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I graduated from Harrison with my medical assisting degree. They helped me with my resume and job skills. I also landed my first job after I was finished with my externship.
Harrison College is great. I have had nothing but a great experience there so far. Of course it is not a tradition college so there is not campus life or dorm rooms, but for the single mother like myself it is a great place to help me meet my goals in life and to remember the WHY in why I do what I do. I believe I will get a wonderful return on my investment. Education should be priority in everyone's life and Harrison college defiantly walks with you in the journey to make sure that happens. The professors are very open and will help you. The open door policy they keep from the director on down to the Liberian is impeccable.
The school has a very good atmosphere for learning and there are always staff available to help when you need it. The staff and teachers are very knowledgeable and always have helpful advice when anyone feels like things get hard.
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It's not convenient for me
There career services suck, they don't even have people lined up to come for career fairs that are in the field your are taking courses for. Why do you not have vendors come that can help you in your field of interest.
The lies about working with me, no scholarships, increased tuition each year which means more loans for those that are working, it's just wrong and I feel like I'm stuck because when you have a balance they put your account on hold to where you can't even transfer to a college that's cheaper for your budget.
They don't help with good jobs or internship
The work load for online students is too much homework, I spend more time doing homework
Once get you in all they way is to put you more in debt by raising tuition fees, they only give scholarships to teeters fresh out of high school very unfair and make you take out more loans, after loans. I really regret choosing Harrison College

They have trained their representatives to recruit and play on people's dream of continued education. This is sad.
The school didn't really have internships/jobs for my career, the school didn't really have any activity or program for your future career type.
If I had the choice to do school all over again, I would not choose to come back to this school. The school was late on tasks, unorganized, and the students were not very respectful.
The work is not the problem. I was in need of more communication directly with the instructor especially while I was going through a few major life crises that I was forced to manage.
I believe the majority of staff sincerely wants to see the students succeed. They make a person feel comfortable and understood but I'm not sure how sincere that really is.
I don't have wifi at home. It would be nice if a computer lab or library was open 24 hrs a day to accommodate nontraditional work schedules.
I had very good and open communication with my Strategies for Success instructor. However, I could get no support from my Introduction to Corrections instructor. I went through a very painful separation and divorce from another student who also works there.
I have to take classes that pertain to careers that don't interest me. There is a great deal of work that must be done independently, which can be difficult depending on life crises. However, administrators and staff are willing to listen when students need to vent.
I haven't had to transfer any credits.
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this school is the best choice for me and I'm learning a lot about the field that i'm going into.
I am still in school and am not in touch with these services right now
I like the small class size.
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