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High Point's philosophy is really impressive. on the campus they have a huge chair that represents dreaming big.
What I like about High Point University is that the second that you step onto campus, it already starts to feel like your new home. You get this sense of comfortability that makes you feel safe and secure and the university starts to feel like your second home. So much that you don't want to leave.
High Point University is a small school, where every student is given the opportunity for success. The educators are top notch. The dorms are amazing. I have met so many wonderful people from all over the world. The moment you step on campus, you feel at home.
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What’s not to love about HPU. They have wonderful engaged teachers that enjoy teaching. They help make learning fun. HPU offers many different areas of study and are constantly adding more. The campus is beautiful. Beautiful flowers & piped musics as you walk to classes. The intramural program as well as division III sports can keep you busy either playing or watching. The food is amazing. There are many many different places to choose from including 2 Starbucks! The dorms are brand New and spacious.
My Freshman has had a great experience. She has become involved in several activities and has made a lot of new friends. Yes, some reviews discuss the students and money status...but, that is today's society. Some people have money ...some are striving to make money. Classes have been good, scheduling has been manageable, opportunities have been plentiful. We have been pleased so far and she is happy and doing well.
A very fun school with lots to offer. Facilities are incredible, and the faculty truely care about your success.
I really enjoyed my time at High Point University. The campus is by far one of the nicest campuses in the country, and the amenities are outstanding. The class size is small which gives you an opportunity to have a closer relationship with your professors. The only thing I didn't like was that besides the university, the city of High Point does not have much to offer.
HPU is for people striving for academic excellence. Amazing. So excited to go here. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doesn’t even deserve 1 star. There is nothing more fake than this school. The students believe they’re all entitled princes and princesses and will use that to their advantage to bring you down. The one plus about this school, is how amazing and understanding the professors are. They really care about the student and their progress, unlike the rest of HPU’s faculty. The faculty is rude and as a student, all this school has done for me has giving me negative affects on my mental health. My years at HPU have thoroughly been the worst years of my life. This school only cares about money and not one’s well-being. You should consider another school before going to this school. They do a damn good job while recruiting freshman, covering up all the BS that’s really going on at the school.
High Point University is an amazing place where you learn not only everything you need to know about your studies, but how to apply your knowledge to the real world once you graduate. They prepare you in more ways than any other school in the country. Their techniques set you apart from your competitors after graduation.
I feel that High Point University is the perfect fit for me. Positive energy and inspirational messages permeate throughout the campus. I couldn't ask for a better environment in which to spend the next few years pursuing my education.
I graduated from HPU in 2003. Although it was before the transformative explosion of the campus it was not lacking of Southern charm. As a Division I athlete the professors did everything they could to encourage us to keep battling thru mostly 12 hour days between baseball and academics. The people at HPU is what I remember. They were 1 in a million!
I have experienced excellent professors, security, campus housing and dining! More diversity, endowment and scholarship funds and opportunities would be helpful.
Aesthetics are top priority at HPU, but Nido's marketing techniques are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. This is a horrible place to get an education. Administration is doing nothing to combat the rampant drug problem on campus. Students are lining the toilets with cocaine, while crushing pills that don't belong to them and mixing them with alcohol. Its just a matter of time before another incident like Nido's son was involved in happens again. It is easier to buy cocaine, Xanax, and Vyvanse than it is to get candy bar on this campus. Yes, all college campuses have drug issues, but this one is especially bad. Lives are changed here and not for the better. We did report these issues multiple times, but they left these decisions up to the students to say whether or not there was a problem for which they needed help... After spending more than $108,000, the education our family has received in 2.5 years is devastating to say the least.
The school itself is beautiful and I try to love it but the people here honestly have ruined my whole college experience. Everyone is rich stuck up kids. People who don't carry designer handbags as backpacks to class get judged. Everyone talks about others behind each others backs. Greek life runs campus but it's not that great. The only thing to do on weekends is get blacked out and you want to get blacked out because if you don't you realize how horrible of a time you actually are having. Guys take advantage of girls a lot and only seem to want hook ups. Everyone has an attitude that they are better than everyone else. Honestly, very disappointed I ended up coming to college here I feel like I'm missing out on so much of a real college experience. Lots of people end up transferring.
I went to visit the campus over the summer this feeling inside of me just felt right. Then during the presentation and touring the campus, all the benefits and opportunities the students have made the university unbelievably amazing.
High Point University is a school that gives students opportunities to have an excellent career. The campus security will escort during any time of the day whether it's at 8:00 am or 7:00 pm. Also, the people on campus make you feel like your at home with a bunch of welcomes. The dorms are like living in a 5-star hotel.
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It is a beautiful campus with many opportunities. The one thing I would like to see change is getting a football team.
This is a great school, but it is not for everyone. Lots of new money kids that like to show off their wealth.
Awesome school in appearance and education. The success coaches are so helpful and make sure that you are on target with your classes and grades. The campus is gorgeous and every building as more spectacular than the last. There are so many school activities. Greek life is a big part of the campus too.