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some of the professors are very rude, but besides that everything else is okay the oly other thing is that they can work on getting better food for how much it cost to attend.
My pal Woodsy attended Harvard after his academic career at Yosemite Community College. Although he thought it was better than Yosemite, he said, "I would rate this weak college a 2 out of 100 if I could!" He also exclaimed, "This University just wasn't challenging enough and I wanted a challenge. The professors just wouldn't challenge me enough!"
Harvard should be the best when it comes to mental health and mental health issues among students yet it is clear there is a lack of training, understanding, and community that helps students who begin to struggle while they are at the university. Without catching students early it could impact a class grade. A student can not fail a class at Harvard without major consequences. There needs to be some or more training for advisers, deans, teaching fellows and professors to watch for students who start to withdraw and are having mental health issues.
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Strong support system for its students. Embracing and diverse community of students. A place of boundless opportunities and chances to hire.
Beautiful campus, diverse faculty and students, and great educational experience; both online and in-person.
Though it took some time, Harvard came to be my home away from home and I loved my time there. From the academic diversity to the amazing students and faculty, there's so much to learn in just a few short years.
Harvard University has excellent programs for graduate students. The courses are flexible and fit around work schedules. However, the material can be challenging and very time consuming. I would recommend going to graduate school here.
I loved the general campus feel. The academics were wide and diverse providing me an outlet for creative growth.
The best university in the world, period. The quality of the people at Harvard from professors to your classmates is simply tremendous. Every day at Harvard is a learning experience from the best and brightest in the world. Harvard will give you a valuable opportunity to learn and grow as a human being while forging lifelong friendships with amazing people.
Interaction with intelligent people unbelievable. Missing in other universities and areas. The environment around HU is also very stimulating and a lot of interesting events going on. Hard to bead
Harvard has been amazing. Coming from Khartoum, Sudan, the shift to life in America was very drastic. Thankfully, Harvard was the ideal environment for me to acclimate myself to all the differences in lifestyle and academic rigor.
Harvard University gave me a lot of tools and skills to success in academic as well as my future career. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who come here to study. However, the classrooms are a little bit old and needed to remodel badly.
The fact the Harvard University is a Ivy League school shook me. I got accepted even with my low SAT scores.
Harvard University is the best university one could get into for education due to the unmatched intellectual atmosphere consisting of the world's top brains with cutting edge research being done in all fields leading to new interdisciplinary collaborations.
I had a hard time adjusting my first semester, but now I am looking forward to my next three years here. The weather is a bit terrible, but there are so many exciting things going on all the time!
Harvard University is an institution that is constantly reviewing and improving upon itself. Whether its the constant renovations, multiple opportunities for student voices to be heard, or the emphasis on academic areas that the school is not known for (i.e. STEM), Harvard is constantly working to EARN it's title as the number one Ivy, and one of the best universities in the world.
Great place. Great academics. Great students. Great professors. All around great great. Great. Great. Kk.
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It's a prestigious university, but it isn't the school, it's the student. A college name is just a name, but everything else is developed through self-determination.
This institution is unparalleled. The professors, alumni, cohort, and everyone involved in the university is phenomenal at their job and as a human.
The atmosphere is truly both wonderful and inspiring. My sister, Abigail Joseph goes to Harvard University. Due to such a connection, I oftentimes go to her Campus and see all the benefits Harvard has to offer. There are many opportunities present on the campus at all hours of the day. Having such an array of experiences to delve into, there is nothing short of a rewarding time awaiting you at harvard University.
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