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Harrison College - Elkhart Reviews

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I feel there tuition is a little high, but the education I am getting is worth every penny. I looked at other schools and have attended one other college. So far harrison has helped the most with financial aid.
I have had blended courses at harrison, but they are half online and half in class. They were intimidating at first, but I got used to them. Now I can handle them with no problem.
I'm a medical assistant major, and some of my classes are what I expected. There are some classes I think are just repeats of others. The workload for medical assisting here is very full but not too much. The classes are 12 weeks long so you expect to be very busy.
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The computers are always ready and in good condition. The computer labs have plenty of computers. It is very easy to print what ever we need for class.
The librarian at harrison elkhart campus is wonderful. And the student affairs person is very good too.The library is very easy to use, just wish it was a little bigger.
I wish the professors would be there longer. The class sizes are small, which helps with learning easier. I like the fact there is always someone to go to when I have questions.
They are working on a ride share program. everyone helps everyone to get there and home now though. We are like a bigger family there.
The classes are easy to work through its also not to techy for people that aren't as computer savvy
Although the professors are really involved with the students some of their curriculum's are not adjusted for actual life situations meaning people who work and are single parents and might miss a day or two but are not consistent with absences and keep up with the homework, quizzes, other classroom activities they still get a lowered grade for missing the day. I understand that the goal is to be there in class sick days from work.
There is a lot of diversity at Harrison and everyone gets along with each other and respects each other. We also help each other in the classroom
So far the Career Services Department at Harrison College is doing a really great job. I feel confident that I will be able to get a job before and after I graduate. They also help with the internship that I am required to do before I can graduate and I am looking forward to graduating next year.
There are no sports the campus has to offer, but they do offer gym membership discounts to support a healthy lifestyle. The student center is small, but is generally open and not crowded. The library is small in itself, however, if you are in need of a book you can go online and have the book you are looking for sent to your campus's library, but it could be faster if you just go to the public library and check it out yourself. Be sure to call first to make sure the library does have it, before you waist the gas.
My current major is receiving my Bachelor's Degree of Science in Health Care Management. The workload for this second semester has increased a bit and I know have to trust my day planner to make sure that I am on track. I have yet to experience any of the internship or job opportunities that the campus has to offer, but that will come in time.
Overall, there are many computers available on campus. However, there are only a handful of printers. Though, you always have the ability to print, because not everyone is there and in a constant rush to print off homework at last minute or do last minute research. The facility always are available to the students and help is always available.
My school deserves this grade not only because of being professional, but because they actually care for their students and help them in any way, shape, or form. There have been multiple times that I have raised questions about my financial aid, and every time the person in charge has helped me and has gone out of her way to make sure that my needs were met. Not only that, I feel a little bit more comfortable in smaller classes and learn from my instructors and their experiences. Another plus, there are other military members and family members that I can talk to when needed.
Tuition is kind of expensive here. I have went to other colleges and get a lot of money back but not so much here. It is totally worth it though cause I love this school and what they offer.
There are so many resources you literally have no excuse for failure!!
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The professors are always there to help and answer your questions quickly. The staff is lovely and everyone just wants to see you succed and do whatever they can to help you do just that.
The financial aid advisor sat me down and answered every single question I could possibly think of. She was friendly and didn't rush me. She also called to make sure everything was going smoothly and to my liking. She was amazing.
I think the staff are extremely friendly and the class sizes aren't overwhelming. It's perfect!
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