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I really enjoy the overall atmosphere of the campuses and college as a whole. The professors and administration truly care for every individual that is working towards accomplishing their goals and degrees while at HCC.
I like that every where on campus there is always someone helping you out and directing you around. Professor's go out their way to take you to a certain class if you are lost.
Hillsborough Community College is an accredited school with several campuses varying in academic programs. The professors are top in their field and very good reviews. Our volleyball female team, Lady Hawks, is the best in the area, we also have tennis, softball, basketball and baseball teams. There are several resources for students including the Child Care Center for single moms.
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The safety buzzers have been out of service for two years now. Most of the teachers are foreign, so it is difficult to understand exactly what they are saying. They also have a hard time explaining to us as well. Classes are easy to pass. Most teachers do try to give bonus opportunities for falling students which is nice. It is hard to fail if you just show up to class.
Hillsborough Community College is great, staff and teachers are very friendly and the school is easy to navigate.
Academically challenging! Many of the professors have PhDs and taught at four-year colleges and universities. Lots of course options, and interesting people to meet. Some HCC students have even transfered to ELITE universities like Yale, Duke, and Wellesley.
I like the campus and its location because it's fairly close to my house and has a lot of nearby restaurants. While I've had some amazing professors here, I've also had terrible ones. Their financial aids office is terrible.
The teachers at this school were great and that was about it. The administration was horrible. They did not want to be there, and they made it very evident. There were way too many issues I had to deal with in just the 2 short years that I attended the school. Conflicts involved financial aid issues, dropping me from classes that I had already paid for, and sending my transcripts to other schools that I planned on transferring to.
The experience at Hillsborough Community College is so fulfilling, my first week there I already felt at home made good friendships and amazing connections wth the faculty . I loved the ability of making my own schedule and being on top of my own work,etc. Almost everyday on campus you could leave class and see that all the different events that would be taking place such as free food, music and crafts . Overall HCC is my new home
The campus is very nice, more so than I expected, and the staff truly want you to succeed. My professors challenge me while ensuring I have all the tools necessary to achieve.
It was pretty similar to high school. You see tons of students everyday, but don't interact unless you want to. Everyone goes in and gets out. There is not much to bring the students together. They have a few events, but not much.
I like going to Hillsborough Community College because of the online classes and having the choice of different campuses.
Overall I had a good experience in HCC. Most of my classes are done online which makes it convenient for me due to my full-time 8-5 job. Some of the teachers are not the best, but if you follow the syllabus you will be fine. The school sends out emails when ever there is an event or when they are going to close. The website is user friendly and the location is close to my house.
I like HCC because it provides me with a way I can easily complete my general education courses close to home. When it comes to the professors on campus, I've had some excellent experiences and some that were quite frustrating. I consider it an average 2 year college based on the fact that much of the material that was taught I already had a good knowledge of. Since I was interested in completing my general education courses at this college, this was a good option for me, however I do wish the material would provide me with a foundation that is suitable for my major, instead of giving me basic information that I am already aware of.
It's a great school. Great faculty and teachers as well as a very nice campus. Very easy to navigate the campus and i definitely don't regret coming here.
2017 was my first year at HCC. This school has introduced me to the college life without over whelming me. HCC is a great school to start your college career at. The campuses are clean and nice, and the classes are small enough where you feel comfortable and are able to learn.
Hillsborough Community College allows those young and old to have a chance at acquiring a greater bit of knowledge that can either be for the pure enjoyment of learning or for them to better their lives in any way possible.
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I really enjoyed attending Hillsborough Community College. My major was Paralegal and the teachers I had would get straight to the point about class work and extra credit. If you show sincerity about class and class work the teacher will assist you with retakes on test and give you a passing grade. The librarians will assist you with whatever information you are looking for. The staff and work study
students are courteous so do not hesitate to ask questions if you need to. You will never go hungry with all the events, cafeterias, and vending machines on campus. There are many areas around the school where you can go and study in a quiet place. Also, Hillsborough Area Rapid Transit bus comes around for those who has no transportation and would like to catch the city bus. Everything is inexpensive @ the school.
I do like Hillsborough Community College. I never really thought about going to school until I was 19 years old. I have had a pleasant experience with the teachers and I think it has really prepared me for a 4 year university.
Hillsborough Community College is a good community college for the most part. The classrooms that I have been in have been nice but not anything special. I have had mostly good encounters with the professors there. There have been one or two professors that just plain stink but, you can't let that influence how you feel about the school as a whole. My biggest complaint though would have to be the student services area. That whole building is a hot mess. You do not have the option to make an appointment with any advisors or counselors, you have to wait at least an hour to even speak to an advisor, and the some of the advisors do not know what they are doing. I was never told I had to take College Algebra in order to take CHM 2025 or BSC 2010. So now, here I am waiting to get my A.A. because I was given false information. Besides that, I think the school has great people at it on top of it being a nice environment.
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