movie nights on campus, field trips, etc.
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HCC has a great staff who truly care about the students and their academic careers. I always felt they were doing their best to help myself and other students achieve their goals. The only thing I’d like to see them do different is to improve their academic advising staff. They have been difficult to work with recently, as they don’t seem to be on the same page about most things.
Great atmosphere, wonderful people. The professors, for the most part, are engaging and knowledgeable. They are willing to work with students and enforce disability policies and other student aids. It was the best change in schools I have ever undergone.
Even though the registry lines were long, the staff was nice and easy to talk to. i am currently enrolled as a dual enrollment student and taking an online class.
Everyone is really focused on getting there work done and its almost like there is no room for distractions which is good.
HCC is nothing fancy. However, its a very decent campus with a diverse student body and kind professors. It's true that the admissions process or class registration process can be very frustrating, but the classes themselves are very good in my opinion. You do have may opportunities to make friends or join clubs here as well.
The employees are generally rude. The teachers vary, but the quality of education and price aren't bad. The campuses are not very good looking, except for Southshore. The Canvas infrastructure is good.
It’s been the most streamlined process. The staff is friendly and helpful and there are many degree plans available. I look forward to the next few years and am proud to get a degree from HCC!
My experience with Hillsborough Community College was great because on the first day there were helpful people around the campus answering the students questions. I remember being a freshman and not knowing where my classes were, but thanks to the staff around campus I understand where each class is located. I would like to see a change in how to better inform us students in clubs. For example maybe distribute flyers to better notify on the clubs there are on campus.
After having gone to other community colleges, HCC has SO MUCH MORE to offer. Entering the Honors Institute pays your tuition, the student activities budget is HUGE where they are able to feed you regularly and have tons of clubs to choose from, the Deans are very accessible, the professors are mostly great and many have doctoral degrees, the nursing programs are top rated, the campuses are all within about 30 minutes of each other, and I really enjoyed my time there. The only real complaint I have is the lack of German courses because they say they offer German but only have 2 classes at some satellite campus. Other than that, my experience was great and it fosters success if you get involved on campus. As of this year, HCC is considered a majority-hispanic college and the campus housing agreement brings many students from all over the world i.e. Brazil, Vietnam, Ghana, Ecuador, Russia.
I honestly love it. They have tutors for you and a wonderful library. The teachers are kind and want to be there to teacher. It is a clean campus and the have the resources you need.
I really enjoy the overall atmosphere of the campuses and college as a whole. The professors and administration truly care for every individual that is working towards accomplishing their goals and degrees while at HCC.
I like that every where on campus there is always someone helping you out and directing you around. Professor's go out their way to take you to a certain class if you are lost.
Hillsborough Community College is an accredited school with several campuses varying in academic programs. The professors are top in their field and very good reviews. Our volleyball female team, Lady Hawks, is the best in the area, we also have tennis, softball, basketball and baseball teams. There are several resources for students including the Child Care Center for single moms.
The safety buzzers have been out of service for two years now. Most of the teachers are foreign, so it is difficult to understand exactly what they are saying. They also have a hard time explaining to us as well. Classes are easy to pass. Most teachers do try to give bonus opportunities for falling students which is nice. It is hard to fail if you just show up to class.
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Hillsborough Community College is great, staff and teachers are very friendly and the school is easy to navigate.
Academically challenging! Many of the professors have PhDs and taught at four-year colleges and universities. Lots of course options, and interesting people to meet. Some HCC students have even transfered to ELITE universities like Yale, Duke, and Wellesley.
I like the campus and its location because it's fairly close to my house and has a lot of nearby restaurants. While I've had some amazing professors here, I've also had terrible ones. Their financial aids office is terrible.
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