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Harrison College - Indianapolis Northwest Reviews

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I absolutely love this school! I'm sad that they are shutting this building down. The staff has been so great and helpful and the teachers go above and beyond.
I think only one of my credits transferred. Students don't really choose classes, school does.
This is a veterinary technology and veterinary assistant location for Harrison
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I can't say much, because I haven't started, I will start at the end of this June
I have not started yet, so I can't say much about the classes and teachers. The staff is very welcoming and patient. School is clean and organized.
They are incredible! Again, the friendliness and support is outstanding.
I love my courses and my instructors. They have taught me quite a lot.
The campuses career placement has been assisting me in finding a starter position i can grow with in my career field, which is fantastic!
I love this program. I love the campus. I love this school.
All my life I have never maintained more than a 3.0 and I currently hold a 4.0. That's something to me.
The resources on campus are awesome! Most of the professors and other employee have an open door policy and are always happy to help. We have great free wi-fi access and computer labs. There is a student lounge where most students hang out between classes to eat lunch or study. The lounge has vending machines as well as microwaves and a refrigerator for our use.
I was nervous about the online course at first but my professor was an exceptional help. Each time I would submit my assignments she would always take the time to revise it and send the revised copy back to me for a chance to redeem my points. I always edited the assignments she sent back and returned them to her. I believe I deserved the grade I received because of the effort I put in to the class.
All Varieties – There are all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds of people at my school. I love the diversity, not to mention the students are different as far as employment is concerned as well. Some are workers, some are parents, and some are just "stay at home" students. Either way it goes, we all work together to make our education worthwhile and work for one another.
Proud of Professors – I really enjoy my school. Although the work can get tough, I know that I always have the support of my professors. This really means a lot to me, it means a lot to know that I have a strong support system. I am proud of all of my professors and the encouraging words and support that they give.
Getting to Know People – By doing your degree online you get to meet so many new students by posting a discussion each week, and replying to fellow students on their topics. Great way to make life-long friends!
Online Classroom – The classroom is great because you don't feel that anxiety about being in a huge class room setting. And besides you can work on your college anytime you want! Great thing about it is that when your graduating day comes you can still go to that college and walk and receive your diploma, even if you never met any of the teachers!
Awesome Online College Experience's! At Harrison College online they are all about seeing you acheive your best! If you need help on a class they have tutors that are willing to help you out free of charge!(Of course that is always helpful, especially if you are having a bad "TEST DAY")
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