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The instructors say they will support you, but they don't. It is obvious that most of the nursing instructors are there for a paycheck, which makes the overall experience upsetting.
I first enrolled at Highland Community College in 2015. My major was Cosmetology. It’s a certificate program. The school has very good employment rates after you graduate. This fall I will be enrolled in Criminal Justice, a two year degree program. I can’t wait, I’m excited! I really like Highland, I just wish it was a four year college where I can obtain a masters or bachelors degree.
It's a nice campus, looking towards the welding program and I was slightly disappointed by the size of their shop, but I have heard good things about the classes.
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Programs were nice, but teachers were sometimes hard to work with. Extra-curricular were mediocre at best.
Helpful staff and good community
I've found that you get out of it what you put into it. If you sit in the class like a lump and text, don't take part in any of the discussions, you're class participation grade and overall grades will reflect it. My instructors see my drive and ambition to succeed and are recptive towards me asking questions, feedback, and overall guidance
I have taken part in internships at the city, county, and state government levels. I was also recently made aware of and given information on a new internship in Washington D.C. from the Reagan Institute which would provide me real life experience on Capital Hill and other areas of government on the national stage with clear expectations on what it covers and what's expected of me.
For the most part, it put a great deal of research into the school, and the professors and thier backgrounds and areas of expertise. The flexibility issue is somewhat limited due to the size of the school as far as trying to get classes scheduled that didn't overlap or cancel each other out at some point. There is definitely a little juggling, and some courses are only offered in the fall versus spring.
The web based system utilized by the college had a very easy to navigate system. It was very flexible to interact with other students in the same class online, submitt assignments and take exams. The feedback the instructors gave was contructive and help me further hone my skills going forward to manage expectations.
You get out of it what you put into it. If you care about your future and are dedicated and show your dedication to you academic advisor they will help you in everyway possible, but if you expect them to pry answers out of you and do all the work you'll get what gave.
My Political Science professors have afforded my the opportunity to internships for Illinois State Rep. Brian Stewart and work on other local campaigns that I were successful in attaining or keeping the seats they sought in city, county, and state government.
I've really enjoyed my experience. As a non-traditional student I was engaged in the class discussions and engaged my intructors on a daily basis. I showed a strong desire to strive for excellence and I was rewarded with my professors helping me to be the student I aspired to be.

My particular professors were very well educated colleges like Barnard/Columbia, and others with distinguished honors for thier doctoral thesis. They have given me the insight and guidance for developing a schematic for my future.
It's simple to get around, professors are easy to get access to.
It was easy to schedule my classes around work and family activities
Not really anything since mainly getting gen eds out of the way.
I can easily get things done despite my health issues.
They really need to update their technology
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It is affordable to all of my general education classes. Close to home.
It's a nice place. The teachers and staff are friendly and nice. Some of the things are a bit out dated but the instructions is up to date and good.
I don't use many resources.
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