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My classes and professors have been fine but not enough to make up for the issues around campus. Lack of lighting around the paths and landscaping make the winter time darkness pretty scary. Everyone knows where the drug dealers loiter around the perimeters. Administration ignores complaints. The location is pretty remote as well with poor public transportation.
I love the environment. Not only does Hendrix have a beautiful campus, but it also has great people. It's such a small school that you get a chance to meet most of the people that go here at some point, and they're all so friendly. You can be walking from one class to a next and can run into five different people to talk to. The teachers are also great and very encouraging. They try to adapt to your teaching style, and they truly care about each student's grade.
I liked the fact that Hendrix have a small class size, and as result, talking to professors directly much easier.
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It's a small school in a small Southern town so if you're looking for a bustling nightlife and and 20-story dorms, this school isn't for you. If you want to go to a school with great professors, a welcoming and tight-knit sense of community, and countless experiences to grow as a person, Hendrix is the place for you. I graduated in 2012, and without question the four years I spent there were the best of my life. So many friends, experiences, lessons, and memories that have profoundly impacted me and will stay with me forever.
I love that Hendrix is small but gives you the full blown college experience as bigger colleges and universities. Hendrix offers a great education and one thing for sure, whom ever attends will leave this institution with a new perspective of everything they encounter. I have learned this and I have not even graduated yet. It is just my sophomore year but I know when it comes to education, Hendrix will prepare you for what ever field you want to go into.
Hendrix is an amazing liberal arts college, and I value every second I spend on campus. The faculty and staff are amazing and so helpful. The only thing I don't absolutely love about Hendrix is the price tag.
I love Hendrix. I am a current freshman here and I have loved every moment. Orientation week makes you feel so welcome in a new environment, there's so much to do on and off campus! You will meet people of all walks of life so you don't have to worry about fitting in because you will surely find your place here. The academics are wonderful. I have not met a teacher that does not love their field of study and what they do. If you ever need help, office hours are held almost daily and most teachers will even give you their phone number in case you need to call them to ask a question. T The cafeteria staff is amazing and ultra-kind. They make an effort to learn your name and ask you about your day. Birthdays are a huge deal at Hendrix. We have a birthday song, the lunch staff comes out with a cake, and your friends throw you into the fountain (no matter the weather). Life at Hendrix is never dull and there's a place for everyone.
Loved it have fond memories. This college helped me prepare for my future. I had wonderful professors and great experiences. I always felt safe and part of a caring community.
The school provides an incredibly supportive learning environment. Although small, which may leave you with limited options for professors or a huge choice in courses, most professors provide quality teaching and treat students with respect and understanding. The school administration provides a large support network beyond the assistance provided by professors through their classes.
If you need help with ANYTHING, people are there for you. That, the community, and emphasis on diversity/world views are the best things about Hendrix. It has really good food, its quirks, and a beautiful campus. Classes are great because there's a range from intro to really hard. It's a liberal arts school, so you have to take a bunch of different classes besides your major but that's great because it keeps things interesting and lets you find interesting things that you'd never think of taking otherwise. Some parties are majorly fun. Clubs throw a lot of events/parties that everyone is invited to. Here, you feel like you're being taken care of but at the same time growing up and you have lots of independence. Only complaints are the dorms are gross and hard to get out of after Freshman year, the town really sucks.
The professors at this institution are some of the most intelligent and thoughtful people I know. The students are some of the most diverse and hard-working. The campus is close-knit and beautiful.
Tries too hard to be diverse and force diversity on student body.
Very lenient alcohol and drug policy. Drugs are taken at the edge of campus in full view for any to see.
Professors are hit or miss, courses are a bit hard to get into, and applying for classes is a pain in the ass.
Hendrix carries some weight, but in the wrong progressive kind of way. It pretends to be spectacular, but is really just pretending to seem cool.
The alcohol policy is extremely relaxed, and poor lighting makes it very easy to get away with things, and rather dangerous on campus.
The internet and wifi is absolute garbage. The rooms of the dorms are filthy, and the rooms are small.
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There is no Greek life, but Martin Hall is the frat dorm, with obscene parties that leave the first floor and outside surrounding the entrances a mess.
There is an athlete's only gym, and then a regular gym, which has no full power racks, lacks resistance bands, is mostly cardio machines, and lacks enough weight.
The professors know their stuff, but their expectations for work can leave too much unclarity.
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