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Harvey Mudd manages to be a very supportive environment while being a rigorous STEM school with a liberal arts focus.
Social life is pretty lit. Met some really great lads here. Profs are the most awesome people ever; genuinely cool people who care a ton. Workload is rough tbh but if you’re motivated, it’s manageable. Forget about non-STEM extracurriculars, unless you’re ready to absolutely murder your GPA. People don’t talk about world issues as much as I’d like, but I’m a political science/philosophy nerd so take that with a grain of salt. Overall pretty great, though it’s not for everyone.
The academics are very rigorous and it’s definitely difficult. The culture is incredibly supportive and collaborative. Offer interesting and engaging classes.
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I truly did not enjoy my experience at Harvey Mudd. My best friend was attacked by a random professor's dog.
The college is a very good one with lot of professionals they provides good academic for their students and they almost accepts most of the students who apply for the college and they provides several course for their students to chose the their choice of field to study. And they provides full guidance for their applicants and their current students who are studying
HMC is a great place! The 5C Make it even better! You can find almost everything you want at HMC. If not, then it definitely can be found at the other 5C. That is true for classes, majors, clubs, parties.The professors are very understanding. There is a nice town a mile away, a walk with friends is a good way to take off attention from the work load. Parties are held only during breaks, Friday or Saturday nights with a set time limit from 9pm to 1am. On other nights the quiet hours start at 11pm accomodating students' schedules. The dining hall has a great variety. If you get bored of it, you can go to an other dining hall. You can check their menus on a website.
HMC is a challenging school, that will definitely push you to your limits. However, the community of students, faculty and staff are some of the most supportive, kind and engaging people you will ever meet.
Attending Harvey Mudd College was a humbling experience. I was able to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics with peers who were similarly passionate. There are boundless opportunities to take courses both on campus or at any of the four other undergraduate Claremont Colleges that are all within a 1-mile radius, just a short walk or quick bike-ride away. I had the opportunity to pursue summer research projects and engage in a thesis project during my senior year. The campus encourages students to present their research across the nation at various conferences. It’s not uncommon for the department sponsoring your research project to also sponsor your attendance at research conferences including paying for hotel, airfare, and a food stipend! Last but most definitely not least, the advisors are passionate about your success and meet with students frequently. I personally met with my advisor on a weekly basis. I am grateful for this amazing undergraduate institution!
Academics at Harvey Mudd are exceptional. It is rigorous and not always rewarding, but at the end of the day, you learn a lot. Plenty of exciting classes to take, both at Mudd and at the other 5Cs. Mudders are easy to get along with. Only major issue with Mudd is the lack of grade inflation which can hurt your chances of getting into a top Grad school program. Getting a job after graduating from Mudd is easier and very rewarding.
I'm only just a freshman, but I'm loving my time here. I don't ever regret coming here over my other options. Theres a vibrant social culture if you want one, and a huge amount of dedicated students if you want to just grind on work for a while. There's some amazing people here and I'd totally recommend it, but the workload is a lot so be ready.
Harvey Mudd has the potential to be a really good school. If administrators proactively listen to students more and are more willing to listen to student groups, the campus atmosphere would be a lot better.
Freshmen core classes are too hard to pass if you did not go to an exclusive high school or take college credits in high school. Freshman year they make you take 7 classes, which is basically hazing--and many dorms have their own hazing rituals on top of that.

The campus is ugly and depressing. The work culture is depressing. The majority of students are depressed. I would transfer out if I could.

Housing is a mess but other reviews here cover why that is.

I would give zero stars if it weren't for the faculty in the engineering department, who take care of me.
Overall, it's a great education. No matter your grades, it will not be hard to find a job as a HMC graduate. However, core is hard, there are issues with diversity and mental health, and people are overworked and often, very unhappy. It's a four-year intensive boot-camp that will break you down.
The academics are fantastic, just as rigorous the school an former students indicate, and I definitely feel like I am learning enough to get a career.
However, I am concerned about the political atmosphere. The professors, students, and even the president of our school openly display their political leanings, which I think is inappropriate. For example, the day after Donald Trump was elected, one of my finals was postponed, my physics teacher sobbed in class, and my chemistry course was canceled. I understand and fully support the college's faculty to have these opinions, though I feel it was extremely inappropriate to express these views in lieu of teaching.
In addition, the school's administration has begun giving into left -leaning organizations on campus, eventually causing two whole days of class to be canceled. These educational hindrances are not what I am paying $70,000+ for.
Campus security does a fantastic job staying in contact with students when there are threats.
Our small student to professor radio makes it an easy and fantastic experience to become close to my professors.
Going to Mudd allows me a great deal of opportunities even before I graduate.
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We don't have greek life, dorm culture makes up for it.
A lot of the team spirit comes from intramural.
The school promotes a strong work life balance.
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