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Just finished my first year at Haverford and thoroughly enjoyed every one of my classes. The professors make every class enjoyable and I can always see myself improving from the advice they give me.
Haverford College is a healthy learning environment with a tight-knit student community that will help you succeed. A good balance of hardworking yet caring qualities that you will feel the moment you step on campus.The college landscape is unreal. The Haverford College Arboretum is the oldest collegiate arboretum in the United States In 1834 by the world class English landscape gardener William Carvill. While the option stands for students to live outside of campus, almost 100 percent of students live on campus at Haverford.
As for teaching, you will not find better, even at ivy league schools. Unlike the big time universities where you encounter for the most part TA's during you undergrad years, at Haverford you will be taught by full professors that will know you by name after one class session.
Haverford students may also take classes at Swarthmore or Univ. Of Pennsylvania.
I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the campus. The students all looked hard-working but stress-free. I appreciated the close-knit community of the school compared to prestigious schools in the city, yet there was still movement and multiple different things to do to have "fun" off and around campus. Haverford is my dream school!
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As a junior, I’m regretting the choice of attending Haverford. Despite the diversity and equity values they preach, the students are pretty miserable. The guys are way too many arrogant jocks and the social s eve revolves around their parties. The professors are good, but the workload is excessive without a real reason. The administration is the underlying problem. They relentlessly put the institution above the students. Humanities are weak, STEM rules yet elite grad school admissions and fellowships are rare. I was so excited to attend this school, applied ED, have made both friend and good grades, but... it is not worth either the $$$$ nor the high misery quotient for these 4 years. Friends at other schools mostly way happier.
This is a very diverse and welcoming college. It is a smaller school and the campus is easy to navigate.
An overall positive experience. Some departments are fantastic but some are just so so. The athletes-non-athletes divide is apparent.
Pros: Haverford has a very active social scene. And I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that the College is one of the best college party places within Haverford and Lower Merion Townships. A large number of students here are rich, refined, and resourceful or--more precisely in the words of the great inimitable--"gorgeous and high and true and fine and fluffy and moist and sticky and lovely." It may also be true that sometimes students are too "gorgeous and high and true and fine and fluffy and moist and sticky and lovely" to talk to.

A fragile line between Pros and Cons: Always look on the bright side of life--everything will be just fine.

Cons: The counseling & psychological services leave a bit to be desired. In any case, I am happy that most of the wellness centers around the greater Philadelphia area are affordable.
The social scene is way underrated. It’s got to be better than every other high caliber liberal arts college.

The location is awesome, the teachers have been supportive and giving strong instruction. The opportunities afforded to students are huge, with tech companies and financial institutions actively recruiting on campus.

For such a small place, that’s very close knit, it’s incredible the resources and the top notch quality of the students. Student engagement and self governance on campus is also very active.
Haverford is an incredibly liberal arts-oriented college. With that in mind, the academics is highly focused on students, professors are caring and among the most approachable you'll ever meet, and students respect and care for each other. Campus is scenic, quiet, and has an excellent location in the suburb. There are many restaurants and shops within walkable distance to campus. However, in terms of the social aspect, Haverford parties are somewhat lame in nature, but it is also an extremely safe and accepting environment. Despite that athletics is not commendable, either, the majority of students are more or less involved in varsity sports and seem to enjoy what they do. Overall, Haverford is a nurturing environment for both intellectual growth and maturing personality-wise, and is ideal for those who seek a non-distressing transition into college.
I love Haverford for the people and community it fosters. The academics are tough, but that's to be expected. There is a great balance between social and academic life. The Honor Code sets this school apart from all others in that the community (faculty and staff included) attempts to be as respectful as possible, while still encouraging tough conversations, situations, etc. I've grown so much at Haverford in the one year I have attended, and cannot wait to see how it will continue to shape me.
I am so glad I chose Haverford College. The students and teachers here are kind and willing to help you with anything. Haverford has so many resources like peer tutoring and question centers that have helped me succeed in my first year. However, it is not perfect. This year there were many problems with the honor code and student vs student-athlete "divide". Although we pride ourselves on being able to have civil dialog, many times that is not the case.
While Haverford is very different from what I grew up with, I've met many friends that have made me feel at home. One thing that I really enjoy about Haverford is that the students here prioritize collaborating with other students over competing in class. The teachers here are very easy to approach and make themselves available whenever you need them, and the campus is gorgeous.
Haverford is an top-notch school academically with a very welcoming social environment for the most part. The customs program is something that really stands out to me, though YMMV.

My major gripe would be the spending on unnecessary building projects that would be better devoted to financial aid; the endowment is being mismanaged (though granted it is still in the national top 50 for student to endowment ratio). Applicants should also be aware that there is a significant divide and tension between athletes and non-athletes.
Great inclusive community. You get to know people in your customs group really well. The college really does care about you as a person, not just academics. The Honor Code here is also a big thing, you get to have take home exams, no RA's raiding your room for alcohol, and people accept you no matter what you choose to do or not do.
The most amazing school you will ever go to. The kids are so smart and the culture is both collaborative and fun. People study hard but also know how to have a good time. When applying to colleges I got so caught up in going to an Ivy League or "big name" school but every employer from J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley look so highly on Haverford students. If you want to go to a "presidious" school save it for grad school. Most Haverford students get into Harvard, U of Penn, and Columbia for a Ph.D or MBA. Don't look down upon Haverford because it is truly an amazing place.
The best thing about Haverford is the amount of freedom that the students have. You can schedule your own final exams, and in general the students are trusted with a lot of privileges both inside the classroom and outside of it. It is a small school, so you do see the same people every day which can at times get a little annoying, but overall the people are very friendly, and you will make very close friends.
Great fit! Close knit group with diverse backgrounds. Faculty members are devoted to helping students.
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I loved the campus and its proximity to Philadelphia. Haverford has a lot to offer, so long as you make an effort to use your resources. The fact that the school is so small makes it a bit limiting not just socially but also professionally, seeing as big recruiters generally don't come her. However, it has the reputation for being academically excellent, and the curriculum is rigorous enough to exercise your critical thinking, creativity, and work ethic.
Nice surroundings, great teaching. There is a very good atmosphere that allows you to learn and discover your talents
It offers a robust and diverse academic experience, with courses ranging from the studies of sacred texts to the history of the early United States.
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