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Haverford is an top-notch school academically with a very welcoming social environment for the most part. The customs program is something that really stands out to me, though YMMV.

My major gripe would be the spending on unnecessary building projects that would be better devoted to financial aid; the endowment is being mismanaged (though granted it is still in the national top 50 for student to endowment ratio). Applicants should also be aware that there is a significant divide and tension between athletes and non-athletes.
Great inclusive community. You get to know people in your customs group really well. The college really does care about you as a person, not just academics. The Honor Code here is also a big thing, you get to have take home exams, no RA's raiding your room for alcohol, and people accept you no matter what you choose to do or not do.
The most amazing school you will ever go to. The kids are so smart and the culture is both collaborative and fun. People study hard but also know how to have a good time. When applying to colleges I got so caught up in going to an Ivy League or "big name" school but every employer from J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley look so highly on Haverford students. If you want to go to a "presidious" school save it for grad school. Most Haverford students get into Harvard, U of Penn, and Columbia for a Ph.D or MBA. Don't look down upon Haverford because it is truly an amazing place.
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The best thing about Haverford is the amount of freedom that the students have. You can schedule your own final exams, and in general the students are trusted with a lot of privileges both inside the classroom and outside of it. It is a small school, so you do see the same people every day which can at times get a little annoying, but overall the people are very friendly, and you will make very close friends.
Great fit! Close knit group with diverse backgrounds. Faculty members are devoted to helping students.
I loved the campus and its proximity to Philadelphia. Haverford has a lot to offer, so long as you make an effort to use your resources. The fact that the school is so small makes it a bit limiting not just socially but also professionally, seeing as big recruiters generally don't come her. However, it has the reputation for being academically excellent, and the curriculum is rigorous enough to exercise your critical thinking, creativity, and work ethic.
Nice surroundings, great teaching. There is a very good atmosphere that allows you to learn and discover your talents
It offers a robust and diverse academic experience, with courses ranging from the studies of sacred texts to the history of the early United States.
Haverford embodies the idea of collaboration over competition; no-one talks about grades, for instance. The area is beautiful, the facilities are superb, and the people emphasise the role of community through the lens of the all-encompassing Honor Code.
Parties definitely have had a positive impact on my experience here. Everyone comes together for them, so its a good way to hang out with people you are friends with but might not have classes with or bump into a lot during the week.
Parties here typically only happen on Friday and Saturday nights, and some of them are good and some are bad. Based on which campus group is hosting the event, it is usually pretty easy to predict whether it will be an enjoyable event or not beforehand. For those who aren't into parties, Nerd House on campus has a bunch of great, creative options every weekend.
Professors really care about students, and the classes are generally very interesting. There is a pretty big workload, but it is definitely possible to do well if time is managed well, and there are many resources on campus to turn to for help with academic work and planning.
There is definitely diversity on campus, and the vast majority of people are very accepting. Ethnic/racial diversity isn't talked about all that often, but there are places on campus to go to engage in such discussions. The most outspoken people on campus are liberal, so at times it can seem that that is the opinion of the whole school, but in actuality there is a pretty even mix of political beliefs.
There is a real choose-for-yourself vibe here. I have never experienced peer pressure to drink or do drugs, and it is definitely possible to have great fun on weekends without using substances. Because of the honor code, the campus administration is very lenient regarding alcohol use. Campus Safety is always there to call when a situation may be getting out of hand, and it is their goal to protect people, not to be punitive.
The Safety and Security office at Haverford is great. They are very approachable and helpful, and they do a good job of addressing problems when they arise. I think more people feel very safe on this campus and the loss of property is not a common problem here at all.
Professors here really care about the success of students. They have plenty of office hours and are happy to meet with students outside of those hours if they are asked to. I've definitely had some professors who were better than others at explaining the material in the class or who were much more engaging and interesting than others, but I think all over them had good intentions and attempted to be fair to the best of their ability.
While Haverford has fewer alumns than other, bigger school, from what I understand people in the network try hard to help other people in the network/students still going to the college.
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I love living on campus. I currently live in what is generally considered the worst dorm on campus, and I still really like it; I would be happy to keep living here for the next three years of college. Since Haverford does not have a huge campus, most dorms are really close to classes - it takes me less than five minutes to walk to my farthest class.
About 1/3 of Haverford students are varsity athletes, and some teams perform well for their division. There isn't a ton of school spirit, and athletics are mainly important to those who are directly involved in them. Students do sometimes go to games or events to support the school or their friends.
People don't generally attend games which is a bit of a bummer. Most of the teams are pretty competitive in the Centennial conference and I have heard good things about the coaches. The teams are pretty close knit groups socially. Facilities are up to date and I have no complaints with them.
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