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Helene Fuld College of Nursing Reviews

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This college is specifically for nursing. Until recently, the college was only for students who were already nurses. Now they have a generic bachelor program for students who want to be nurses. At the end of the program, you'll receive a bachelor degree in nursing and you'll be an RN. They also have job boards and send out emails for part time nursing positions.
if you want your nursing done in 1 year thus the place
I am interesting in applying and winning this scholarship. Thank you in advance!
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This school allows you to get a lot done in a short amount of time which is great. But its very intense and you really have to get things done on your own
The staff in the computer lab is very helpful. There are many computers availabke and places to study. However i find it expensive to print. You need to purchase a $6 print card. If you only need one paper it doesnt make any sense
Nothing worth having comes easy! The courses are tough....Alot of material in a short term so you have to teach yourself. Not the type of place to fool around in! Self discipline!

Everyday Is Different Here at Helene – Helene Fuld has a very good program for nurses going on for their degree in registered nursing. Unfortunately the school is very disorganized when it comes to meeting students needs and scheduling. I would reccommend this school to those who are self disciplined
A Rough Process – Its hectic, there's no help from financial advisors; student has to find out via word of mouth next step. A tip at this school is be proactive, be an advocate for yourself and talk to other students to get information.
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