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Harrison College - Lafayette Reviews

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At Harrison College you can take classes online but still be included at on-campus activities. The teachers are open to help you and look out fro your well-being. It is sometimes hard to get replies through emails.
Always there to help with anything that I have trouble with.
Always there to help with anything.
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They are all there to help with any questions.
Ive heard that they help with finding new jobs after graduating.
The advisers there take the time to get to know you and to make sure that furthering your education is your best priority and to make sure that you are getting information on the program that is best fit for you and will be the most beneficial to you in the long run.
The people in the library are great. They will sit down and help you find the things you need for reports and actually enjoy helping you learn about whatever topic it is that you need help looking up.
The financial aid advisers there are great. They go over everything in extensive detail to make sure it is understood and they take their time to explain your options (there are multiple ones) and make sure you completely understand what you can do and what money is available to you in loans, grants, etc. They also make sure you understand deadlines to improve your options for the next academic year.
One on one student to teacher support
Its more than public school because its a private school, but the cost of books are included and there is different forms of counseling included for free covered by the cost of tuition.
I work full time, work 39 hours a week and have a three year old daughter. I think that online is the best because I can study and submit my homework all at home while not having to be away from my daughter and not having to miss out of work to go to school.
Everything has been going great. The classes are set on what Im going for, I have been enrolled for one quarter and I have already had one of my required classes.
Everything is great and easily found if needed and everyone is great.
I have had a great experience with everything. Whenever I need help its only a phone call away
Every time I need help with anything I just call or go into the campus and they usually get back to me within the 24 hours
I love the fact that I am able to take the bulk of my courses online, leaving me the opportunity to continue to take care of my disabled son.

I have been rather disappointed about the financial aid part. I wanted to go to school full time in order to earn my degree sooner, however, since I wasn't able to get enough financial aid to assist in living expenses (in fact, I am having to pay back loans), I am only able to attend school part time, which in turn means my degree will take longer to achieve. I'm VERY disappointed and saddened by that fact.
Having not started classes yet, I don't have an accurate perspective and am unablel to answer this question accurately.
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Unable to accurately answer since my classes are all online.
My classes are online therefore, I don't have any reason to go to the campus.
Cannot accurately answer due to the fact my classes have not yet started.
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