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Stanford's the worst school, it's the bootleg version of Harvard University. Harvard has a much better reputation/history, withal as a majority of their students being successful.
Cool School Bro, very cool. I indeed enjoyed your school bro. You feel me bro? This should be first place, not Stanford or M.I.Trash, bro.
I love how everyone there is so friendly! It's amazing to see such a group of talented and passionate individuals.
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I am an adult returning to finish my bachelor's degree. I love the school, the campus and the environment
I just finished my first year at Harvard. I had a rocky transition at first, but I am really loving it! The professors and TFs I have had are all really friendly and accessible, and there is an endless list of classes that I want to take. Conversations with peers are really thought-provoking and deep. You can find so many great communities through different activities, and there are so many great people on campus. Even as a freshman, I have been offered so many unique opportunities that I know come from Harvard's resources. I never thought it could, but Harvard has really become my home this year.
Party scene is the best in the country! Nerds sure do know how to party! I went to a yAle part and it got notin on dis Harvard 1. So you're probably thinking about Stanford parties? They suck too. I went there for 8 years for my undergrad.
Currently, I am a registered student with the Harvard Extension School through Harvard University. I appreciate how this program caters to non-traditional students who are going back to school and want a top-notch education from a premiere university.
taking a virtual tour in to the word in Harvard is just like you are there in person and i assure you that you want to be there in person ,to witness the crimson way ,experiencing diversity and cultural heritage in this A+ institution.outside this is the beautiful structures the school has from the beautiful dorms to the epic library and lovely sight of nature from the top dome .Also the part life in Harvard is dope ,the step out when it comes to partying ,sport and food.
Omg!! their football team is cold,after taking a virtual tour i went ahead watching their football game and it was legendary.
Harvard has an excellent reputation, and of course you go into the program knowing that you will come out with a great education. The housing situation is really bad, though. Everything is so expensive, and realtors rip you off. I know there aren't a lot of areas for Harvard to expand, but something needs to be done about housing and connecting the students with resources.
I like Harvard very much because it is a great university and challenges me to learn more and stretch myself. Its academics are number one.
What i liked was the environment. They have great professors that can really help you learn about your major. This is a great place to be . You wont regret coming here.
Harvard Square, Cambridge, and the Greater Boston Area is a great place to live and work. It's filled with diversity and excellent events and opportunities. Harvard faculty members are caring, and the dorms are comfortable to live in.
Harvard is a place where education is approached from a different perspective as the university values learning and curiosity more than recognition. Students at Harvard are so genuinely passionate about learning that they're able to achieve a level of thinking that not many people can achieve, which is metacognition: thinking about your thinking or learning process. The interdisciplinary and collaborative environment, as well as the passionate friends I have made, have allowed me to unleash my curiosity and creativity. Harvard is not only a school for intellects, it is a school for passionate people. People work hard, are determined, and believe in what they do. The most beautiful aspect about Harvard is the fact that hierarchy is not relevant. Professors do not brag about their awards and degrees, graduate and undergraduate students work together, and everyone is open to help each other. Harvard is a beautiful and intellectually stimulating place to study.
Prestigious. Knowledgeable staff. Smart students. Beautiful campus. Dorm is old. Buildings are old.
Harvard University is a great campus that's dedicated to teaching students how to change the world. Their general facilities, professors, and students, make it very easy to get connected with some of the best minds in the world. Harvard is a university that is truly top tier and the students who attend Harvard are some of the most dedicated and hard working individuals in this world. In addition, other living aspects of the college like the campus and extracurricular events like recreational sports, study groups, and organized parties are extremely fun and engaging. These events make it extremely easy to get plugged in and make lasting social relations.
The university offers excellent tuition to students. The professors are good and very experienced.The dormitories have a lot of facilities to make one enjoy their stay on campus.
Excellent resources and professors. The classes are kept to a small number of students and there is plenty of opportunity to share and to discuss topics in a more in-depth manner. Professors are available to meet with you and to help support your learning. The campus is full of events and the time you have with friends to discuss your learning is excellent.
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This university is without a doubt worth five stars. I would give the academics five stars. I would give the return on investment five stars. I would give the diversity five stars. I would give the campus five stars. I would give the athletics five stars. I would give the party scene five stars. I would give the professors five stars.
Harvard has a great reputation. A degree from Harvard will certainly help my future career. Harvard has excellent Professors with multiple research opportunities. Harvard has almost unlimited resources.
What i really love about harvard in the amazig Faculty which really helps me focus a lot on the extracurriculars. You could find great campus food as well which I things goes a long way in convincing me that its a great college
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