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Hendrix College Reviews

452 reviews
Hendrix is pretty nice and fairly diverse. I had an enjoyable first year. I was very surprised by the athletic presence and how many students enrolled just for the opportunity to play collegiate sports.
Hendrix has such a beautiful campus and such great faculty. I loved all of my courses and almost all of my professors. I had so much fun my freshman year; there are lots of fun parties, clubs, and events. The food is excellent, and there is a good variety of it. The only thing I don't like is that a good portion of the student body is very rich and entitled; Hendrix is not a cheap school, and as a lower middle class student, it was hard to find a group where I fit in and felt understood. However, there are some really amazing people attending Hendrix, and the campus and classes make a little struggle completely worth it.
Student body is very cliquey, sometimes it still feels like high school. Too many fake people that are hypocrites and judgmental. Not much to do in Conway, dining choice are really limited.
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