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Beautiful campus but not in the best area! Faculty is wonderful and with the school being so small, you see a lot of people you know walking around campus.
Th transition was difficult for some classes but better in others. It depended on the professor and the effort they put into it! Overall it was an average experience.
I have met the most kind people in my first year at HPU. This university is exceptionally friendly from the students, staff, and professors. It is a place where small acts of kindness matter. At HPU doors are held open for the person behind you, students are happy and sociable, and it is the best place to foster growth as a college student.
Like all schools there’s drawbacks, like the location for HPU and, for me, the size. Although, these factors are truly outweighed by the friendly, clean, and caring environment in which HPU has made.
In terms of the staff, I have yet to meet anyone that has shown hostility or a lack of accommodations. As someone with many food allergies, the kitchen staff is unmatched with their dedication. There’s not only many places to eat on campus, but they will help you find/make food for people with food limitations. This is something not many other colleges offer for their students, and just one example of what makes HPU so unique and well run.
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The online experience at HPU was an adjustment for everyone, although all of the professors that I had were very organized, flexible, and patient. Some classes were in video format, while some were led by written instructions. Regardless, both clearly laid out the directions and expectations for students.
The professors are amazing and the dorms incredible. This was my first semester there and I loved it
I have not done an online class with them yet. I look forward to possibly taking one and see how they do
Due to the pandemic keeping students home after spring break, I got to experience what it was like to take all my classes online. A lot of the professors seemed to be unsure of how to conduct online classes at first but figured it out a few weeks later. It was also obvious which professors were putting in effort for the transition to online classes and which professors just didn't care at all.
High Point University, like every school, has its up and downs. To start off on a positive note, the campus is beautiful and so are the dorms. It's very flashy and they love showing off new buildings. However, it seems that most of what they advertise is smoke and mirrors. While preaching "life skills", there were no attempts at actually following through on that promise, other than the occasional learning lunch which happens once every couple of months. The academics didn't seem to be that challenging and most of the classes were easy to get good grades in as long as you showed up. Additionally, the students are primarily people that want to find the easiest degree to get with the least amount of effort. The school seems more focused on promoting Nido Qubein, the president, than actually making sure the students have a meaningful time there.
This University is the best thing that's ever come into my life. I have been very blessed to attend this college and work with the trained professionals assisting me to educate myself for my career. The buildings and campus overall are STUNNING. This is the place to be, and the best place I've called home.
(I'm from Annapolis, Maryland)
This school is the most toxic place I have ever been to. Went here for just my freshman year and it was terrible. The school hides so much, they only care if your parents have money or not. HPU security hides things as well, I can't really explain it but there is something odd about this place. The people at that school are all arrogant and toxic, and only interested in drugs. Please don't come here, I was lucky to be able to leave . . . .
High Point University is an incredible establishment with superior faculty and a truly inspiring environment. It is a beautiful place to learn and grow as a student and an individual. Professors and staff are caring and dedicated to helping students succeed in all aspects of their lives. There are endless opportunities to take advantage of and limitless tools for success!
High Point has become my home very quickly. The moment I stepped on campus for my first tour, I knew that no other school could ever compare.
The academics here can be really hit or miss. I've had a couple of somewhat hard classes while others all you have to do is sit there to get an A. The professors do care though but it's hard for them to do their job well when no one volunteers to contribute in class. You can tell how some students are just so academically unprepared/don't care about being there. Most nights I have less than 30 minutes or homework and it tends to be easier than my senior spring.

The social life of a student usually consists of drinking in a dorm with your same old group of friends and going out to the frats on repeat all year. There's also no bar scene or downtown to go to since its a rough area making you feel trapped with no variety. Greek life is very hard to become involved in if you're a guy and the greeks are known to run the school. It's hard to have a very robust social life if not apart of a chapter since many people just keep to their group and don't mingle around.
La Universidad de High Point es no bueno. Simplemente. HPU le faltan diversidad y una educación de calidad. La mayoría de los estudiantes son poco profundos y extremadamente ricos y sienten la necesidad de conducir en sus lujosos automóviles todo el día. También carecen de personalidad y aceptación de otros que son diferentes. Básicamente es una burbuja. No vayas aquí. Espero que esto ayude.
This campus is the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. It is a very close nit family type atmosphere. The campus is smaller than most but this makes it very easy to get around and to feel very comfortable.
What can you not love about High Point University? The campus is beautiful, the buildings are amazing and so is the staff. The professors are here to help you learn as well as succeed. Everyone at HPU wants you to do well as a student and as a person. They prepare you for life after college which is important.
Student life specifically Gail Tuttle sells the parents a narrative that is not true. They tell you this is your child’s home away from home. We will take care of them. This is a lie. They out right lied to our family about what they did to our child. This school is full of rich entitled students doing drugs whose parents pay huge fines to keep them in school. The extra help learning excellence program means well and the professors are kind. Beyond that most of students superficial, immature, spoiled and dorm life a disaster. Transferred out thank goodness. No matter how lovely all looks lying underneath deceit
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When I was accepted they sent me a t-shirt and a welcome home card for my start into the next year. I have my mentor and have already applied for my rooming. The process has really been easy and I would regret go to any other college in the fall.
I will be attending HPU in Fall 2020. So far HPU has been very interactive with me and other students. They have been very helpful with the application process and made sure I had all my questions answered.
I love High Point University because it is such a caring and enriching environment to grow, develop, and study. The campus is beyond beautiful. The professors are so involved in helping you succeed as an individual instead of viewing each student as a number on a roll.