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My experience here at Hawaii Pacific University has been good so far. I just completed my first semester here as a nursing student and I can say that I did learn and experience a lot. Something that I would like to see change here is the library. I hope that in the future the library is able to expand so that more students can come and study. I feel that the Atherton library on the Hawaii Loa campus needs study rooms and more areas to do work or have group discussions because it feels like there aren't many areas on campus to do so.
Hawaii Pacific has provided me with many outlets for expression as well as easy communication. The only recommendation I would make is easier access to their dormitory and housing applications. They provided me with many different opportunities for off campus housing though which was very helpful.
Hawaii Pacific University is a great school with a diverse student body. They even have special programs that cater to military personnel.
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Overall it's a solid university with nothing extremely good nor extremely bad going for it. The worst part would be the downtown location, which is located at a strip mall where various homeless like to reside. It seems a bit sketchy.
The professors are amazing and the online courses are taught in a way that does not make you feel like you are missing out. The advisers and staff all make you feel welcome.
I participate and appreciate the MCP option. It allows one to complete classes at night after completing work during the day.
I sometimes have issues with the availability of classes. It lacks efficiency for what I had expected to be a streamlined process.
I have been told different things from different advisors. For example, I am unaware if I am able to participate in CLEP courses on base(s) as a veteran. I have been told both yes and no.
Here at Hawaii Pacific University you feel the one on one attention and learning experience you have with your professors and classmates. The campus is becoming more college friendly and becoming a bigger university.
Hawai’i pacific university is conveniently located in downtown honololo. Also another campus is surrounded by the beautiful Hawaiian nature. It is a great school to study. The teachers and staffs advice us nicely.
It's a good experience but it was hard to understand because even with tutor I still had a hard time and it's alright.
As freshmen, my first-semester experience has been beyond my expectations. the professors are approachable and are always willing to help. I have made and met friends from all over the world who decided to attend Hawaii Pacific Univeristy that is so far from home.
Very nice people! But since its a private school, it is quite expensive. I do enjoy and admire how modernized things are. I am just wondering if they offer ROTC.
The school is often disorganized, which can be really annoying, since you may have to run and get all your papers together, however the teachers are nice most of the time.
I love the campuses and the professors. They are very educated and understanding, and because of the small class sizes (all less than 40) they try to learn your name. I wish some things were a little easier to understand like the financial aid and wish the meal plan wasn't so expensive, but overall this college is awesome.
I've only just started at HPU but so far, I am very satisfied with my experience. As a graduate student, the class size is small which provides more opportunities to engage in class lecture and speak with the professor. The professors are well-educated and knowledgeable about the course material. The classrooms are small but equipped with everything you need. The campus is safe with security guards standing by. You must pay for parking, but there is meter parking near by that works well for graduate students with class in the evenings. But as an undergrad, parking could be an issue. The area is also infested with older, homeless people that can sometimes get awkward, but I've never felt unsafe.
The school is very goal oriented, so they focus a lot in helping each student success in their future endeavors by providing programs such as the CAS (Center of Academic Success) tutoring.
I honestly love HPU because of the cultural diversity that the school offers. The class sizes are small, making the classroom environment more personable and enjoyable to be in. The professors are also really hard workers, and they put effort in helping their students be successful.

It's an amazing school and I would recommend it to anyone.
Everything is so pretty here. It is easy to go from campus to campus on the HPU shuttle. very welcoming environment and very diverse. I feel safe in the campus(Loa campus). dorms are very spacious and good is great.
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Hawaii Pacific University is a great school with versions campouses all over the island. They have been very military friendly which has been very helpful for me personally. The professors are very knowledgeable and have always been helpful in my experience. This school much like the island is very culturally diverse.
the classes and people were great, but the on-campus living was mediocre at best. the food was not great and the dorms were overall pretty expensive
The school is beautiful and I enjoyed the atmosphere. Everyone is so kind and if you are looking for a different college experience, this is the best place to go. It is very intercultural and you learn to see things in different perspectives! It is a great university.
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