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Harvard University offers the most incredible experience for its students. From the rich history to the esteemed faculty to the vibrant atmosphere of Harvard Square, it is truly one of a kind and inspiring. During my time at Harvard, I got to dance to Gangnam Style with Psy, read a Gutenberg Bible, study and work under my hero, perform fMRIs, and eat brunch in what is essentially the Great Hall of Hogwarts. I cannot begin to tell you the opportunities available here nor what you will learn from working and studying alongside people from all over the world. Harvard also tries to promote diversity further by offering a needs-blind application process and a financial aid package that guarantees you will not have to turn down your acceptance due to financial hardship! Harvard truly takes care of its students, giving them every opportunity imaginable and giving them an experience they will never forget.
I personally never been to Harvard. But I met some graduates there. I can honestly say that they are really smart, young, educated and have an amazing career going on for themselves. Everything is nothing but guidance in this school. teachers help students and students use tools in order to succeed in their lives.
I am enrolled in an online course from Harvard. I really like the interaction with the Harvard faculty. This exposure has provided me a new vision and evolved a better version of myself. All the modules are job embedded that helps me to apply my newly learned strategies to my workplace. I am happy that I have taken the initiative to take this course as I am giving back to my teachers the data-driven decisions that help the students to reach their full potential.
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The best part about Harvard is the people. The diversity of students is incredible and I learn more from my peers than I ever expected
The undergraduate curriculum offers many exciting classes and Cambridge/Boston is a great location for meeting other college students.
The best people in the world come together in 1 school! Great professors, great alumni, intelligent friends, tons of opportunities.
Harvard is a really great school like any other and your experience is really what you make of it. Don't beat yourself up trying to get accepted, though, because I'm sure you can have an equally great experience at another college that may be a better fit for you. Good luck in the college search process!
its one of the best university in the world with the best academic enrollment it teaches all student around the world.
For the first time, I finally have a home.
I visited Harvard and it is very traditional (in a good way). Harvard is old but it has character. The mood of the environment is very calm and the students attending the university are very nice.
Lots of bars and options. No happy hour and drinks are expensive.
Most students live in dorms and so there doesn't seem to be much of an undergrad party scene but it could all be happening under the radar. For grad students there are tons of bars and things happening.
You have the best of the best here all leaders in there field that are doing incredible things. You also have endless options of what you want to do and study.
Very diverse by race and location. It does seem to skew towards higher income levels but that has many reasons for being so.
I haven't experienced any issues with drug or alcohol, people are really here to get to work and make the most of the time here.
It lives up to a lot of the hype. It is very expensive and as such has a lot more people who come from higher income backgrounds (a positive and negative). If you are going into an employable career, it's the right choice.
It seems extremely safe on campus and people are very welcoming and accepting.
Review Harvard University
The opportunities and internships are top shelf. There are so many amazing people you have access to and experiences you can find.
I don't live on campus but from friends I here it is very overpriced for what you get. Overall it is livable and no big gripes other than price, great locations.
Don't really know that much about Greek Life here, for grad students it's a non-issue and doesn't seem overly important to students.
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