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Highline Community College Reviews

481 reviews
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Highline has an amazing staff that really cares about the students, not just academically but they care how you are as a student. There's a lot of support if you want it. Highline wants to support your life as a student making lots of ways to get tutors, meetings wit teachers, outside seminars and workshops. Highline accknowledges thier students success. They send out congratulations when you achieve 30, 60 and 90 credits. I like that I can call and get IT help. I also work at the school on a work study grant thru financial aid and I just love my boss and co-workers. The boss always supports your class schedule and lets the job even be a place of learning. Highline is a great college.
I really love Highline! I decided to do the Running Start program, and that was one of the wisest decisions I made in my entire life. Highline is a great school; it is very diverse, the teachers are difficult but awesome , and the students are respectful and kind. Overall it is an amazing college. One thing I would change though is adding more parking; there never seems to be any parking spaces and it takes a long time to park. Other than that, it is a great college.
I am currently a nursing student at Highline College. This is the most challenging program I've ever had to go through but has been an awesome experience so far thanks to the wonderful professors and amazing resources. Out of the 3 colleges I've attended between California and Washington, this has been the best one by far.
Most of the professors I had were great! The staff at Highline College are very supportive and friendly. The classroom sizes are just the right size!
Fall quarter is my 4th quarter at Highline College, and so far it has been amazing! I absolutely love all the staff, and although it may be pretty difficult at times, the professors are always helpful.
the most efficient friendly helpful professionals who understand my circumstances.
convenient, tools are useful and helpful, demo videos are great for classroom style learning
online courses are convenient when working. Coursework is accessible, understandable, and easy to follow.
Medical related employment opportunities are increasing and job types expanding, hopefully exposure to medical terminology and technology will open doors to more stable employment and livable wages.
  • College Senior
  • 6 months ago
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orchestration of services, people, systems, and processes towards collective goals.
Online courses you don't have the face to face interactions with the classmates or teachers. It would not be my first choice, but they are okay.
It is very trying and the workload can be heavy. Some of the classed are very intense, but overall I am handling the load.
My life at highline has been smooth due to the help and support i get from my advisor
If a student is dedicated in learning and need help. The istitution has various department that offer help to students
They offer annual career fair.
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  • 8 months ago
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Personally, my life in the campus has been smooth due to a good relationships with the professors. They are helpful and kind.
Based on my observations, highline college has a good alumni newtwork, they are very consistent with current and future update.
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  • 8 months ago
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Am a biology major student. The workload in my program can be easy to handle if you have good time management skills. The curriculum is straight forward and they have well equipped labs that facilitate good learning environment.
Since joing highline college, my life has change in terms of how i handle my studies and my peronal life. They have great advising faculty.
I found it kind of time consuming to make sure that the classes I took at another college were able to transfer over and be applied to the field I am in. My experience at school has been a good learning experience. The classes are flexible and offered at different times to work with your schedule.
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