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Henderson State University is a beautiful campus that offers a small town feel with lots of opportunities. In 1987-1991 when I was enrolled their, I felt that there were so tremendous opportunities for young people. And today, the opportunities are endless. From teacher education to nursing to aviation and many other fields, Henderson State University has a diverse curriculum designed to meet the needs of all students. Henderson State University is a very affordable university. The dormitories have improved tremendously and the other facilities are outstanding. The only inconvenience at this university is the parking. Parking is limited, and what is available is sometimes not in the best of places.
This is a very good school, but the only downside is there is nothing around to do the school. I have fun here and there are very good teachers.
I love Henderson State University. it’s a very diverse college and everyone is very friendly. Between the teachers and the library everything and everyone is helpful in their own way.
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I love how small it is. All of my professors were extremely involved and truly cared about my education.
I loved how friendly the professors where. They were always available to help and were very supportive. The atmosphere was great and the college offered many student activities to socialize with fellow students.
Well, I haven't gotten to actually be a student yet. But Fall 2018. I will be a Freshman. I am very excited! You see, I have dreamed of going to Henderson since I was in the 9th grade. It is honestly my dream school. I went on a tour and instantly fell in love. Being there feels like being at home. If you even remotely interested in attending Henderson, I suggest you take a tour right away! You will not regret it. It is amazing, everyone is so welcoming and helpful! They are very considerate, and will be more than happy to help you in any way they can!
I like that the professors are caring and understanding and are willing to work with students and push students into finding what career is right for them and giving the tools to succeed in that career.
It's a small nice campus full with friendly stuff. Always in positive mood and willing to help with any problems. There are many school events like movie nights, trips, speakers etc.
I believe that Henderson State University is a great college because it is affordable for anyone and great people. Henderson State University has great professors, great food, great work out facilities and living is good. Henderson has friendly staff of people that will be there for you and help you along the way, as you follow your journey, path and dreams. If you looking to make friends and get your degree then this is the place for you. If you want a college that is easy to get around and find your way, then this is the place for you. Henderson State University is a safe campus to stay on and family friendly as well. So, are you ready to be a ready?
Henderson is a very diverse campus. I enjoy attending Henderson because the staff and people in general are very welcoming and nice. There are many events and campus activities to be involved in and that makes the experience even more great!!!
Henderson offers awesome classes as well as professors. The campus living is a little different. You either get the best or the worst. The food on campus is great they offer a huge variety as well.
Good student support, professors were kind and helpful, costs were very reasonable but too many fees for things I won't use. Campus resources were excellent.
Henderson State University is a great place to learn, with smaller class sizes and very friendly staff members. I've always been comfortable in my housing, and the campus always looks very nice.

If there was anything I would change, it would be to have more activities that aren't geared mostly towards greek life.
Henderson State University was the best choice for me. I grew up going to big schools and I wanted to go to a small college. I have joined a sorority which has opened many doors for me. I’m on the yearbook staff at hsu also.
Henderson state university is a very by the books college. If your looking for the best bang for your buck Henderson state is a must. Food in the caddo area is servicable with other options if not wanted. Academics are where Henderson state excelles at. I am on my third year and a majority of my teachers have been encouraging and fun to be around, but at the same time are disciplined and understanding when circumstances arrive. The dorm rooms once again are servicable (at least in the first year ones). Bed and room space are adequate, but lower in quality and to be honest overpriced. Overall Henderson State is an affordable, academically-enowed 4 year institution that is fun in some cases, but lacks a lot of pizzaz and outside activities.
I love Henderson. The professors are very helpful and here is lots of one on one teaching opportunity. The staff is so helpful and the campus is easy to navigate. There is plenty to do on campus and many things to get involved in! The only thing I would like to see change is getting new restaurants on campus!
Everyone is extremely nice! The academics are top notch but there isn’t much of a student life here at Henderson State University.
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I like Henderson because it is exactly like my hometown.. everyone knows everybody. I joined a sorority so I made lots of friends. It is an overall great school for people who don't wanna be overwhelmed with people. The class sizes are like a high school size which I loved. But, I would like to see more activities happening around campus so the freshman could experience different things. I would also like to see a variety of food places on campus.
Henderson is a very good school, the people here are really down to earth and all the professors expect u to do is come to class and do your work and you will pass!!
I really enjoyed my time at HSU the second time around more than the first time around. My favorite part was the Showband of Arkansas and the school pride that everyone seemed to have.
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