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I'm a high school senior taking dual credit courses from the Hawaii Community College. I love the classes as well as the instructor because of the experience and the lectures. I was able to experience how it will be for me during college and the types of work I shall expect while under a very thin time limit. The Hawaii Community College has taught me that time management is a very important role in being able to be successful in college.
Hawaii Community College is a great place to be. The classes are amazing and the staff and students are very helpful in all aspects. I look forward to attending this college soon.
This is an excellent Community college for what it is. The staff is extremely courteous and knowledgeable. The instructors are great. The campus itself can be a little confusing since some of the campus is split between the main HCC campus and also shares some buildings with the University of Hawaii at Hilo campus.
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I just recently started going to Hawaii Community College, but it's great! The Hawaiian culture is very important to the people, and I love how they teach classes about it to help preserve the history of Hawai'i to the people. It's cool how the Hawaiian ways and values in life is incorporated to our lives.
I like the campus it's self and for me it's easy to get around after learning all the buildings and stuff. It's a very friendly place and the staff are all very helpful and friendly. Something that I would liked changed though is the Fasfa office because they are a little hard to understand and kind of slow and only so helpful to a point.
It's a small campus but the people there are so helpful. All the staff there are more than happy to help you find classes, financial services, job opportunities, anything you need to help you succeed. The professors are patient and encouraging. Tuition costed the same as my laptop. Overall, it's a great school!
A simple campus filled with interesting students and professors who are willing to help and support you
I love how much my teachers are willing to help me. I wish that the other school staff was as helpful
I'm from Hawai'i. I went to Windward Community College for a few years and transferred to Hawaii Community College in 2016.

I pride myself on being a student who is diligent and concise. When anything from homework assignments to FAFSA to scholarship deadlines are announced, my work is done as soon as they will allow me to submit it. I do it to because I work full time, pay for school and go to school full time, live on my own and cannot afford to miss deadlines.

Going to Hawaii Community College was extremely stressful and a sad, huge mistake.

1. The Administration is unorganized, rude, and mean.

The Admissions office kept 'losing' my paperwork and I had to reapply to the campus 3 separate times.

2. The Financial Aid office is the most knowledgeable, most helpful, and very nice.

3. The Counseling Office - they give a lot of BAD information, don't care about you, don't see the bigger picture, don't work well with other departments (they say bad things about other departments)
Hawaii Community College has been great learning experience. My confidence has grown so much by coming to a college with great teachers and staff. I look forward to being more than just a mom but an employed mom with a college degree soon. Thank you! Hawaii Community College!
Hawaii community college is a well organized with great equipment and staff. Employees are always smiling when I walk past them and ask if I ever need help when I look a little lost. Counseling helps me out a lot because I'm still new to this whole college thing that Counselor's hep me understand how to work with the websites online such as trying to register or drop classes. If there were one thing I could change about this school or any college for that matter, is to make school free so more people could afford it and then maybe would there be less unsuccessful people in this world.
What I like about college is that it has a lot of aloha. The students and staff here are very respectful and helpful to me. If I ever needed a hand or help, they will be there for me for my education.
Great school, place where you feel at home. Theres ups and downs, but you can get used to it. This school is where you can be safe.
Hawaii Community College is a small college with classes that have 20 or less students. You're very hands on with professors and you learn what to expect in a workforce. The counselors are some what helpful and try their best to provide you with what would be best for you and your major. I'm going to start my sophomore year and I feel comfortable coming into a new semester.
I haven't experience it yet
I don't know because I haven't experienced it yet.
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I just started this week, so I don't have much information on it.
I really am not sure.
They could use more classes for this particular major.
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