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Everyone at HCC is very helpful. If I ever have a problem, there is always someone I can talk to about it. Because it is such a small campus, there is a close-knit community of people who are friendly and nice. Overall, I've had such a wonderful time there!
HCC is what you would expect out of a two year school, you're in there to get out to a four year and get good enough grades to get out. Overall it's not a bad school and the people aren't bad at all. Depending on the professor the classes are good too.
HCC has exceeded my expectations . They have provided me the proper resources academically , financially and socially - and given me the tools to be the best that I can be
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I have highly enjoyed my experience at HCC. The teachers were truly there to help me and help grow my education. Not only were the teachers very helpful, but I made many new friends that were there to help me succeed as well. HCC has been the perfect college for me before my transfer to USF. Growing up in a private school, I was nervous to begin my new life at college; but I could not have asked for a better experience. I would definitely recommend this college for anyone wanting a great college without breaking your budget.
This school has help me empower my developmental skills to achieve my goals. I am currently in my last semester and ready to graduate in May 2018. My next step is to transfer to University of South Florida in Tampa FL. There I will be pursuing my bachelor's degree in Science. Thanks H.C.C for making it possible.
Hillsborough Community College is a great way to take your first few steps into college life. Teachers ease you out of the high school phase and help you move forward. I have gotten to experience great teachers, fellow students, and tutors as well. It was a great choice for me and I’m glad that things are only going to get better from here.
I really enjoy being a student at this college. We have classes where the teachers can help students individually and also have a variety of sports. It is also located in a great environment.
I have enjoyed my experience thus far. No pressure or feeling uncomfortable. It's a safe environment both in classrooms and in the campus halls. The professors are passionate and caring, even though it is a community college, they desire to see the students excel. The bathrooms could be cleaner.
I am a student at the Ybor Campus and even though my experience has been great there some issues with this campus such as parking and the distance in between buildings. I also think that they would try to offer more evening/night classes for my program (visual arts). Other than these few things, the personnel, teachers and the whole atmosphere is pretty great.
my professors have made returning back to school the most smoothest transition possible. I have learned so much about their teaching methods. Everyone is very friendly and the school is very diverse.
The professors are extremely helpful. You can go to their office hours and they'll always be there to help.
I like how kind and very helpful every one was when I went to go take my PERT test. Also applying online was very easy to do.
What I love about HCC is that The campus is so diverse and very cultural, there’s never a dull moment on campus at HCC. The staff there are extremely helpful and willing.
simple, very easy to get help from a representitive through the website, only have had difficulty with military Tuition assistance and lack of information on this makes the rating drop. professors are excellent and online campus is very easy to use and navigate through. faculty are very friendly and helpful on both campuses i have attended. the many campuses across hillsborough county make hillsborough community college available to more students than a typical university.
Hillsborough Community College offers a great educational experience and first time entering college. Many of the teachers are great and make the content easy to understand and learn. The college is also a great place to get an associates degree and transfer to a university.
Affordable, easy to get to, and the professors really put effort into their classes. Class sizes are small, too. Parking is the only drawback. Depending on when you go, you could have to walk 5-8 minutes to your car.
Hillsborough Community Collage offers a lot of opportunities for returning or beginning students. This collage can help you earn your G.E.D within less then a year timing. Another thing this collage offer financial aid for those students that want to further continue their education but cant afford it at the moment. Teachers , Administrators, and all Employees of the campus are friendly and helpful. I would rate this collage a 10 Star collage because of i have seen people succeed and continue to open businesses and attend a university after succeeding their associates degree.
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The professors are hit or miss. Some are great and some are absolutely awful, especially the adjunct professors. Though they could use work, the actual learning was easy to navigate and understand.
I really enjoy how clean and easy this school is. It is easy to get in contact with your professors and it is easy to fins your way around.
Hillsborough community college works well with students that want to get back to schools and have family's and jobs. Very flexible
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