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I really liked how homey it felt. I am able to connect with the teachers on a personable level. being able to be to connect with the teachers really helps when you need a need extra help understanding something. It is really easy to get involved with other students. Highland provides a lot of opportunities to do fun things each week.
I've had a wonderful experience here at Highland. Between being on the cheer squad and all of the teachers are very nice, respectful and wonderful at teaching their class. You get a lot of one on one time with your teachers, the class sizes are small so there is room for LOTS of questions! The the tutor building which is located in Irvin Hall has many students to help guide you and answer any questions you may have with any subject. One thing I would like to see change is more dates and times for study groups!
It's a fun place to get a good education and have fun well learning new things , the people are very nice and helpful it's a great school to get a great experience for college
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Highland Community College is an amazing institution for students that prefer a smaller community. The Admissions team works with each student to ensure that they get a books and tuition scholarship. The college credits are easily transferred to other schools, and the professors aid a transition to a bigger school much easier. Highland is a great place to start your higher education.
I really enjoy going to Highland, though I wish there were more options at the regional sites. For example, I wish they would have better campus food options.
It is a great school. It has great profressors. It has great classes. It is very small in Wamego. Great to learn in and have more time with your teacher.
Highland Community College is a great school, full of love and care from every angle. The teachers are very prepared for their classes and they are so willing to help students anytime. Being in this Prestigious school has been a blessing because I have found so much love here and I feel so much at home. The administrators are wonderful and understanding. This school prepares you very well for a four years school, and with focus and determination, your goals will be achieved because of the academic foundation you have established.
They have an amazing variety of classes. And times.
When I do online I need to focus on it. And I have a very bad tike.focusing.
Some teachers have a gooday way of teaching. Some on the other hand dont..some are willing to help the students.
I'm still going to this school. It is an awesome school I would recommend it to anyone the money is cheap. Well within budget or with in reason
I changed to a different major but over all it all fits my needs to accomplish this goal
I had an in counter that made me leave campus but overall school was great classes were great
I like going to Highland Community College because it gives experience in my [general] field of study, and a good paying job while I further my education. Highland has flexible hours which is very beneficial to me as a part-time student. I also enjoy being on a small campus where I can get one on one help from my instructor if needed.
Highland Community College offers hand on experience within the programs balanced with a decent amount of book work. Many programs also have a required number of ours in a clinical rotation to get on the job experience before graduation.
Highland Community College offers a wide variety of full-time, morning, afternoon, evening, and online classes. The variety of options makes scheduling easy for students with busy lives to further their educations and pursue a better career.
Have not taken any online courses, but they are available and at decent prices. Online courses making scheduling very easy.
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I think Highland Community College gives many options as far as post-grad exploration. All of the program are very hands on balanced with a fair amount of book work, many with required internships before graduation from the program.
I thoroughly enjoy the material that I learn in my classes, and they relate to not only the program that I am in right now, but they are also in the field of study that I plan to pursue after I graduate. The class size is good, a lot of one on one instructor time if needed.
I think the opportunities that this school offers pertaining to the value of its degrees are a good start for me. I am a medical office assistant program, and I am required to do a month of clinical rotations before graduation, so there is a lot of hands on experience. Although my program at Highland Community College is not a life long career choice for me, I think it is great option for experience and employment during other college I plan to attend.
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