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The thing I like about Harrison is the willingness faculty have to work around my schedule and they seem genuinely interested in their students success. What I don't like is how expensive it is for their programs. It's incredible that even maxing out financial aid each year for the students, they had to come up with a "success grant" so students don't end up owing.
They over charge online students. They charge online the same as the students who go to the college. They charge a program fee every quarter that is stated on their page that is suspise to be for books. Then they charge you for your books again separately. I am on the Deans List but wish I could go back and choose a better college but their credits don't transfer. They are a private college and they charge outrageous prices. They won't let you have any money to buy you a computer or items you need for college out of your grants and government loans.
They give you plenty time to schedule classes for the next quarter.
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I love it. I can see where I will need to use what I will learn in my career.
I love it. They give you options for new jobs if needed.
I love my school and when I am done I am thinking on going back to school for nursing there.
If you miss alot of class they will call and see whats up. They really want their students to succeed. It feels good to get an email and say future Harrison graduate.
I love it. It is going so fast and I cant believe I am moving into the middle mark. I can do this. I will do this. I love Harrison College.
I am online now but when I was in seat I could schedule my classes around work
More help than I have gotten at previous schools, it is laid out where I can see everything I need to know.
I have not heard much about the career help nor alumni network but I know there is a site for it all.
Classes are average and has a lot of different ways to learn.
The work can get hard but the instructors work with you.
The school is very involved and helps tremendously when it is needed.
Works really well with my work schedule very flexible
I feel that since it is a private school that you are paying for what your ur getting. The prices could be a bit lower when taking online classes since your not using any of there resources except for your own that you pay out of pocket for.
The school is overall great within the community always doing out reach programs for the community.
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The professors are very knowledgeable and very helpful when you are in stuck in the curriculum
The workload isn't too much to handle. The overall experience is very satisfying. I like that they put hard curriculum with easy so you don't get to bored with your subjects.
Its overall great. They are very diverse and have many age groups in the school system.
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