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Hibbing Community College - A Technical & Community College Reviews

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I personally really like Hibbing Community College. It is a small college and that is one thing I like about it. I also like is I can get one on one help if I need and I also get to know my teachers and other students. There is also a lot of opportunity for me to join clubs and such with no discrimination. Everyone here is very friendly.
I had an amazing experience at HCC. I’m a international student and my financial situation was hard, I talked to the business people and they were very understanding and helpful, they help me through my hardship letting me make payments and I paid off my tuition myself. They allowed me to work on campus and make my own money to cover my costs.
I am a PSEO student here and I absolutely love it. The atmosphere is great. I feel a lot better there than I ever did at my high school.
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I would highly recommend taking your general courses and transferring. I attended this school for a year. I loaded up on classes as quickly as I could to finish earlier. At first the school was OK, some of the advisors really know what they are talking about while others don't. The area that the community college is in isn't really a good area. It's like some dark cloud is over the city. The people are very pretensive as well. I was very thankful to get out as fast as I could. Overall the school is good if you stay focus and transfer. I wouldn't recommend staying in the area afterwards but a lot of people do. It's not enough diversity. But to each it's own.
All the personal that I have been in contact with have been super helpful and nice. This will be my first year at this college. I am super excited to start!
I am currently enrolled as a second year nursing student. I have enjoyed the summer bridge program. The school is easy to navigate but could use updates.
I am enrolling into HCC this fall and my wife is an alum. I have seen her excel in her skills with the help of her professors and her amazing self motivation. The small class sizes provide close relationships with the students and teachers.
hibbing community college is a very nice college to start your college career off at because your debt won't be high.
As a non traditional student, going back to college is a major transition. I felt very welcomed at Hibbing Community College.
Great school, the instructors really care about especially if you are in a program. The campus is in a good location and the food is really good. A nice community college in a small town.
The campus is an ok size. Not too large at all, so it's extremely manageable. A few professors and ok, but the majority of them really have a passion to teach. There isn't much to do for fun in Hibbing though.
HIbbing was a very good school. i loved everything about it. staff was nice and the teachers were so helpful. although , the town was boring, it was less distracting and was easier to do my homework .
It's really great. The workload isn't too bad and there is a lot of hands on work. The instructor has real life senarios. The internships are really helpful and there are a lot of job opportunities.
It's pretty easy to get what you need figured out. My advisor is really helpful and super great to work with. I'm not sure on transferring but I heard it was pretty simple.
The online classes are good but sometimes I forgot about at least one of them unless I remembered to look. The student to professor relationship isn't the same as it is in the classroom unless your course if a hybrid course. The registration is the same as on campus but there is a lot more work to do.
Since it's a small town community college, the courses offered aren't a huge variety but you could always go for your generals. Many of the professors are amazing and willing to work with you if you let them know right away about something and they are very friendly. The classes are relatively small which I like because the professors actually know your name and you aren't just another number.
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The career center wasn't the best but it was okay. The value of the degree you get is valued just like any other degree. Internships depend on what degree you are going for but the internships are good. If you are in a program, you get to know the 2nd years and they can help you get jobs.
The teachers are very helpful and willing to work with you. The building is very well kept up. For a community college it's really nice.
Many in my program are continuing to work and have had some conflicts with original schedules but we've been able to reschedule around these times.
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