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Harrison College - Terre Haute Reviews

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This college is not accredited after the government shut down acics. I have applied for a loan discharge and plan on pursuing legally if government does not discharge my loans. I have not had any other colleges accept transfer credits from this college and they all confirm it is not accredited.
It is great. I can do my homework and still hold a full time job and still go to school online to pursue my degree
They are great. They will help me set up interviews and even will write me a letter of reference to help me get a job.
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The courses are very interesting and I am learning so much. The instructors are great and so awesome they help me so much and they keep in touch with me to see how I am doing and to see if I need anything. I love Harrison college
Everything and everyone is great. Having a degree will further my career in the medical field and I will be doing something that I love. And they are willing to let me intern at the hospital I work at
They are so helpful and are willing to help me in anyway. They are willing to let me intern at the hospital I work at. To me that is great
Everyone is so helpful and friendly. They call and email me to make sure I'm doing ok and if I need anything they are there for me.
I wish they had more courses to offer online
Love the convenience, the Canvas Learning Mgt. System and workload is acceptable yet challenging
I am going only by what i have been told by others
Not certain, but general consensus is that ok to start here but degrees not taken seriously much of anywhere.
Reasonable class sizes, challenging courses, instructors that are supportive and make themselves available to you.
The class sizes seem reasonable, instructors supportive and available, excellent staff!
Thus far has been easy to navigate the online courses and the instructors have been supportive and available.
It is an excellent way to get your degree. At Harrison if you need help with anything there is always some one just a call, text, or email away. They explain everything to you

Someone is always checking in with you to make sure it is all going great.
tuition is 30,000. My financial aid and pell grant is paying for all

most all of it. All I had to do was apply at say Sallie Mae for a loan of 5200. The people at harrison will help you through the whole process.
I've only been on campus once but it was great. Anything you need was available.
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A little pricey, but worth it to have such great people backing you up.
They help you find a job upon graduation.
So helpful! They are so willing to help their students do the best that they can graduate.
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