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This is my second year at Hawaii Pacific University and I can proudly say that I've had an amazing experience. HPU is a diverse and safe environment for students. The faculty an staff members have been nothing but great.
HPU provides a very pleasant learning experience for its students. The campus is currently in a process of transitioning to be an urban campus. Most classes are located in downtown Honolulu.
Great institution with flexible hours and varying options for courses. Student life is very accommodating with shops, study halls and most classes being within reasonable distance from living quarters. HPU is located in the epicenter of Honolulu just minutes from Waikiki beach, so good times are never far away. Professors are very adept in teaching and understanding different learning styles. Classroom sizes can vary from very large (50+)to relatively small(15-20). Overall the atmosphere is very Aloha.
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Love this college! They have so much to offer and the teachers are incredible.The class ration is an average 14 to 1, which I really prefer than a lecture hall filled with 100 students. HPU also has great resources for job opportunities post college.
I like the average amount about of people in the class. Its the same as normal classes in which i can make some friends and sometimes socialize with the teachers. I don’t enjoy the location of the area because the classes are a little far from each other making us walk with strangers among us daily. It doesnt seem safe, but thankfully there are some securities placed in different areas that we can easily go to and they are able to escort us anywhere we feel unsafe.
I am taking online classes with Hawaii Pacific University. I like that HPU offers degrees for Department of Defense civilian employees and not just for those who serve in the military and their spouses. I am able to continue my education with a few military benefits, without having to learn from a classroom, and still get to work full time.
Hawaii Pacific University comes with many various programs. Majority of the classes are smaller, making one on one attention available.
I really liked the environment and vibe of the professors and staff and even students all around the campuses.
Hawaii Pacific university is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, and values. Here at HPU, teachers allow students to not only learn from their lectures and textbooks, but from other students through discussions, connections, and friendships.
HPU is a great school if you are seeking diversity in the student body. There are people from all over the world attending here and even more on short-term study abroad trips. The food around campus is amazing and also very diverse. The professors are very caring and helpful, and since the class sizes are small they can really get to know you one-on-one. There is a lot to do outside if you are willing to get a little sweaty. Hiking, swimming, waterfalls and a lot more.
Overall has a very pretty campus in the hawaii loa campus/ kaneohe. The other part is in downtown honolulu but shuttles are provided for transportation. Need to be a very productive student yourself to be successful.
I like how small the classes. This allows for a good connection with your professors. This also allows you to receive more help when needed. The atmosphere at the school is overall positive. The student population is also extremely diverse, having students from across the globe. This university provides a unique environment for students to learn and grow.
My experience here at Hawaii Pacific University has been good so far. I just completed my first semester here as a nursing student and I can say that I did learn and experience a lot. Something that I would like to see change here is the library. I hope that in the future the library is able to expand so that more students can come and study. I feel that the Atherton library on the Hawaii Loa campus needs study rooms and more areas to do work or have group discussions because it feels like there aren't many areas on campus to do so.
Hawaii Pacific has provided me with many outlets for expression as well as easy communication. The only recommendation I would make is easier access to their dormitory and housing applications. They provided me with many different opportunities for off campus housing though which was very helpful.
Hawaii Pacific University is a great school with a diverse student body. They even have special programs that cater to military personnel.
Overall it's a solid university with nothing extremely good nor extremely bad going for it. The worst part would be the downtown location, which is located at a strip mall where various homeless like to reside. It seems a bit sketchy.
The professors are amazing and the online courses are taught in a way that does not make you feel like you are missing out. The advisers and staff all make you feel welcome.
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I participate and appreciate the MCP option. It allows one to complete classes at night after completing work during the day.
I sometimes have issues with the availability of classes. It lacks efficiency for what I had expected to be a streamlined process.
I have been told different things from different advisors. For example, I am unaware if I am able to participate in CLEP courses on base(s) as a veteran. I have been told both yes and no.
Here at Hawaii Pacific University you feel the one on one attention and learning experience you have with your professors and classmates. The campus is becoming more college friendly and becoming a bigger university.
Hawai’i pacific university is conveniently located in downtown honololo. Also another campus is surrounded by the beautiful Hawaiian nature. It is a great school to study. The teachers and staffs advice us nicely.
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