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Harrison College - Fort Wayne Reviews

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I have been blessed with a second opportunity of going back to school. The first time I gave college a try, I was not ready nor mature enough to understand the significance of pursuing a higher education so I did the next best thing joined the military. I could not be happier with my decision to go back to school! Attending Harrison College has been a wonderful experience and the teachers are amazing at what they do. The staff is very knowledgeable and I have learned an abundance of very useful information I can utilize in the workforce! Motivation and putting forth 150 percent of effort is key to accomplishing anything you put your mind towards!
I love my school because they are very helpful if I need assistance or am having trouble with classes or do not understand the homework. I have awesome teachers that try to make class fun and interesting in each and every class.
They make it very easy and understandable to get accepted.
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I love the small class sizes for more intimate one on one work.
Most friendly welcoming people I've met.
I'm more of a hands on person.
Very helpful on how it works.
Very excited to start school. They were very welcoming.
They have a great library. That is always open during regular business hours. They are always activities going on from contest, to special dinners & breakfast, walks for a cause, carrer week, etc... many activities to participate in on campus.
They have many computers that you can use. Printers, wireless connection that is extremely fast. And also a libraian that is on duty If you need any assistance.
I really enjoy my school. They are overall a great school to attend. There have been a few bumps in the road with financial aid issues but I resolved them.,
Flexibilty of classes are great! They work around my busy schedule.
I am currently taking online classes and they are great for my schedule, my busy life. The teachers are great, students are friendly. We have open discussions every week on a subject and it is great! I enjoy it alot.
Many academics to choose from.
My academic experience has been great! If I have any questions, my instructor and/or staff is there in a timely manner to respond to my questions/concerns
They have a terrific carrer service that helps you if you need any assistance as far as resume, interviewing, etc...
There are many different students of many different backgrounds.
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It is expensive to go to Harrison, compared to other colleges in the area.
I think that my school overall is great. Great facility in a great location with a helpful staff.
They are more of an independent thing. You do all of your reading and such be yourself at your pace. But the you have a discussion board that everyone post in so its nice to communicate with the others and see their opinions.
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