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I really love the way they put me to the level of starting my journey. All my classes are help me wherever I go, even though is hard but it gives me alot of way to follow as a best person. Its like walking without feel shame because its helps me to be calm and love my neighbors especially how to keep myelf dream big so I can become the better person.
Such a wonderful personal community college. Everyone has an encouraging attitude and its so family oriented. The class sizes are small and intimate.
I love this college! The environment is very friendly and supportive. The island life is apparent in all professors and they are always willing to lend a helping hand. The professors go beyond the classroom and do their best to help you understand the material
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Administration sucks at their jobs I've had trouble registering for classes as a transfer student &was told I was ineligible 4financial aid They don't auto drop classes if you dont pay & if youre transferring an error with their system will cause you to be unable to drop the classes. This happend 2 & being unable 2 attend my transcripts were ruined finally got them 2 change them 2 ws & reregisterd 4 the classes but with transfering credits &a 3.2 GPA from Maui college they said the w's which are the only thing on my hawcc transcripts give me a 0.0 GPA making me you guessd ineligible 4 financial aid. Its a rainy town to be able to use that financial aid money to buy a car would be nice they ruind my intended plans 4 a bachelors in terms of completion date and have me strongly considering online colleges through coursera or university of the people.
Hawaii Community College is a great place. The staff is friendly and very helpful. They make time to meet with us and go over our goals/plans for the future. One thing that I would like to see change is having more courses available during different times and days.
I love Hawaii Community College because the staff is always striving to ensure you have the best system for learning.
This college is a perfect place to start for college or to take a few classes in order to get the degree you want. The teachers definitely care about your learning and the staff is very sweet and helpful in order for you to get the right classes you need for your major. I have had to add and drop classes from this college and have received full refund within the first week of school. The campus is a very small campus consisting of four buildings and is a good size and location for a community college. The college is located right across from the Kona airport and has lots of empty land around it providing a perfect learning area for students. I have also taken online classes through this college and it went well. Overall I say this is a great community college that offers lots of scholarships and financial aid for local people.
The professors are nice and easy to communicate with students. Even student there are really good for helping classmates. This is what it make hawaii.
Decent campus, but very small. When the culinary department does not make food there are no options available. Must remember to bring your own drinks and snacks everyday. Counselors are very opinionated and not always in a helpful way unfortunately.
The faculty and staff at Hawaii Community College are very helpful and kind. They offer detailed counseling for both incoming and current students who are unsure of what career path to pursue. There are multiple free services located on campus to accommodate students who are struggling or would like to practice their skills in specific campus courses. Professors are often very willing to meet with their students outside of classroom hours in order to assist them with course content. Hawaiian culture has a prominent influence on this college. The atmosphere is flourishing with Aloha.
I'm a high school senior taking dual credit courses from the Hawaii Community College. I love the classes as well as the instructor because of the experience and the lectures. I was able to experience how it will be for me during college and the types of work I shall expect while under a very thin time limit. The Hawaii Community College has taught me that time management is a very important role in being able to be successful in college.
Hawaii Community College is a great place to be. The classes are amazing and the staff and students are very helpful in all aspects. I look forward to attending this college soon.
This is an excellent Community college for what it is. The staff is extremely courteous and knowledgeable. The instructors are great. The campus itself can be a little confusing since some of the campus is split between the main HCC campus and also shares some buildings with the University of Hawaii at Hilo campus.
I just recently started going to Hawaii Community College, but it's great! The Hawaiian culture is very important to the people, and I love how they teach classes about it to help preserve the history of Hawai'i to the people. It's cool how the Hawaiian ways and values in life is incorporated to our lives.
I like the campus it's self and for me it's easy to get around after learning all the buildings and stuff. It's a very friendly place and the staff are all very helpful and friendly. Something that I would liked changed though is the Fasfa office because they are a little hard to understand and kind of slow and only so helpful to a point.
It's a small campus but the people there are so helpful. All the staff there are more than happy to help you find classes, financial services, job opportunities, anything you need to help you succeed. The professors are patient and encouraging. Tuition costed the same as my laptop. Overall, it's a great school!
A simple campus filled with interesting students and professors who are willing to help and support you
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I love how much my teachers are willing to help me. I wish that the other school staff was as helpful
I'm from Hawai'i. I went to Windward Community College for a few years and transferred to Hawaii Community College in 2016.

I pride myself on being a student who is diligent and concise. When anything from homework assignments to FAFSA to scholarship deadlines are announced, my work is done as soon as they will allow me to submit it. I do it to because I work full time, pay for school and go to school full time, live on my own and cannot afford to miss deadlines.

Going to Hawaii Community College was extremely stressful and a sad, huge mistake.

1. The Administration is unorganized, rude, and mean.

The Admissions office kept 'losing' my paperwork and I had to reapply to the campus 3 separate times.

2. The Financial Aid office is the most knowledgeable, most helpful, and very nice.

3. The Counseling Office - they give a lot of BAD information, don't care about you, don't see the bigger picture, don't work well with other departments (they say bad things about other departments)
Hawaii Community College has been great learning experience. My confidence has grown so much by coming to a college with great teachers and staff. I look forward to being more than just a mom but an employed mom with a college degree soon. Thank you! Hawaii Community College!
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