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I received my Associates from Highland. Most of the instructors are nice. Some are better than others. I felt the affordability was outstanding! I was able to work full time while making payments to Highland, so I didn't have to rack up student loans yet. They host many student activities on campus. There are a ton of ways to get involved. They also have many employees who go out of their way to help their students. Plus, all of my credits transferred to my 4-year college!
My experience at highland was taking a career tech class my junior year of high school this year I took industrial technology. In that class I mostly took it to weld and the cad class was just for print reading practice. the cafeteria opens at 8:30 and has good food, drinks and vending machines.
I liked how it was small and close to home! The professors aren’t the best but they are still okay! I came here to play baseball for two years. Otherwise I wouldn’t of went here. I’m going to be transferring to another college for the last two years of baseball soon.
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I go to Highland to take some classes through career tech, which is is a program through the college and high school. The environment is good, all the professors are nice. They have all the resources you need on campus. They have a writing center, where you can get help and review your papers.
Highland Community College is an overall great college. The class sizes are small and the professors are welcoming.
If you're looking for the college experience, HCC is not for you. There is no party scene and virtually no student life. I've had some great instructors and some not so great instructors. The good ones really want and work to see their students succeed. The academics are decent and there is lots of help available for struggling students.
Highland is the perfect school for students who aren’t quite ready to transition straight to a 4-year university right out of high school. This school makes the transition to college much less intimidating. A majority of the instructors truly want their students to succeed and they show that by providing extra help if needed. In addition, Highland offers many diverse clubs and organizations to get involved outside of academics.
It was an awesome experience the professors were very personable and nice. They wanted to make sure that you had the best experience and opportunities available. They often helped set up internships to help get experience in the fields.
Besides my personal issues that I encountered, Highland community college is a good college. The professors are knowledgeable in their fields, and the campus is well kept, along with a large library to help with study. No true on campus dorms or housing, but will offer discounts to those renting the nearby apartments.
If you want to be screwed over with courses you need for your major, this will be the college for you. The only redeemable part of this college is that it is affordable. The class sizes aren't too bad either. You definitely can have a one on one conversation with some professors. Of course, there are some professors that are complete scum and you should avoid taking at all costs. I only came here because I wasn't ready to be in debt, and I could still live at home. Freeport doesn't offer much. The campus itself is pretty small, and there is limited diversity. I think I'm meant to be on a university campus instead.
The instructors say they will support you, but they don't. It is obvious that most of the nursing instructors are there for a paycheck, which makes the overall experience upsetting.
I first enrolled at Highland Community College in 2015. My major was Cosmetology. It’s a certificate program. The school has very good employment rates after you graduate. This fall I will be enrolled in Criminal Justice, a two year degree program. I can’t wait, I’m excited! I really like Highland, I just wish it was a four year college where I can obtain a masters or bachelors degree.
It's a nice campus, looking towards the welding program and I was slightly disappointed by the size of their shop, but I have heard good things about the classes.
Programs were nice, but teachers were sometimes hard to work with. Extra-curricular were mediocre at best.
Helpful staff and good community
I've found that you get out of it what you put into it. If you sit in the class like a lump and text, don't take part in any of the discussions, you're class participation grade and overall grades will reflect it. My instructors see my drive and ambition to succeed and are recptive towards me asking questions, feedback, and overall guidance
I have taken part in internships at the city, county, and state government levels. I was also recently made aware of and given information on a new internship in Washington D.C. from the Reagan Institute which would provide me real life experience on Capital Hill and other areas of government on the national stage with clear expectations on what it covers and what's expected of me.
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For the most part, it put a great deal of research into the school, and the professors and thier backgrounds and areas of expertise. The flexibility issue is somewhat limited due to the size of the school as far as trying to get classes scheduled that didn't overlap or cancel each other out at some point. There is definitely a little juggling, and some courses are only offered in the fall versus spring.
The web based system utilized by the college had a very easy to navigate system. It was very flexible to interact with other students in the same class online, submitt assignments and take exams. The feedback the instructors gave was contructive and help me further hone my skills going forward to manage expectations.
You get out of it what you put into it. If you care about your future and are dedicated and show your dedication to you academic advisor they will help you in everyway possible, but if you expect them to pry answers out of you and do all the work you'll get what gave.
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