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I take online classes through Hawkeye and so far all of them have been great! The professors seem to really care about their students while providing them with an outstanding education. I feel that I really have learned a lot through my pre-college experiences and cannot wait to take more classes. I feel that Hawkeye offers a wide variety of classes that can benefit anyone. I highly recommend Hawkeye Community College.
I love it at Hawkeye the teachers there are super great and nice. I also love how close Hawkeye is to home so that way I can still see my family. I would highly recommend people to go to Hawkeye if they lice close by or is looking to have a great time.
I have enjoyed my first week at Hawkeye. The professors, staff and student body has all been nice and helpful.
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I think it's a great place to start their schooling for transferring or getting a technical degree. The only thing with transferring is that should try to figure out why you want to be in a field and get in on an entry level. Just so you don't waste time and money on a bunch of adjunk classes. Technical degrees get a huge return on investment. So that's definitely a place to start. The teachers are hit and miss in my experience. Mostly it's up to you on how to take full advantage of your education. The job board and postings around school are helpful. Most the staff are helpful if you have questions. Overall not a bad place to start if you know what you want.
Great school even though it is a community college it has lots of resources and the staff is always there to help you. The student to instructor ratio is great, many of them have flexible office hours so you can always go to them if you need help with their class. Canvas is pretty user friendly as well and the campus has a nice pond and scenery.
Hawkeye Community College has been great to me so far. I would highly recommend any incoming students to take the College Experience class the first semester as recommended. I was planning on transferring rather than graduating, so I didn't take the class until right now, which is my last semester. There is so much information in that course about different services around campus that I didn't know existed, and I wish I had taken advantage of that sooner!
I think Hawkeye Community College is a great school. It prepares you for the workforce immediately during or after you graduate. I think the teachers there are very good. If any student isn’t sure of what college to go to and time is running out, I would recommend Hawkeye Community College. They have a good transfer program. I was working part-time during school months and full-time during vacation months. The teachers helped me find a well-paying job, which I am still currently at. I think the campus is gorgeous. The buildings are all very clean. The food is kind of expensive but its good.
For the most part, I am enjoying myself while attending Hawkeye Community College. There are some professors that aren't the greatest, but the amount of those professors are greatly outnumbered by good ones. There are plenty of ways for students to get involved on campus through clubs and extra curricular activities. This college provides all the necessary resources to help the students succeed.
I wasn't expecting much when I entrolled but through athletics and student life I have had a great experience meeting new people and new experiences!
Hawkeye has a diverse choice of majors and programs. It’s a tight-knit community for people from all over to come together to learn together and get to know one another. There’s great one-on-one with professors and TAs, so anyone has a less likely chance of falling behind in classes. Love the school, love the people!
I was a little intimidated going back to college at my age. I started going back to school at 28 years old, and I felt comfort from day one. All of my insecurities and inhibitions melted away and the staff has always been friendly and eager to help me on my educational journey. I believe the Hawkeye Community College excels in the advancement of students while giving them a safe environment to explore him or herself. The only thing I feel that HCC could change is making advertisement for the school more engaging. I didn't get a real feel for the school from any ads, I actually had to go to the school to experience it for myself. Overall, I feel like Hawkeye Community College is a very under rated school and a diamond in the rough.
Hawkeye CC has a rapidly growing campus and has unusually abundant resources and opportunities for a community college. There are many program tie-ins with the nearby University of Iowa, including shared access to many clubs and student activities. Would recommend for people seeking affordable tuition for a rewarding college experience.
I enjoy going to college here. The classes are small which allows students like myself to get to know the teachers and build relationships with different clubs and different classes. The Brock Center is also a great place to go when there is some down time to be able to relax.
I like Hawkeye a lot. The thing I like most about it is because it's a small college, the instructors are able to spend time getting to know each student and how they learn, test and even their personal lives.
when i first arrived everything seemed like an amazing place to go to college
great starter made me feel good to go!
I am very pleased with Hawkeye Community College. So far the professors I have had have been awesome and very helpful. The campus is beautiful all the buildings have their own look and are very appealing. I am studying to be a PTA and the help and guidance I have received on achieving that has been outstanding. I would definitely recommend Hawkeye CC if you're looking for a 2 year degree or even to eventually transfer to a 4 year.
I really like the tutoring lab so if you need help with any of your academics. It feels like a big school but has a small college feel. Also the teachers want you to succeeds in your academic profession.
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The class sizes are small enough that you know everyone well, but not too small. The professors are also great at relating information to things you may see in your career.
I took two associate degrees at Hawkeye Community College. I did my Liberal Arts as well as my Graphic Communications Associates. Both times I was there I loved it. There were always so many classes to choose from. The classes taught me a lot. It was also very affordable.
My experience at Hawkeye College has been great. There is always a staff member there to help answer questions and the class size is perfect for me. Being in the Dental Hygiene program has helped me grow as an individual and I feel confident in finding a job right after graduation. I have never felt so prepared for the next challenge than I do with this program.
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