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Great university, excellent professors, likely will have a job lined up when I graduate because of the career services. Lacks diversity and a meh party scene Parties are mostly done thru the frats, where its a pain to get into if your a guy.
HPU's campus is gorgeous with many different amenities to choose from. The class size is smaller and the campus is easy to navigate. Professors care about you and know your name. The administration can use improvements and they care more about running a business than the students but overall this school is great.
School is absolutely beautiful, looks like something out of a dream. However the students are awful, a bunch of trust fund babies who compete for who can spend daddies money the best. The teachers are amazing and the academic aspect of the university is incredible.
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I came down here from New Jersey to attend HPU. I was drawn in by their 3+2 Athletic Training Program as it was one of the very few in the country. I love what I'm learning, I love my campus, I love North Carolina.
Everyone student that we’ve had work at our company ends up not being able to work in groups or crying in the bathroom once they step off the country club campus.
Overall, my experience at High Point University has been extraordinary. The school was a perfect fit for me and I have loved every single minute I have been on campus. The balance of academics, athletics, the arts, and extracurricular activities has been fantastic, and I feel as if I have really gotten to explore and find myself in all of these areas. I love the continued challenges and growth that I find here at HPU and I look forward to continuing that in the future.
Almost all of my professors during both semesters have went the extra step to help me be successsful in my classes. The academics have been somewhat challenging and have helped me realize the level of work and studying it takes to be successful in college. The campus life is very welcoming and offers many opportunities to get involved. Joining clubs and sports helped to make friends. The food is also very good and there’s enough options across campus so I never got tired of it. Besides classes, sports and clubs the party scene is good and a fun way to spend times with friends on the weekends.
Very beautiful, kinda makes you want to learn and be a better person. The environment is so peaceful and studious it's hard to slack off because everyone as is on their A game. Over all it's a great school great people a great place to be for 4 years
My first year at High Point University was great- many ways to get involved and a lot of activities to do on campus.
Beautiful albeit expensive university. Regret not taking advantage of great career services department
So many opportunities available, the professors care, the campus is BEAUTIFUL. I love being a student here. Have made life long relationships with so many people. I just wish the school was more diverse but it has improved since I came as a freshman.
The campus is one of the most beautiful, not only in North Carolina but in the South and everybody is there to help you out when and wherever you need it.
love hpu! my love for it continues to grow with each and everyday. love the food, dorms, staff. i have a feeling of belonging on campus and there are so many ways to get involved.
The professors are very professional and helpful; they genuinely want you to understand the course material and are willing to give help outside of class to help you learn. The campus is beautiful, security gets an A+ (I always walked around the campus around 2am and never felt unsafe), and there are plenty of things to do. There are also a lot of activities to do on campus; a lot of sponsored events, a movie theatre, etc. The environment is not always welcoming, which is one thing I'd like to change. A lot of the students at High Point I found to be a little stuck-up, but that doesn't mean there aren't other students who are not. If you look hard enough you'll find a great set of friends who are sweet and down to Earth.
I like the welcome received from administration and staff during my campus visits. I love the campus. It is very beautiful and well maintained.
My freshman year was absolutely amazing. I met some of the most amazing friends thanks to living in the women’s complex. People have lots of money, but I have yet to come across someone who brags about it. Professors and staff really care about their students. Parties aren’t crazy but are definitely fun if you go with the right people. Although there isn’t much to do outside the bubble, everything you basically need is right on campus.
The professors are amazing and everyone who works at HPU are so nice and friendly. The campus is so pretty and I just love the school and it just feels like home. Choosing to go to High Point was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
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Business college with strange fences. Green water and fountains. It felt like a fairyland. In the furniture capitol of the states, with a good interior design program.
High Point University is an amazing school. The feeling you get when you walk onto campus is like no other. The professors and students are welcoming and accommodating. The university offers so many opportunities and leads you to success.
I love how involved the President is in his university. For everything they have on campus they have a reason they do it on campus. For example classical music plays alone the sidewalks because it stimulates brain activity.