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There are great professors who are clearly expert in their fields. The work is rigorous, but everything is structured so that you are continually improving.
Harvard is incredible! The campus is vibrant and there are always tourists. It is especially busy during fall because the foliage is beautiful. The professors are very knowledgeable. Most write their own textbooks, so they truly know what they are teaching. The students are also great; they are intellectual, fun, and laidback. It is a great experience studying here!
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Harvard is such a grate school with some of the best teaching staff, very supportive student community, by far some of the best tutorials and lectures you'll ever have. Being part of a very prestigious school and to experience life outside of my comfort zone has really helped me to be a more matured person all because of the warm and welcoming feeling I recieved from the school's staff. Except to have challenges that might be much bigger than your worst nightmare because at Harvard you must be willing and able to compit with innovative students who bring new ideas to the table and those who are committed and those who strive to be the best and make a change. So basically be yourself and try to be the best you can be and study smart but not hard.
It's Harvard: it's been amazing. There are so many opportunities and so many amazing and kind people there. It truly is an experience, one I am so grateful for.
I'm just girl waiting to get in my dream college but I can see it gonna be tough but I can do it.i really love this college and I think so will you
Have heard and experienced amazing things. Ten out of ten recommend. All around amazing if you are looking for a very well managed all around great college consider going here.
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There is absolutely nothing I would change about this college. The curriculum is excellent and it has everything I would want from a college. I love the campus experience and the school itself is absolutely stunning.
My time at Harvard has been life changing to say the least! I have discovered a new side of myself and have grown tremendously in all aspects of life.
Great experience in learning. All facilities and campus offered all that was needed to have a complete learning experience at the highest level
Very good. I really enjoyed my time there. I am a god Very good. I really enjoyed my time there. I am a god Very good. I really enjoyed my time there. I am a god Very good. I really enjoyed my time there. I am a god Very good. I really enjoyed my time there. I am a god Very good. I really enjoyed my time there. I am a god Very good. I really enjoyed my time there. I am a god Very good. I really enjoyed my time there. I am a god Very good. I really enjoyed my time there. I am a god Very good. I really enjoyed my time there. I am a god
In this school it was amazing, the teachers I had for a summer program where very upbeat about many things and were able to communicate with the students. It was not only them but also a lot of other people that went to school there were very nice and helpful.
Harvard University is the most amazing school in the world. If you get in, you should go. Beautiful campus, top-notch academics, Cambridge is amazing.
Harvard is a really cool University and I would love to enroll there..I mean Harvard Medical School of course because I wanna be a cardiologist in future.. Harvard is the best.
I loved the campus and the teachers, especially my professors. I really got a chance to connect with them while on campus! I loved their teaching methods; they really let us explore the topics we covered, by ourselves, and with our own interest. They gave us constructive criticism and we gladly grew and flourished in that environment. I would like to change one though, and that is the parking on campus. Harvard has a major parking problem, and that should really be taken a look at.
The campus is beautiful there, everything was conveniently nearby: restaurants, beaches, malls, and of course, Boston. Student centers like the Smith Center or the Cabot Library in the Science Center are very helpful for study groups, or tutoring sessions with the reservable rooms available. Widener Library is also a very relaxing place to be in general. There was a wide range of diversity in people, personalities, experiences and expertise. Everyone is willing to help others and it is very easy to meet people. While the majority of the time the campus and the centers feel very safe, I constantly hear about incidents occurring mainly during night at certain areas close by. The professors there are very helpful, and the lessons tend to be interactive and actually enjoyable. Although the courses were extremely difficult, unlike anything I've ever experienced before, learning the information was fun although tedious.
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I went to Harvard University for two weeks in the summer at a debate camp, in which we learned national-level techniques for speech and debate. They taught us how to cross-examine, how to organize and format arguments, speech exercises, and research methods. It was profoundly informative. Furthermore, the professors were highly helpful and educated and the dorms were of decent quality, despite lacking air conditioning. The campus was quite beautiful, with vast fields of greenery and trees. We went to one party on the Fourth of July with amazing food and a wonderful friend atmosphere. The local area had high-quality restaurants with interesting, modern attractions. The campus food itself was suitable, but not excellent compared to the food sold at restaurants nearby.
Great atmosphere with respectable diversity and a standard of learning and engagement that matches its name.
I had an absolutely amazing experience with Harvard University, as I spent the summer after my high school sophomore year taking an undergraduate course called Principles of Economics with three extremely notable professors - Dr. Daron Acemoglu (MIT), Dr. David Laibson (Harvard), and Dr. John A. List (UChicago). The campus is amazing, and there are are hundreds of tourists everywhere. Libraries and other campus resources are easily accessible, but it is difficult to get good vegetarian options during lunch and dinner at Annenberg Hall. Professors are very open and we had lots of excellent discussions over research they've done and books they've written, and it was the best summer of my entire life.
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