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Harvard University is an institution that is constantly reviewing and improving upon itself. Whether its the constant renovations, multiple opportunities for student voices to be heard, or the emphasis on academic areas that the school is not known for (i.e. STEM), Harvard is constantly working to EARN it's title as the number one Ivy, and one of the best universities in the world.
Great place. Great academics. Great students. Great professors. All around great great. Great. Great. Kk.
Just a preppy college full of sweaty nerds, whats new! This college is nice and all but it just gets annoying when the only thing most of the students can do here is read a book (eye-roll). A couple of weeks ago I asked my friend Chin if he wanted to hangout and drink. He said sure and that he would bring the drinks since I was hosting him. Long story short, he brought Hi-C...
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It's a prestigious university, but it isn't the school, it's the student. A college name is just a name, but everything else is developed through self-determination.
I dont think ive ever been to a worse college. Everyone there should be ashamed of themselves and how badly the system is. Highly dont recommend. 0/10. My name is Tristan. Thank you.
This institution is unparalleled. The professors, alumni, cohort, and everyone involved in the university is phenomenal at their job and as a human.
The atmosphere is truly both wonderful and inspiring. My sister, Abigail Joseph goes to Harvard University. Due to such a connection, I oftentimes go to her Campus and see all the benefits Harvard has to offer. There are many opportunities present on the campus at all hours of the day. Having such an array of experiences to delve into, there is nothing short of a rewarding time awaiting you at harvard University.
I am pursuing my Master's Degree at Harvard. I have found the Professors and Teaching Assistants to be very helpful. This has been an incredible experience so far!
The academics aren't really more difficult than your average college, but I think the high ability level of the students makes the grading harsher than your average college. I think a B at Harvard would be an A at the average college in America.

Some of the professors are very rude and arrogant toward undergrads. I experienced that firsthand on at least four occasions (four different professors).

The place can feel overwhelming and lonely at times, and there's no hand-holding. Also, when it comes to finding a job at graduation, you're on your own. Nobody's going to knock on your door with a job offer. Career Services exists, of course, but they aren't going to knock on your door either, and they're primarily only useful if you want to work on Wall Street. If you want any help at Harvard (job-seeking help, mental health help...any help), you have to seek it out.
A Harvard degree will benefit you for the rest of your life. My experience was extremely positive, though this is of course not the case for everyone, but at the end of the day, it will be more than worth it.
Good people, very intuitive professors. The campus itself can be unappealing during the winter time, but Cambridge and surrounding areas in general are convenient and nice.
Harvard is a wonderful college. I have learned so much and met so many incredible and amazing individuals. This college has allowed me to grow in ways that I never thought possible.
Harvard is an incredible school that really looks out for its students. I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing institution that fosters diversity and encourages the development of genuine student learning.
Great academics and sense of community. Love the food and all the opportunities. It's been great here so far.
Harvard University is a wonderful school I want to learn to contribute to the country and to contribute to this school.
Harvard University is an elite school that will catapult most students to the top 5% of income earners (statistically speaking). However, getting a degree from Harvard is incredibly difficult with a high workload and not a great party scene. By coming to Harvard you will give up the traditional college experience when it comes to parties and sports, but you will meet some incredibly talented people and will be taught by world-renowned faculty. Trade offs.
They really give you every resource you could possibly need, from advisors to tutors. The academic environment is competitive, but not as bad as I had thought it would be. Some aspects of the school aren't fabulous, like the food in the dining hall anf the cost of living in Cambridge. Overall though, the school is amazing.
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Harvard university is the best place to gain quality education with lovable people surrounding you. For me Harvard is my everything.
I am excited to attend Harvard in the fall of 2018 as a freshman. I have visited Harvard and stayed the night, interacting with students, and experienced their diverse nature. I enjoyed my visit and I can't wait to make new experiences at Harvard.
Harvard is a place where dreams become reality. It's sounds cheesy but I'm serious. The social, administrative, and academic structures of the school not only allow, but also promote students to build the life of which they have dreamed. Switching majors is easy, and no matter what a person does, they will find a strong support system to help them along the way.
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