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Personally, I chose Haskell Indian Nations University as my first school because of athletics. I am a duel sport athlete in both women's volleyball and women's basketball. One thing I love about Haskell is the low tuition for Native American students. Its a great school to start your first year if you are financially unstable. Its also not too big but small enough for a comfortable settle. Another thing I like about it is, they offer a bridge program with the University of Kansas so you can take classes there at a cheaper price than actually going to KU. The students and staff are super friendly and will go beyond measure to make sure you are successful! I would like to see a change in better buildings for classes and more intramural activities for students that play other sports such as soccer instead of just volleyball and basketball all the time!
Haskell Indian Nations University is a unique environment with many different cultures and tribes from all over the country. It's a nice small university that many of the students get along really well in the classrooms and dorms. I personally think the budget cuts and removing some of the athletic programs take a toll on the students and I. Not many of the students that graduate from high school don't qualify in the top universities for their athletic skills. Haskell gives them an opportunity to show their skills here and will be guided by the coaches here. Other than that, the activities that are on campus are also available just about everyday for the students to have something to do on their free time.
I'm glad to choose Haskell Indian Nations Univeristy. The best thing I like about the school is the cultural diversity it has. Native Americans come from all over to come to school. Its really a great place and friendly.
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First of all, I like the fact that it is a small university. With that being said, the sense of community and support is very prominent. I love being surrounded by other Indigenous people who are also striving to ensure a better future for themselves. This university, to me, is my second home.
This university is fairly small, giving a close community. Every student is connected in some way and has a great feel to it. Peers are very supportive and involved with one another. General education classes are often taught by teachers that are not always qualified and the education lacks. Many employees are rude to incoming students and are not welcoming.
I love Haskell, It feels like i am right at home with my Native American Culture. The teacherd here are amazing, they really know what they are talking about and how to teach a student the subject. Haskell is a wonderful College to attend if students are struggling in some areas, Teachers and staff take the tme to help students.
What I love about Haskell Indian Nations University is that there's so much diversity in the school and they all want to learn about their culture.
My experience at Haskell Indian Nations was great! Being surrounded by so many different people from so many different tribal nations was a feeling i'll never forget! It truly is a blessing to be apart of the Haskell community, I love it and I love everyone there. Lawrence, KS in general is an awesome city to live in. I've traveled over 1,800 miles to attend school there and it's 100% worth it.
Being a freshman in college was a great experience for me because the college I went too, Haskell Indian Nations University, was very helpful to me and everybody on campus whether they were new, transfers, or continuing students. And it was also great too because it was a school where there were many different native American tribes whom some I gotten to know and it made me feel like I wasn’t the only native going to school there. This school made my freshman year in college great, I learned a lot, from getting to class on time, many of the courses I had taken were simple, classes weren’t that long, and I had class on certain days. And the only think that I would want to see change is making the school a bit bigger with new roads and more buildings like dorms or classrooms.
Classes are highly flexible with students. Many students are able to get classes that suit their schedules
On campus, everyone has some sort of social network where eventually everyone knows each there and helps each other. Some students have worked here on campus or have gotten help from people on campus for internships or jobs.
Class sizes are decent, instructors are great, workload is no impossible to work with
Internships are always available here on campus that allow students to get hands on work and experience within a certain field that they can add in later into their career fields. Here on campus students of the past have been hired to work here on campus.
Being a business major can indeed be challenging, but here on campus there are people who are willing to help you face those challenges head on all while applying those challenges to real life events
Haskell is decent, sadly a lot of the curriculum has been changed and continues to change, but being able to be around people who share the same dreams, hopes, and goals as you do is great all while being from the same background and ethnicity.
Picking your classes is all on you. If you aren't a morning person, then take afternoon classes. Vice-versa. Haskell has a wide range of classes to choose from.
My past classes do have some assignments on the online system, which is cool. It is nice to only have that assignment online and not have to show up to class.
Review Haskell Indian Nations University
They need to have more opportunities. A job fair would be really helpful.
Some of the professors I have had are really cool and reasonable about what they teach and the kind of homework they give out. They are willing to help.
They have some career programs but not really a whole lot. I think it would be helpful if they had different people come to the university and talk about their jobs and what it takes to get into their field of work. More job/career fairs would be cool.
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