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High Point University is a school that gives students opportunities to have an excellent career. The campus security will escort during any time of the day whether it's at 8:00 am or 7:00 pm. Also, the people on campus make you feel like your at home with a bunch of welcomes. The dorms are like living in a 5-star hotel.
It is a beautiful campus with many opportunities. The one thing I would like to see change is getting a football team.
This is a great school, but it is not for everyone. Lots of new money kids that like to show off their wealth.
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Awesome school in appearance and education. The success coaches are so helpful and make sure that you are on target with your classes and grades. The campus is gorgeous and every building as more spectacular than the last. There are so many school activities. Greek life is a big part of the campus too.
It is like exploring Disney World with all the things to do, the environment, landscaping, and music that plays while you walk around from class to class.
I love how comfortable and welcoming the school is to incoming freshman and that they do so much for their students. I wish that it did not always take a parent to make some things happen with administration, and that there is not enough parking.
It is a beautiful campus and supportive staff. The professors prepare you for the the real future and the internship office is readily available to help you find an internship that will give you real life experience.
I'll start with a few positive points - High Point has incredible facilities, small classes, and caring faculty. My biggest issue with the school, however, is the overall culture. It is very money-driven and full of negativity. There also is not much school spirit and the surrounding area is subpar.
I love High Point University. The teachers and staff are always there to listen to your problems and help you solve them. The campus is always filled with things to do from performers, to speakers, to earth day or just take a dip in the pool. There is something for everyone from clubs, athletics and greek life.
Deciding to attend High Point University was one of the best choices I made to better my academic future. Admitting what stands out the most is the campus. Everything about the school is absolutely beautiful, I couldn't ask for anything better. The professor are amazing, and always willing to work with students outside of classtime. The social life is easy to get involved with and there is always something to do. I have made friends that will last a lifetime, and will have a education that will help me achieve my goals in life.
The best part about High Point University is its small classroom setting. Class sizes average one teacher for every sixteen students. This creates a personalized educational experience that aids in a person's learning career. The teachers are able to communicate with the student individually and show care for the student's education.
High Point is a great school, there are so many staff members that are willing to drop anything to help you out. The classroom settings are small and allow for one on one with teachers which is always helpful. The surrounding area isn't the best but there are things to do you just have to explore and find them.
I just completed my freshman year at High Point University. I absolutely loved the last year. I was so sad to drive all the way back home for the summer. High Point is the type of place where you get out what you put in. They are up and ready to pour into you, as much as you ask. Im so stoked for the next three years, now that I know the ropes and have more confidence in my professional and leadership abilities.
Very beautiful and inspiring campus to motivate students. Really sets students up for success. Resources are great.
I'm a graduating sophomore at High Point and I want ti give an honest review of this school. HPU isn't your traditional college experience as I have seen two older siblings go through different colleges already. It is difficult to adjust to for many people for a few reasons. One, security is more strict than most people would like. Also, the people are very preppy generally, but there's no pressure to change yourself to fit in. Lastly, not many people attend the sporting events. I enjoy them, but it never gets very rowdy. It may take a couple semesters or even a couple years, but once you get involved on campus and meet a bunch of people, it's a very rewarding school to attend. Depending on your major, classes are generally fairly easy (especially business). You can get a strong sense of community especially on nice days when everyone is hanging out by the pools. Like I said, the attendance of sporting events is pretty love, but intramural sports are HUGE.
One year ago, attending the Presidential Scholarship weekend changed our family for the better. HPU became part of our life. My son #2 knew that weekend that HPU was on his short list. After being accepted to more prestigious schools, he decided, despite a lot of pressure from family and friends, to take a leap of faith and go to HPU. He entered in the Fall of 2016 into the honors program. The opportunities he's had thus far have been amazing. HPU delivers on everything and more. In addition, my son #1 decided to transfer to HPU in the Fall of 2016 as well. Two brothers, same school, very different experiences and both having an extraordinary education and experience.
I read everything on the internet about HPU, much good, some not so good. I was so nervous about whether or not we had made a good decision. I couldn't be more pleased with HPU and proud that my boys are part of such a warm, loving college community. So...HPU, plan on seeing son #3 in the Fall of 2018!
The campus is absolutely stunning which is what bring many students to it. However, I find there isn't a ton of diversity. A lot of the students come from upper class families and it definitely shows. There are a lot more female students than male and it is apparent on campus.
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High Point University is even more extraordinary than all the articles about it would have you believe. The campus is beautiful; the professors are genuine, and the opportunities are limitless! It truly is heaven on Earth!
I really love this school. It has its flaws, like too much politics and not a very diverse student body, but I've had some incredible professors and some incredible opportunities that I wouldn't trade for the world.
This school is uncomparable to any other. This school is so extraordinary as it's focus is for the students to become extraordinary. Students receive a well rounded education focused on life skills and social development- not just the knowledge of a degree or major. Students have so many opportunities for well roundedness at the school and they all are able to learn in a comfortable, medium sized environment which is centered around their personal growth.