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I visited this campus almost 2 years ago and met with an advisor for the nursing program. I never actually signed up for a class, but somehow I got a letter saying I had an outstanding balance. I had to go in and write a letter of petition to get everything taken care of. It was approved. A year later I get a notification that they sent it to collections. Long story short, they've been giving me the run around for 2 years now and refusing to honor their agreement and erase this balance even though I have proof on my side. Their administration is a complete joke. Almost everyone is so rude and unhelpful. There's no cimmunication where it matters. They don't care about the people who pay their salary. And it shows. I will never have anything to do with this school and will discourage everyone I know to do the same.
I have zero respect for this school and the people who work here.
I like that there are multiple campuses to choose from to go to. I also like how the SGA association is very hands on in college events and looks out for other students. Something I wish they would fix is the minor disorganization they have in advising offices.
After several years HCC has finally built its own 26 million dollar Allied Health Building to help students be more competitive with the local Universities for Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, EMT/Paramedics. If you were to close your eyes and open them, you would think that your actually standing in actually hospital and not a simulation room.
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HCC offers the typical community College education. The Dale Mabry campus is situated directly across from Raymond James Stadium and roughly 10 minutes from downtown Tampa. The quality of professors are not consistent with a very wide range. I would recommend researching EVERY professor before registering for a class.
Great school, people, and professors! Really nice campus there's alot of renovations currently being done at the Dale Mabry campus in Tampa. They have a new health sciences bldg. Lots of resources you can choose from, advisors and financial aid are knowledgeable and friendly and help you out. There's a library with computers for all your intended needs, also quiet place to study or work on an assignment.
I would have liked to have a cleaner campus. The one in Brandon felt more like a highschool than a college. You also don't really get the "college experience" while attending. Nobody tries to make conversation, it seems. I will say that the free events that some campuses held were nice, and I did enjoy them.
Hillsborough community college is a great college to get into. Yes it’s hard and easy to maintain speaking on behalf of others. Getting into the school is very easy. But you have to put in work and actually go to class. For adults treated like it’s a second job. Cause it’s very easy to get out and sometimes not come back but it’s also easy to get back in so no worries. On the other hand this is 2 year college you’ll be finishing stuff quickly other than a 4 year. Don’t waste time nor money. Instead save your time and money. Trust me it’s the same exact classes in the 4 year universities.
Entry with smooth people tell you exactly what you need when you ask for it and then some. Everyone is nice and understanding and it looks like everyone gets along together. The only thing I would really change about HCC is adding more security cameras.
Hillsborough community college is the birth of many successful scholars, not everyone is fortunate to start their education process off at a high end university, however HCC creates an opportunity where every student has the tools to be successful. HCC offers multiple resources from online to one on one tutors, small classroom settings, and student advisors that are truly committed to the success of students.
Hillsborough Community College is great for incoming freshmen the tuitions are not expensive compared to other community colleges here in Florida. It has a great staff the administration is so helpful and help you throughout your journey. Its not the greatest community college out there but, for me it’s a great starting experience. Hillsborough Community College can be a good experience for anyone.
Overall my experience has been good. There is nothing specific that I would want to see changed at HCC. The class sizes are small which allows for more one on one interaction with the professors if needed. The faculty were able to assist with any questions I have had during my time there.
Teachers are great, small, simple campus, always parking when I go. The services they include as well are pushed to the students, and I’m very glad they do that because without those services I wouldn’t be able to pass some classes.
Im currently looking to start school in the Summer 2019. I'd like to get my certification in Business Management.
All the teachers I’ve had in my two years have been so great! All have been super helpful and there to answer any questions you may have. The college staff is also super helpful and there to help with anything you need.
So far, I've had good experiences at HCC. The academic advisors have been extremely helpful. They have told me about the classes I should be taking and how to enroll for them.
Overall this school has truly helped me, as a nursing student the first two years are filled trying to achieve "prereq" classes. I spent my first year at a big university and accumulated over 12,000$ of debt, after transferring I have attained the same education for half that price.
I love attending Hillsborough Community College. The professors are top-notch and dedicated to providing the best level of higher education possible.
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When choosing to go to Hillsborough community college my peers told me I wasn’t going to a “real” college. But Hillsborough Community College has taught me so much and I’m glad I chose to go there. The staff is so nice and helpful, they will do anything for you. The campus is just like any other college campus just a little smaller but super simple to get around.
My experience at Hillsborough Community College is not as great ,nor as exciting as I thought. There are no athletic teams. They also don’t have housing near the campus either.
I haven’t started college yet at HCC, but I like that is a very organize school and there is always someone available to help me via email, about any inquiries I may have. I plan to start for the Fall term with my sister and I’m super excited about it !
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