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Herzing University - New Orleans Reviews

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My experience with Herzing was real welcoming. I enrolled in school and they was really helpful with the enrollment. There is nothing that I would change about the University.
I love attending classes at Herzing. I am not a fan of the online classes but they were ok. I love my academic advisor. Kervin Doyle is the best and Ms. Jerilyn Collins is awesome too.
Herzing University really caught my attention. It's located about 10 minutes away from my house. They offer online only classes which is very convenient for people such as myself being a full-time mommy and worker. The staff was super friendly. They helped make everything easier for me.
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I'm sure it would have been easy they offered the help had I needed it
Great not to much to handle
Professors are nice and kind also very informative. Willing to help with any issues no matter the size or importance
So far everything has been great. They seem to really be on top of making sure everything is handled so you can get in and do what you need to in order to gain your degree and be successful.
It's not to much to handle perfect for first timers in the online field
I love that there isn't a set time for classes I can do what I need to when I have time available. I like that I can do the whole class in one week or 4 weeks. It works with my time frame.
I believe it will be great and worth it. I've had many friends who have graduated from this school and now have amazing jobs.
When it comes to the online classes, I think it's okay because I didn't get much interaction with my math teacher. I think the instructors should be more willing to help the students who are in danger of failing.
One of the things I like the most about the school is that I can go to school in the evening. That helps a lot, and it made my decision about going back to school much easier.
I didn't have the greatest experience with my online class. It's pretty convenient, but I would not recommend taking math online.
I'm not really sure about this, but from what I've seen and heard from my friends' experiences, I think it's great. They help you a lot when it comes to getting a job.
Being a Paralegal at the school it's been a great experience so far. The staff is always there ready to help you, and that makes it a lot better for the students to stay motivated.
So far it's been a great experience overall. I would definitely recommend it to other people.
They help you with anything and they want you to be there.
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The teachers really care about you. They are sweet. Very good teachers. The classes are small and the teachers get more one on one time.
They have many student jobs available on campus. They also help you find jobs
My career is surgical tech. It is very hands on and you get to learn and have fun. The classes are hard but they help you push threw them. Also they help you find a career
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