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The environment feels very safe and welcoming. The instructors are very nice, understanding. The student are friendly, a variety of sport are played here. The school is also very helpful about giving out books and tuition scholarships if you keep good grades, which helps a lot of students.Highland Community College is a great and full of diversity.
The teachers are amazing. They make sure you learn and are willing to sit down with you one-on-one by appointment to help teach you something you don't understand. The school is also very helpful about giving out books and tuition scholarships if you keep good grades, which helps a lot of students.
Highland so far has been really great. Although I mat not agree with the way I'm being taught at times, I still have to get through it.
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Great school and great faculty. Quick to assist in enrollment. Nice campus. Interactive online courses
My experience so far at highland is great. I have made a huge group of friends from all over the United States. I've been super involved with the campus. Highland really does try really hard to get everyone involved in something on campus, which I love. The down fall to HCC is it's very unorganized with housing and security. Lastly, Highland really picks and chooses who they want to get in trouble on campus. It's very sad seeing the star football player get busted for weed and getting away with it and a normal student getting expelled from HCC. I wish Highland would stop picking favorites and make each and every student equal.
Highland CC is a great diverse school with a friendly local community that welcomes students from all over. the only improvement I'd like to see is since the school is in a small remote town it would be nice to have more options for dining and possibly a pool since there isn't one for students within miles. And not many activities for students to have recreational activities.
I love the smaller school because it gives you more of one on one with instructors. The instructors are great and the faculty in the office works great with you and answers all of your questions.
I had amazing professors at Highland who were willing to go out of their way to help a student succeed. It was a great environment to learn in, and everyone I met was very friendly. I am grateful for the experience I had here. :)
Their classes are small and the Professors know who you are and knows what your future goals are! The advisors are there when you need to talk to them and are willing to help you with any question you may have.
Highland community college is affordable for everyone! I am grateful for all of my professors that worked with me when I had a tough time learning something. There is always someone available for help. I definitely recommend this community college.
Misplaced financial aid is often a product miscommunication at this campus. Classes are unusually long and it makes it difficult for students to concentrate without proper breaks. Academic standards are okay. Instructors are more caring than not.
Great School , amazing tuition pricing, great professors. The school has small classrooms which works out great you never leave a class without being able to understand the subject. Everyone of the professors has a good look out for your future and they will go out of there way to help you out . I truly felt like the school cared about my school experience. I also will say that the college also has great opportunity for those who like online classes or have to take online courses. Highland offers just about every single class online . This makes it easier for those who cant travel to a campus and who need to do their schooling from home.
The things that I liked the most from highland community college was that the people there were very diverse. Another thing that i enjoyed about this school is that it was easy to find classes and a friendly face to talk to. Everyone on campus seemed very involved and there was always something to do around campus. Even going off campus has its perks.
Highland Community College is definitely ideal for a student who plans to attend college but has no idea what they plan to major in. This is a great place to start because this is a great place to get your core academic classes out of the way for an amazingly low cost.
The sports here are incredible; if you are looking to play, be prepared for some very tough coaching but a great output. However, the campus is incredibly small and the town only has two gas stations. It's about a 30 minute drive on a two-lane highway to get to St. Joseph or Hiawatha for any stores. The faculty tries to come up with interesting events for the student body outside of sports games, but I think they are pretty confined considering where the school is at.
I have had a great experience with Highland they have been very helpful to me while I have been deployed, taking care of everything I need and allowing me to take classes with confidence that being deployed will not be held against me
The dorms I was put in was absolutely fantastic, and I could not have gotten better roommates. I only had a problem with one professor, other than that they all actually cared about me. Cared if I showed up and did well, which is very uncommon at college. It was pretty much just a continuance of high school. One bad thing about Highland is that the town is so small that there is absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to eat. The closest Walmart and Mc. Donald's are twenty minutes away. The town doesn't even have a stop light because it only takes a mile to pass through the entire place. But on the bright side, you will never have to worry about getting lost. All-in-all I loved my experience, and years later I still have friends that I couldn't imagine my life without.
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The college is big on the academics. Sports are Important too. The campus is okay as for safety its not the best. dugs happen to be on campus and happen to cause problems. Over all the teachers are great and they are striving to have more diversity.
I really liked how homey it felt. I am able to connect with the teachers on a personable level. being able to be to connect with the teachers really helps when you need a need extra help understanding something. It is really easy to get involved with other students. Highland provides a lot of opportunities to do fun things each week.
I've had a wonderful experience here at Highland. Between being on the cheer squad and all of the teachers are very nice, respectful and wonderful at teaching their class. You get a lot of one on one time with your teachers, the class sizes are small so there is room for LOTS of questions! The the tutor building which is located in Irvin Hall has many students to help guide you and answer any questions you may have with any subject. One thing I would like to see change is more dates and times for study groups!
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