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Needs more classes. Didn't have enough classes to register for when I needed them for my degree. It takes forever for the teachers to grade assignments.
I have been in Hillsborough Comunnity college since Spring 2016. My overall experience was amazing. I had the opportunity to experience many different teachers, but all of them very good and special to me. Abou the classes, the college offer many different ones and a variety of class hours. You have the oportunity to create your perfect schedule depenting on your time. The campus is really great, easy to walk in and find al the classrooms. The technology provided is good, and the labs give students an amazing experience at the time to do some work and experiments.
I like the Ybor campus the best, however, Mr. Hawkins at the Dale Mabry Campus really is a great English teacher.
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My professors are extremely helpful and communicate throughout each online course keeping students interested and informed. The campuses are beautiful and the staff makes students comfortable by being readily available and guiding. I think the online classes are a great option for students with difficult schedules such as working full time and full time moms. I have never had a bad experience at HCC and highly recommend this school.
There is a lot of staff willing to help you determine what classes are needed for your career. Many fun events organized to help build relationships.
HCC is great way to save you money if you are pursuing any degree take the same classes as a major university for much less
My expirience at Hillsborough Community College has been fantastic. They have many great classes and great professors, some might be difficult but that doesn't mean they are bad ones. For my own preference, I wouldn't like to see anything change at the college. I feel like they are doing everything fine and everything works perfectly fine.
Here at hcc was a great year I learned how to become an adult I learn to realize i can’t depend on my teacher to do everything. I have to become and adult and do what I have to do to grow up. I moved to tampa by myself at 18 didn’t have anything family here. I had to leave everyone behind and focus on what my goal is in life which is become a caregiver. This school helps so much with the little steps to help me prepare myself for the worst . Each professors have there’s own way of constructing the class but basically they all have to same outcome. Which is to help you learn the way you know how best but still teaching others in there own individual way.
I really enjoyed studying at HCC. All my professors and classmates have been a pleasure to learn from and work with to further my education. The campus lovely and peaceful and a great place to just sit down and study or relax or socialize with friends. The free food events are amazing, the food given is delicious and the people serving are really kind. For a community college, HCC is a perfect opportunity to further your education while enjoying your life.
I wish I could give less than one star. Terrible, disorganized institution. Departments need more effective communication, and the online system must be completely updated. This place is absolutely ridiculous and I have NO idea how it is an operating institution.
Love the atmosphere, they have sports, clubs, free giveaway, contest, theatre, and so much more! The professors really work with you. There are free tutors in every dept. They really set you up to win!
I've had so many wonderful professors at Hillsborough community college that care and will make it a point to help me succeed. They have made my college experience a joy. In addition, the tutors at Hillsborough Community College Brandon Campus are outstanding!
I had a great experience at HCC, especially in the art department. My professors pushed me, improved my work, and expanded my knowledge base.
My personal experience with Hillsborough Community College can be summed up in three words: engaging, stimulating, and rewarding. Hillsborough Community College's professors genuinely care about each student's success! Professors are hands-on and dedicated to their students, this allows for a captivating classroom setting. This community college is large enough to offer all students a dynamic & diverse college experience.
The simplicity of enrollment was great. Class sizes are good for those who like more personal time with the professor. I am in the nursing program there and the organization is average but they have started a new curriculum which I think will make the process much better. Overall, a great experience.
What I like about HCC is that the classes are small so it's easier for the teachers to engage more with the students.
This is an Institution that anyone seeking a better future can come and get the tools necessary to succeed.
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the teachers are great but the organization of the school is horrible, they lose so many important inforation
Overall a good community. I wish that professors would give out more resources to use to study. RateMyProfessors will definitely be a helpful tool when choosing classes.
I really enjoy having classes with my friends. However, since it is an outdoor campus and I have night classes, I sometimes feel scared.
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