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Heritage University understands our needs as students. They offer their help and one-on-one meetings. The small classes are extremely helpful, you get to meet new people that can help you in the class while still being able to ask the professor any question you might have.
What I really liked about Heritage University are the professors. They are 100% invested in their students and their success. They take extra time out of their day to answer questions and provide tutoring, and support/mentoring.
Heritage University is a great school to attend. This is my second year and I absolutely love how the professors treat their students. They are there to answer any unfamiliar questions and make sure you graduate on time. I am pleased with how fast the staff in the office and throughout the campus tend to the student's needs. If I have any concerns or questions I know that I can rely on Heritage University to answer any of my questions. I wanted to mention that I feel safe as well while attending classes. I also enjoy that this University is filled with diversity.
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It's a university that is phenomenal. While it does have its own flaws, it's important to recognize that this university empathizes on putting the students first. This university is very hands-on with every student that arrives on campus to help them succeed to be the best.
I have been in Heritage University for a year now. I love how there have flexible schedules, so I get to come home everyday and have a job as well. There is diversity in campus, so there are always chances of meeting new people everyday. The professors are helpful; you get to experience a 1 on 1 conversation with professors. Something I would change about Heritage University would be more activities, sports teams, things that resemble to other universities. I would also change the cost of attending, it's pretty expensive but it will be worth it
This university is huge on student support and academic support. I really love this university, with the fact that there is so much help available. You don't feel on your own and you can openly ask questions. Everyone is really nice and most professors are very helpful. Only thing I would like to change is for the university to add athletic sports and open up more to diversity like in bigger colleges.
This collage is local and it has a rich diverse student body from what I have seen so far. As for my experience dealing with faculty it has not been that great. Instructors seam to be confused on the policy’s and rules of the university and how they apply to new incoming students.
I absolutely lover Heritage University! I am a transfer student from Yakima Valley Community College and after that experience when receiving my AA degree, I would have never thought that I would be going back to school. The Yakima Valley Community College experience was terrible. I am floured with enthusiasm when I think about my experience so far with Heritage University. The education professors are incredibly helpful and amazing teachers. You can tell they go out of their way to really engage with their students. I have never had such a personal teacher-student relationship with any professors from Yakima Valley Community College. The staff is what really makes this college experience memorable and enjoyable.
Barley starting as a freshman still have much to learn. But college has giving me a brighter point in life and hope everything goes well.
Heritage university is good place for learning, studying, making friends, and for better opportunities. The professors are very good at teaching each student in his/her class one on one, for a better understanding. The food here is amazingly delicious. The events they have on campus are very fun and also helps release stress from all the homework you have. The safety here on campus is really good that i can leave my stuff on the table and use the restroom without having to stress out about my things being taken.
Heritage has been a great experience so far. The professors are very nice and are always willing to help even out of class. Heritage also has a writing center and an ASC which stands for academic student center. The help that they offer here is amazing! The tutors are students like myself who work with us to get a better understanding and best of all the tutoring we get is free. Something that I would like to see change is the involvement of sports. I would like to see our University has a soccer team since we have a lot of boys who like to play soccer on their free time.
The diversity is amazing here. Whether you have personally talked with someone or not, you can always spot familiar faces. People are helpful and best of all, the student to teacher ratio is great. You have the tutoring center and the writing center where you can get one on one help on you homework, essays, and anything school related.
There are security cameras, and have never heard of burglary or other issues regarding poor safety. We barely see police, but we have security guards
As a PA student, I already have job offers. It is pretty easy to get a job after
There is no school housing offered at Heritage university at this point
There is no Greek life at this point
The school is currently working to improve athletics, but otherwise at this moment there is barely any athletic spirit, at least that am aware of
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It has been a great experience being in the country for college. It is quite and the faculty is so close to students, making sure that we get what we need to succeed
Im interested to join the Fraternity
Heritage has sports and also clubs that students can get involved with.
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