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Harrison College - Evansville Reviews

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Harrison college isn't to big of a school and you really get to know your teachers and your class mates. If you ever need help they are there. When you walk in you always feel welcome.
The staff and instructors are the most welcoming people ever.
The online classes I am taking now are time managable. They are easy and clear to understand.
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I know they help after graduation to find a job for all students in need
Harrison is such a great school. Everyone is always willing to help out in anyway. The admissions process was simple and easy. They really made me feel like I was joining a family instead of a school.
Medical Assisting is the major I am going to Harrison for. I am a mother of a four year old little boy and working a full time job, so my schedule is very busy. Harrison's program is very laid back and works best with my hectic schedule at home. I only have to take 3-4 classes to be consider full time compared to other colleges where the class load is way too much.
Harrison college in Evansville is such an amazing school overall. My favorite this about Harrison would be the staff and instructors. They are always so nice and welcoming. Any time I call with questions, they always do everything within their power to help me out.
Harrison makes my college experience great! J am a single mother and I work. This college is excellent. The proffesors always make themselves available to you, and the small classroom settings make it easier to learn.
I have had the experience of attending two different colleges, Anthe and Harrison. Harrison College is by far the BEST. I have a learning disability and have found that doing the work online is a little harder to accomplish because I really need the one on one classroom experience. I find it harder to not only motivate myself but also hard to do some of the work. I miss the chance to walk up to my instructor and ask them whatever question I may be experiences some trouble with.
The Financial Aid Department was wonderful with me. If I had a question, they were more than happy to help me figure something out.
So far I love my experience at Harrison College. The staff is great, especially the Admissions Department.
For a private school I am extremely happy with what they have to offer.
My professors are all very helpful and work with me when needed. I love all of the staff because they are all very involved with getting you through your classes!
This is a small private school and everything necessary for a close and thorough learning environment is available. I love the smaller classes because you receive more personalized interaction. This school is great!
I have had a great experience taking online courses. I am halfway through my second term and the online program has been easy to use and i have learned so much about myself and the courses i am taking.
I did not have any credits to transfer. It has been easy so far with my classes and thee curriculum. I enjoy taking my classes online because of my job and two kids.
I love the program I am in. I will bee able to help patients in a hospital, doctor's office, or nursing home when I am finished. All my teachers have been great and the classes are fun and exciting.
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I have enjoyed my online classes and when I go to the campus for any reason, they are always friendly and helpful.
They have a wide variety of classes available online. I am taking all my classes that way for Medical Assisting. The only thing I have to go to campus for will be when it is time for clinicals and my externship.
The computer network is awesome. There are a couple of computer labs at the campus where you can do homework, look up information for papers, and just surf the web. Also there's printers and a staff member there if you have any questions.
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