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High Point University is even more extraordinary than all the articles about it would have you believe. The campus is beautiful; the professors are genuine, and the opportunities are limitless! It truly is heaven on Earth!
I really love this school. It has its flaws, like too much politics and not a very diverse student body, but I've had some incredible professors and some incredible opportunities that I wouldn't trade for the world.
This school is uncomparable to any other. This school is so extraordinary as it's focus is for the students to become extraordinary. Students receive a well rounded education focused on life skills and social development- not just the knowledge of a degree or major. Students have so many opportunities for well roundedness at the school and they all are able to learn in a comfortable, medium sized environment which is centered around their personal growth.
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I have live in High Point city for four years. I love it because I can go everywhere such Charlott, Raleigh, or Durham with the same distance. High Point as the heart of North Carolina.
High Point University (HPU) brings the special value to High Point city. The infrastructure, the landscape, and the buildings of HPU have traditional and modern life. Someone feel like they are living in a Royal family or they are walking along New York city. The Physician Assistant (PA) and Doctor of Pharmacy Program (Pharma) programs make HPU more and more famous. The diversify in education is important. I hope that HPU will continue developing on Medical field in the future. The Medical or Dental will be a good vision to think about. More and more students from other states will come to HPU and High Point will be known by more people.
High Point is definitely a unique place. There are an abundance of resources to take advantage of, and the majority of professors here are incredible.
Everything about this college is superior to any other. The campus is well planned, clean, with an added plus of constant classical music playing over intercom speakers. The professors are intelligent an d inspiring. Facilities have modern decor with great furniture, movie theaters, and other upper class amenities that make you feel like royalty. With constant campus events and a row of Greek Houses, there is plenty to do for fun and in the community. Tuition is pricier than most, but you certainly get what you pay for with HPU and it is so worth it.
I've loved being here for almost 2 years. The programs are wonderful as well as the professors. As an Education major the programs here available for us are just incredible and really work on us getting into the field.
Amazing school with caring people on a beautiful campus. This college is one-of-a-kind and perfect for students studying a wide variety of subject.
I truly wanted to love HPU. I went to this school because it seemed like paradise. Everything about this campus is beautiful and every professor I had really cared about the students. The only bad things about this school are the students and the facade the school shows prospective students. If you only care about how much money your parents have, if your clothes are designer or not, and partying then this is probably the school for you. All the fabulous things the school brags about are things you'll probably rarely use. The movie selection at the theater isn't great and the arcade is basically useless. Don't go to Prime until you know people you'll be fine spending three hours talking to. The quality of food goes down significantly when prospective students aren't visiting. There was usually at least one ambulance on campus every weekend because someone drank too much. This school is the epitome of don't judge a book by its cover. The inside isn't as great as the cover.
It is a great school. But it is really expensive. The professors are great as long as you get to know them. The student body isn't diverse. There are many white faces and a few brown faces The party scene is a bore because there are a few local bars and no clubs. If you aren't involved in sports or clubs it's difficult to make friends. Housing freshmen year is nice because you live on campus. You can have a car freshmen year. Getting the housing you want after freshmen year is difficult because priority is giving to upper classmen. Campus is really safe as long as you don't leave the "bubble". There are trolleys to use to get to main campus and off campus housing. All of the staff and professors are friendly.
In reading all these reviews sent in by "students", I may as well just read HPU's advertisements. It appears as if admissions is using their time to write fluff reviews. Every other review is extroidinary, awesome, fantastic, great dining, pristine grounds, country club dorms. I guess the director of WOW is proud of his efforts. Five percent African Americans? If Nido could swing it, the number might be zero. He doesn't even want the staff to associate or be seen out on campus. Security is a joke. Sure they're seen, but are powerless to enforce any rules over the rich entitled customers called students. One phone call from moma and everything is forgotten. Students at HPU are NOT prepared to enter the real world. If they think everywhere they go, they will have their butt wiped the way Nido's koolaid drinking minions do while they're in school, no way. Go somewhere else and get a degree worth your time.
High Point University is filled with breathtaking views and scenery. It's gardens bring color to the campus. All day classical music is played, which is soothing and good for the brain.
The campus is gorgeous and the career advisors really try to hep you get internships and jobs. However, the party scene is horrible. Security shuts down the parties at 12am. There is no diversity, or a care for diversity. There is no school spirit and no one attends the sports other than basketball. There is no homecoming. When the students actually get together to have fun the school basically threatens to shut down the only fun huge campus event.
I am a current student at High Point University. I love the environment. The campus is beautiful. The campus is fenced all around and security is everywhere which provides a safe environment for students which important on a college campus. The faculty genuinely care about the well being of students and want the students to succeed. Students are friendly and will help if they see another student needing help. The president, Nido is all about innovating and making students experiences better.
This school cares about its students. I have needed help in many different situations; academically, job wise, and mentally and the school comes to my aid. Some students will argue the opposite, unfortunately, it is because they are entitled. This school has a lot of wealth but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. I have enjoyed my time here immensely and the friends I have made I consider my family now.
If you're looking at HPU, i would definitely visit, by seeing a campus you're able to better decide if its for you. I think reading reviews to determine a school isn't going to help you, especially the negative ones. HPU has been a great fit for me so far, if you have any troubles someone is there to accommodate you. and i mean for EVERYTHING. from moving dorm rooms, to fixing your resume, to finding someone to cry to when you're home sick.
High Point is very good at marketing to anyone interested in applying. Once you actually start classes you realize this all is a facade, its a mediocre college masked by the beautiful buildings and fountains. When you actually look at where you are you realize that the school is a new money school, lacking history and the true college feel.
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Fantastic. Great people, environment food and over all experience. The staff has a great attitude and is always friendly and personal.
High Point University is a place that I now call home. High Point University encompasses every part of the "college experience" that students are looking for. Here, you are not just a number on a sheet of paper. At High Point, you are valued for the important student that you are. The administration listens to students' requests and ideas, the professors care about you, and every worker employed at the university is dedicated to making sure you feel like you are home. I have never felt unloved or forgotten at this university. High Point is committed to not only providing me a great education, but they are committed to creating experiences to prepare its students for the real world. Everything done at High Point University is done for a reason. That reason is you.
High Point University is an amazing university. Its not the beautiful campus, the impeccable dorms or the 14+ eateries. Its the rigorous academics. You have to be willing to put in the work. Professors are always available to help a student.
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