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760 reviews
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The close-knit English department is probably my favorite part about this college. The professors and faculty (especially the 5th floor librarians) are extremely helpful and genuinely interested in your well-being, interests, and success. The curriculum is challenging and thought-provoking--something I think current and future generations will depend on to help ask and answer questions about the coming cultural shifts. One suggestion for improvement would be on the process of advising. I personally did not know I had a recent change in advisers and would like to have been kept up-to-date on that.
Walking among the palm trees to class as well as having classmates from around the world was awesome!
I have been going to HPU for the last 3.5 years and I love it!!! The class sizes are smaller and more intimate so I got the attention I needed from the teacher and made some amazing friends.
I wanted to stay on the island for college, so I decided to go to HPU. The class size for my lectures were good and I was able to have that one on one connection with my professors whenever I needed help. However, I wish there are more security guards around. It makes me feel not so safe around, especially when my classes are in town. I also like how there are 3 campuses now. It's just so beautiful.
It has always been my dream to go to Hawaii Pacific University and it came true. I came in as a transfer students and have been in Hawaii for over a year and a half. The school in wonderful and you are able to meet a diversity of students. The experience has been wonderful so far and I would recommend going to Hawaii Pacific University.
HPU is a 4 year university that is not only in a beautiful location, but has many other amazing attributes. The professors genuinely care for their students and care about what they are actually teaching. The school has also has a great student life system that is great at getting all students to be involved. Other aspect that is admirable is how diverse the school is. There are students that hail from all over the world.
The university is in a great location, has many shops and restaurants in the vicinity. However, I do feel a disconnect with the campus so spread apart with different campuses, buildinds and locations.
I absolutely love Hawaii Pacific University and if I could restart my college experience, I would not have chosen a different school. I have been a student and a part time employee at the university for 4 years now and I can see the growth and the progression this school has made. We acquired more facilities, my public health program has undergone so many changes - all to improve the student experience and course rigor. I'm very proud of my school and it's preparations for the real world that it has provided me. I truly believe my college experience has aimed to GROW me as an individual.
It's an urban campus, so don't let the "Hawaii" let you forget that. I guess like most campuses in a metro-city like Honolulu...you just have to get used to it.
Weekends are fun, but not the best place to study. The school is located in downtown Honolulu, which is not that safe. Homeless people are everywhere around the campus. The professors are nice, but students are not serious about their future career. HPU has been selected America's no.1 university for diversity. You are going to meet a lot of students from different countries, which is pretty cool. HPU has a lot of different Study Abroad programs. So many country options and they are not expensive at all. The Study Abroad Office is very helpful. Hawaii is a very international place, and if you are interested in international relations and making foreign friends, this is the right place for you.
Disgusting, no air conditioning (so you have to spend 100 bucks on fans) The housing fee and meal plan is nOT worth the price. Also, no one talks to each other.
Only people who care are those in it, who act like they're the best for being in athletics. Literally no one pays attention to it.
Attending HPU was the worst decision of my life. DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL. As a senior in high school last year, I read the negative reviews and thought "okay this won't be my experience, this person just had a bad time." No, I should have listened. They were right. Its only September, about to be October, and I'm already applying to transfer back to the mainland. Let me start off first with the campus. Hawaii Loa has gorgeous views, It is gorgeous but the dorms suck. There is NO air conditioning in the dorms, so you have to buy a expensive dehumidifier and spend around 90 dollars on fans. On top of that, theres roaches. Second, no one here communicates with each other or talks. Cliques form quickly and those cliques are mostly people who are rich, preppy and stuck up. Most people are super snobby, have their daddies pay for everything, and they're just really stuck up. If you're not like them they won't even look at you. Second, the downtown campus is awful and unsafe. I literally had a meth head harass me after my evening class in front of campus security and he just stood there and did nothing. He told me "its their right to do that, I can't do anything". I am not the kind of person who has anything against the homeless. But its literally like an infestation. One will come up to you every minute asking for money, you'll see them picking food out of trash cans, there are some who are mentally ill so theres this one lady who literally sits there screaming at you and yelling at nothing. It's unsafe, and its not even our campus they rent out office buildings. Third, the academic advisors suck. Maybe its a hit and miss but for me even if i go in person I can not get my academic advisor to do jack for me. Then the academics are super laid back and you're not even academically challenged. HPU IS NOT WORTH ITS EXPENSIVE COST. You can get a higher education much cheaper somewhere on the main land. Save yourself time, DONT COME HERE.
Most people are open minded. There may be some people that don't agree, but it doesn't usually cause an issue.
It's great. You can make friends with people that are from different parts of the world. The professors are more engaged with the students since each class is very small.
The view is nice, that's about it. The social atmosphere of the dorms is unbelievable in the worst sense. No one really talks and communicates. It is horrendous.
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  • 6 months ago
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Your clothes will get moldy, there will be cockroaches, and the smell does not go away.
  • College Freshman
  • 6 months ago
  • Housing
The athletics are only popular among athletes. No one really cares. It sucks.
We don't have it because this school sucks
Do we even have athletics?
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