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There are small classes, close to my home and child's school. Having online classes and in class classes
The admission staff was helpful and help with transferring credits.
Registration process was easy. Also the staff was very helpful and helped throughout the process.
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No experience with alumni network or job prospects.
Class size is small, which is a plus point.
I don't have much idea about internship/job prospects. Just started the program.
Overall the education is awesome! Professors push their students to succeed and having small classes is the best part because professors will help students if they reach out to them
I'm going to school for massage therapy, and the school is known for how phenomenal the program is. I am enjoying it so far, as I am about halfway through. Some professors are pushy and tough but that's only because they are looking out for their students and want them to do well throughout the time they spend in the program. Overall everyone is very encouraging and wants the best for their students. It's great that when issues come up, professors are willing to compromise and work things out with the student and their situations
Gives plenty of time for completion of assignments.
Offers many helps to understand course and complete assignments on time.
Not sure as I am not at this place yet, just started in September.
Feedback and discussion posts are very helpful. Online class size is well managed.
I am currently taking classes online for Medical Coding and Billing.
I have so far learned new skills that will assist me in my new career choice.
Since I first inquired about this school, everyone has been very helpful and treated me as a person not a number. Even now as I have completed 3 classes thus far, this still holds true.
Everybody is friendly, and the class size is perfect. The curriculum is challenging, and they made transferring a breeze.
They are close to home and small class sizes make it easier to learn and not get lost in the group
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Close to home, classes are smaller
It's a technical college, so there is no housing. Students are friendly and there is a variety of academic programs.
The tuition is very affordable and reasonable. They do not accept financial aid from students with a Masters degree, which is what I had, so I had to pay out of pocket even though I qualified for financial aid.
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