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HCC has a knowledgeable faculty who care about their students. They are easy to approach and eager to help students. All my classes prepared me well for transfer to my 4-yr school.
This college is amazing. I like most of the professors! They are so willingly to work with you. The only problem I have had. Is when there is a older teacher. A retired person. Or what knot. And there computer skills, communication, or just how they teach isn't great. But besides that I love this college. I'm so happy about my decision to attend here.
I started out my college experience very unsure of what direction I wanted my life to go. I decided to go to school close to home instead of away and it was the best choice I could have made for myself. My tuition is way more affordable especially considering my minimum wage job. Having chosen my major I feel as if I'm on the path to personal success.
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I haven't had any issues with my financial aid the duration of my enrollment. I have received enough to pay for all my classes, books, as well as some leisure items.
Henderson is a very artsy town, and it is obvious as you walk around campus. During Spring and Fall semesters, film festivals are common and art contests seem to be popular. If you're going into the nursing program, HCC is a great facility. If you aren't, it's rather mediocre.
The courses offered are the usual general education classes, with a handful of tech classes and loads of nursing opportunities. Many of the professors are quite friendly and willing to make sure you succeed, so long as you put forth some form of effort. Class sizes vary depending on the course and the time of day, though they are relatively small compared to universities. The largest class I enrolled in had around 30 students.
HCC mainly focuses on the nursing program, which means other areas of study don't receive as much attention. As a student pursuing psychology, there are only two courses available on campus which were covered by a high school AP class.
I think my school is culturally as well as economically diverse. I see everyone from stay-at-home moms, fresh high school graduates, to recently laid off employees; or even people just refreshing their credentials or career. Also there seem to be many cultural group associations on the campus, there are groups of people from different cultures, communities and even relationships. At some points in between classes or walking around campus I get the opportunity to see the groups gather and intertwine all while further bettering their education.
Depending on your situation, the school does most of the paperwork for you. The classes are small and the teachers work close to you to make sure you understand the work.
I just filled out my fasfa, got independent status, and they delivered my refund money the next month after the semester begins. They are partnered with a bank called Higher One which if you don't have your own bank account, they can make one for you and you can use that bank forever for free(If you remain a college student). Tuition is cheap too. Somewhere around 2k.
The software doesn't always work properly, and there isn't really any help if you get stuck, you just have to figure it out yourself or skip it. The classes online are more structured, and all deadlines are very strict so you have to start on the assignments as soon as possible because they take a lot of time. Some exams cover material that isn't always in the textbook. It's all very self motivated work, you have to make yourself do the work because no one will remind you to do it or pressure you to do the work, it's up to you.
The industrial degree at the college is a lot of independent study. I have to spend several hours working on things that really stump me. I get frustrated sometimes because it's a lot of math and online programs to go with it. Sometimes it isn't explained as much as it should be. The teachers are cooperative and helpful if you feel stuck though. The students also help each other out as much as we can, too.
I had to keep completing the FASFA online because it wasn't going through to their office, there were almost always long lines for the student aid. I had to visit the financial aid office frequently, and I always end up getting sent different amounts for the tuition. It is just an awful experience and such a hassle to get accepted for your financial aid, then after you get approved for it, if you're not going full-time you only get a small portion of what you were supposed to get and I always end up having to pay out of pocket for it and if I had the full amount it would pay for my books and tuition.
There is a big dental program at the college along with industrial and computer science programs. The curriculum is taught in an easy to learn way. A lot of the work is online though, so you need to know how to use new technology and have internet to complete assignments. The workload keeps me pretty busy all the time so if you work and have classes you have a full plate. The registration process is the most frustrating part of enrolling in the college. Everything is online, the class list, the classes, and the scheduling. I don't like that some programs only work at the college. When I have to update passwords I have to be on a college computer to change or update it because when I try to change it on my laptop it won't let me change it.
The flexibility of classes is very good. I have been able to find classes I need and fit them all together very easily thus far. Financial aid is a hassle, but I believe that is more the fault of financial aid than it is of HCC's financial aid office workers. Those workers get frustrated also! I don't truly have any complaints about my experience at HCC. I also have been lucky and had my daughter to guide me along the way (she just got her associate's degree), so it may have been a different story without her assistance.
My experiences at HCC have been wonderful so far. All of my professors, with the exception of one this semester (and since this semester has just begun I cannot fairly judge him yet), have been excellent. Caring individuals who care about their students and how they are doing in their class. If YOU are willing to put forth the effort to succeed they are willing to assist you in this endeavor. Their are all kinds of opportunities for tutoring in areas such as math and writing if you need them. (Math tutoring, here I come!).
This is one of the best reasons for going to Henderson Community College. You are able to take as many, or as few, courses in a semester as you think you can handle. I take 12hrs of credits each semester, but was behind on my math skills so that has held back my graduation. Had I wanted to however, I could have taken more per semester to graduate on time. With this being said, I have not looked into intership opportunities yet.
Review Henderson Community College
Career services has been a huge help to me. They actually are the only way that I can rate this question right now. I do not know much of the alumni network, actually I know nothing about it, and not much about the job prospects since I have only used the career center to assist me in figuring out which degree I wanted to go for.
I applied for financial aid but was denied sayin my parents made too much. My parents make a comfortable living but do not have enough money to be spending $2000 a semester for 2 years. I have KEEs money from highschool but it barely puts a dent in the cost. Overall, the education is quality and the price per credit hour is the cheapest in the area but is still expensive to me because I do not get financial aid.
They offer a few typical majors but just offer the usual ones. I wish they offered more in the business area and in visual communication. The campus is small but very nice and they have improved a lot and are trying to include more student in activities.
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