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The staff is great. Everyone is so eager and willing to help in anyway they possibly can. They not only can about their students as students, but also as people.
My workload is not easy, but not so hard that I can't understand. I like my curriculum at Harrison. Some classes are harder than others but it is well worth it. I am going for my Human Resource degree (Associate) and love it planning on my bachelor's degree, though.
I love harrison college. They are are very supportive, help me understand what I need to know, and they also make sure that I have all the knowledge that is needed to succeed. Harriosn strives to keep their students happy, they help in everyway that they can, and they are their to listen when you need an ear or need to vent.
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it is a hassle and very frustrating to flex everything like your classes taking care of kids, house work and etc. but you manage to make it all work
The difference between online courses and traditional classroom experience is that you don't talk to or get to know people the way you do inside a classroom.. you work from home online or anywhere with internet service or wifi and when your in a school your around new people.
I don't know any to be honest
the quality of the courses, professors and the variety of courses offered. I mainly got the classes I really need to so I can graduate and go on to working, the professors varies because there are some that are right on it then there is some that act like they cant help you out.. the class size is decent but that what you get working online
I cant really say cause I work online
The unique aspects of my program is that it helps you with everything that you need to know or understand about accounting. it basically sets you for what your getting into..
I wouldn't change my school because Harrison College is one of the best and understanding colleges.. if you have anything wrong they help you fix it anyway possible.. Everyone at that school is very understandable and reasonable
They are very flexible on schedules.
Not one school I know is perfect.
I am not there yet in schooling
They will go out there to find places to take you in and show you the ropes. you just have to show up and show them you have the knowledge and great attitude.
Will go in to great discussions if need too about a topic.
Harrison teachers will help you online, in person, over the phone or even meet you if need too.
it has been very convenient I can work, do school work and spend time with my family.
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I love online classes at Harrison College. I have not ran into any problems. The one thing I don't like is the discussion boards every week. I feel like its a great thing but not for every week. we already get a bunch of homework.
Every professor I have had in each quarter have been so helpful. Anything I have a question about they always have the right answer.
I love the major I am aiming for. It has always been my dream and Harrison college is amazing.
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