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Harvey Mudd has the potential to be a really good school. If administrators proactively listen to students more and are more willing to listen to student groups, the campus atmosphere would be a lot better.
Freshmen core classes are too hard to pass if you did not go to an exclusive high school or take college credits in high school. Freshman year they make you take 7 classes, which is basically hazing--and many dorms have their own hazing rituals on top of that.

The campus is ugly and depressing. The work culture is depressing. The majority of students are depressed. I would transfer out if I could.

Housing is a mess but other reviews here cover why that is.

I would give zero stars if it weren't for the faculty in the engineering department, who take care of me.
Overall, it's a great education. No matter your grades, it will not be hard to find a job as a HMC graduate. However, core is hard, there are issues with diversity and mental health, and people are overworked and often, very unhappy. It's a four-year intensive boot-camp that will break you down.
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The academics are fantastic, just as rigorous the school an former students indicate, and I definitely feel like I am learning enough to get a career.
However, I am concerned about the political atmosphere. The professors, students, and even the president of our school openly display their political leanings, which I think is inappropriate. For example, the day after Donald Trump was elected, one of my finals was postponed, my physics teacher sobbed in class, and my chemistry course was canceled. I understand and fully support the college's faculty to have these opinions, though I feel it was extremely inappropriate to express these views in lieu of teaching.
In addition, the school's administration has begun giving into left -leaning organizations on campus, eventually causing two whole days of class to be canceled. These educational hindrances are not what I am paying $70,000+ for.
Campus security does a fantastic job staying in contact with students when there are threats.
Going to Mudd allows me a great deal of opportunities even before I graduate.
Our small student to professor radio makes it an easy and fantastic experience to become close to my professors.
We don't have greek life, dorm culture makes up for it.
A lot of the team spirit comes from intramural.
The school promotes a strong work life balance.
A lot of general safety issues that happen at the Claremont colleges (the group of 5 colleges around Mudd) don't actually happen at Mudd. I see campus security around a lot, though, and we get emails about crimes and threats. At the time being there's been a lot of race talk as well, which has people a bit heated, so the bit of campus life I've experienced has been tinted by that a bit. I think I'd need more time at the school to make a firm rating of campus safety. The only thing I know about and have personal experience with is people from town sometimes steal our bikes and longboards.
Harvey Mudd students have some of the best graduating salaries of all the colleges in the country. We're small, but we get a lot of attention from apple, google, microsoft, etc. It's common for students to get internships at those places, and there are 2 career fairs at Mudd every year with reps from a lot of big companies.
The student to faculty ratio at Mudd is 8, first of all. There are a lot of classes to take, and great teachers to teach them. And if there's something you want to take that isn't offered at Mudd, you can enroll at a class at one of the other Claremont colleges. There's a whole lot of stuff you can do. I hear this one guy majored in dance.
I don't really have anything to compare to, really, and I haven't spent a lot of time in the dorms other than my own. But as far as I can tell, most of the dorms are OK, a couple are a bit above average, and a couple are a bit below average (mostly in terms of the physical building, almost all dorms are great socially). All in all a solid, comfortable, "meh".
I'm not very involved in sports, and Mudd is part of a group of colleges which share sports teams. So I don't really know a ton about the "scene". I know plenty of student athletes though, and the gyms at Mudd and some of the other colleges seem nice. Intramurals are pretty popular at Mudd, too.
Although Harvey Mudd is very difficult, and teachers will definitely push you with hard coursework, I've so far rarely felt alone. Teachers are accessible, there are always other classmates to work with and get help from, and the environment feels very positive in general, with a lot of interest in the wellbeing of the students. It's a great challenge.
Great academics, but balancing life in general can be tough.
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Mudd is incredibly difficult, but in the end, it's worth it. You just have to make sure the academics don't wear on you, and you'll have an amazing time.
Yes, Harvey Mudd is very expensive, and even with some financial aid, my family still pays a lot. However, it's fair because my family is on the borderline of not receiving aid. Still, the financial process was smooth. My recommendation is to apply for non-school-based scholarships but also appeal to the financial aid staff, explaining your current situation.
No one comes to Mudd solely for athletics; thus, there is no reason to put a huge emphasis on sports facilities (it's often easier to go to the other 5Cs for nicer facilities).
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