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I have only visited Hastings, but I will be going there next year for school. I got to sit in on an education class, a band rehearsal, and a choir rehearsal. All of the students were really welcoming and loving. They didn't make me stand out like a visitor but involved me in the class.
While Hastings College is a beautiful campus, it is not at all ethnically diverse, faculty and coaches are not particularly the kindest, and the financial portion of the college continues to rise despite its already high tuition.
Wonderful campus & spirit. I'm a bowler from Wyoming & will be on the Hastings Bowling team & I have a great opportunity to keep playing my sport throughout college, thanks to Hastings.
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I like the overall campus and the access to professors. I am running track at the school and received very strong support from my coaches during an injury that required surgery. I would like to see a better variety of food choices on campus. Overall I believe Hastings College is a great college and I have recommended to my friends.
Hastings college is a particularly great school in the sense of how great the people are. The reason being the teachers let you know what their office hours are and if you aren't able to get into those times they will schedule appointments with you. Then next the campus life they usually during the weekend they would have a event going on over Saturday and Sunday maybe like grocery bag bingo that ran by one of the frats or sorority on campus. The overall campus lifestyle is great and the people at the college are even better.
Hastings College is a small college that offers each student the opportunity to enjoy small class numbers. The student doesn't get lost in the crowd.
I enjoy the staff and professors , they are very kind and helpful. They really want you to have a great experience with college. The environment is very welcoming and fun-filled.
You can get a job anywhere you want
Not to big and enough one on one time
Amazing RA who do amazing social events for the floor.
It is mainly for community service which is amazing
High school spirit and amazing fans
It is small and making and I wouldn't change my choice
There is no Greek Housing at my school. Greek life has events that go on just for Greeks such as dinners and homecoming games. The dues paid are mostly to enjoy these activities. Parties are not thrown as a Greek body. Greeks effect the community with the events that they plan or the community service that they do in the community. Greeks often set up tables in the student union to raise money for other organizations or their own fun events. My Sorority did community service at the local pet shelter, but we hope to do more in the future.
For athletes this is a great school as 90% of the students are athletes and are recruited for that reason. I myself am not one, but I can see how many things revolve around them which can be bad for non athletes. Though many students are involved in sports the most viewed would have to be football. Soccer is viewed very little and volleyball has a relatively small outcome as well. School spirit is well supported by the cheer team and dance team. Facilities are up to par.
The alumni that have come in seem to be doing really great, so that's promising.
Great classes offered and the professors truly get to know you by name, which is comforting.
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As a male, I don't feel threatened to be sexually assaulted, but last year there was an incident of theft in some locked dorm rooms that the school i believe did nothing about.
The only complaint I have about housing is the strict rule of living on campus until you're a senior. Most schools let you live off campus after your freshman year. Otherwise the dorms and atmosphere are great.
I didn't join a fraternity my freshman year, but plan to this sophomore year with the hype i heard from last year.
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