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Herzing University - Minneapolis Reviews

95 reviews
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Extremely hands on private University. Every member of the staff at Herzing is there to help you succeed in every possible way. Professors are very helpful, and take the time to really help you learn and understand the topics. The Dean is there to help create official study groups, for those who need the practice, with Tutors who have taken the course previously. Great School for Dental Hygiene!
I love the flexibility of the classes.

Regarding the transfer of my credits, there was a misunderstanding and we are just waiting on the mail.
I love the online classes. They are easy to follow directions. The courses are well laid out. The instructors make themselves available to the students.
My instructors are great. They help you whenever you need it. The courses I take are online, but if I have a problem I can email the instructor, call the instructor, or message the instructor in class. They make themselves available to you whenever you may need them. They are very helpful. They help with giving you encouragement; plus they give excellent feedback.
The course programs are very well distributed throughout the weeks. The workload is just the right amount. The instructors are great.
Everyone at Herzing University has been excellent. From the admissions department to the instructors.

The instructors are very personable and very thoughtful. They help you tremendously with any problems or questions you may have regarding your course.
I fell thus far that some of the material is outdated.Also, there are quite a few grammatical errors in the online portion of the classes that I strongly feel need to be corrected to alleviate any potential confusion.
I am really excited to start a new career. I value my education. I know what it will take to get there and I will.
  • College Senior
  • Jan 4 2016
  • Value
So far it had been amazing although some directions could be a little berrter.
My major is medical billing and insurance. They are very helpful and very satisfied with what I am learning.
They have been very helpful with information on how to do things. They call me every so often to make sure I am on the right track. Very helpful with homework. They help out during emergencies. Overall, an excellent school.
Everything so far has been above par. Everyone is nice and helpful regardless of questions you ask or how many times you ask the same question.
I haven't started my classes, yet, but I love it so far. Everything is really easy to navigate online. The staff has been SUPER friendly and helpful, too. I'm excited to start working on my degree.
It doesn't matter what your age is, you'll fit in here.
Everyone is very helpful and always wiling to answer questions.
There are not many options availible to people that don't qualify for finacial aid and don't have a cosigner.
  • College Sophomore
  • May 29 2014
  • Value
Everyone is so welcoming and helpful to fellow students
I like the school and the helpfulness of all the people there
There is no alumni network that I know of or career center but the job prospects seem good
  • College Sophomore
  • May 21 2014
  • Value
The first semseter was a little rough being it was the teachers first time teaching every and she did not treach so everyone understood.
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