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High Point University Reviews

1,414 reviews
High Point University is an incredible establishment with superior faculty and a truly inspiring environment. It is a beautiful place to learn and grow as a student and an individual. Professors and staff are caring and dedicated to helping students succeed in all aspects of their lives. There are endless opportunities to take advantage of and limitless tools for success!
High Point has become my home very quickly. The moment I stepped on campus for my first tour, I knew that no other school could ever compare.
The academics here can be really hit or miss. I've had a couple of somewhat hard classes while others all you have to do is sit there to get an A. The professors do care though but it's hard for them to do their job well when no one volunteers to contribute in class. You can tell how some students are just so academically unprepared/don't care about being there. Most nights I have less than 30 minutes or homework and it tends to be easier than my senior spring.

The social life of a student usually consists of drinking in a dorm with your same old group of friends and going out to the frats on repeat all year. There's also no bar scene or downtown to go to since its a rough area making you feel trapped with no variety. Greek life is very hard to become involved in if you're a guy and the greeks are known to run the school. It's hard to have a very robust social life if not apart of a chapter since many people just keep to their group and don't mingle around.