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I attend the Johnson County campus, which probably should be the main campus but isn't. I refer to this type of school as a "fintax" school. They are striving off tax money and financial assistance programs. All business offices of this school seem to be very weak so you need to know what you are doing through the process or you will get lost. Programs are weak with very few instructors that have good real world experience. Great place to knock out some classes if you can teach yourself.
i enjoy attending Hill College, the professors are nice and understanding. I love the smaller classes i feel like i can get more one-on-one time with the teacher if i need it. The things i would change would be better food in the cafe, and wifi all around campus.
I am having a great time at Hill College! I am a transfer student, hated my last college and was dreading going back to school. Hill made the transfer easy. I'm in my 3rd semester and am loving it here. The instructors want their students to succeed, class is more of open discussion versus someone just talking for 3 hours. It is much better than the other local options.
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This is the best Junior college ever and for all ages. The campus is great and the instructors help you with everything. Everyone who works here helps to make you succeed
I really like the atmosphere at hill college. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I would like to see maybe some new classes added or more student events.
The only reason I go to this school is because I have amazing teachers that care about my education and my well being. That being said, there are so many problems with this school including food, financial aid resources, scheduling, limitation of 8 week face to face classes and so much more. I was impressed that they fixed the library, but the dorms need help. I'm personally fine with my own room, but there have been problems before, such as AC's not working, privacy issues, and lack of security. There is even a problem with drug abuse on campus which I don't appreciate.
I love the teachers here
The admissions were very helpful
Nothing has gone wrong so far
Online classes are so much better for me
The admissions were very helpful
They have a variety of English classes & teachers
Very affforadable and many classes to choose from
I am a student athlete and the work isn't too bad to handle.
I love my school. The friends that I have made, I will keep for a lifetime.
I dedicate more time to my in person classes
I haven't tried it yet but i believe it will o okay
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They need more courses at the location i attend
It depends o individual
They need more subjects at some of their locations.
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