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Harrisburg is full of diversity, this is an amazing school. Trying new things, joining clubs are all good. The school is in a good location which is in down town Harrisburg
Provides excellent curriculum-based courses to fit the needs of today's unemployment issues. The professors at the university are there to help each student succeed. The class sizes are small to medium which gives a great student to professor ratio. It allows each student to get individual attention so he or she can succeed. I love this university because it is located in a quiet but excited area. It has the best of both worlds. The fast-paced but quiet life. I would recommend this university to anyone looking to advance in their career or earn a degree. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is an excellent place to learn
They have some very good professors and the potential to be an excellent school if only they would raise their standards. Their technical program is more of a jobs training program than anything else. They offer excellent internships and opportunities.
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This University is very hands on, and very personalized to the major you desire. It is for sure a science and technology school, and if looking into the business degree offered, I would suggest going elsewhere. There are many travel abroad opportunities for field studies as well.
didn't start yet but i visited everything is high tech ....... its soo big .. the inside look so futuristic.. the dorm is right across the street
Terrible school! The academics were horrible and when I went to transfer. None of my classes transferred when I left the school. I changed my major and i went to my counselor to transfer, she told me the school had the program but when i went back to head of the department he said they didnt and told me to leave
I love how they are set on making you the best person in the future dorms are amazing it feels like home
The campus is so unique and inviting. The classrooms overall were outstanding with the amount of technology they have for each major. I absolutely loved it.
This is a very easy university to get into but a very hard one to stay in. Once your in you grade point average must be on point to stay with in the school
Do not go here. The school is a scam. They make you take all these classes for freshman year that doesn't even transfer. Its not an "actual" school, its more of a business. I advise you to live off campus because the 2 dorm buildings are nasty. Nothing is ever fixed. It is also a boring school and a boring area even though it's downtown. Everything closes early. It is best to have a car. Overall the school is boring but the education is ok. The education is at a high school level.
My overall experience at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology was absolutely amazing. One of the student administrators took me on a tour and walked me around the beautiful campus. I explored the many different classrooms and dorms. One thing that I extremely enjoyed was the set up of the dorms and how spacious is was. After I explored everything I took my placement test. I was very nervous but after my nerves rubbed off, I believe that i did very well. The environment of the University and the diversity was just right for me. Everyone was nice and had a positive attitude. I am extremely anxious to start my freshman year at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in the fall of 2017!
The school has great academics and the majors are really focused and straight forward. The classes are small so each student is able to have their question asked and answered. They provide a great tutoring program for those having trouble in sections. The only thing I would change is providing the school with a cafeteria. Because there is no cafeteria students are subjected to pay for their own food which could be difficult at times because we do not have jobs that we go to daily because of classes.
So far at my current educational institution, I have had a great experience. The education is designed to assist me with achieving my goals within my desired career. My favorite experience is when I began my first class related to my major. This school really focuses on the different majors that they provide. if I was a high senior again I would reapply and attend here.
no athletics at this school
Students feel ripped-off. The school has been scamming students for years.
The class sizes are relatively small as we're a small university. There are a variety of classes offered, however, not enough room in the schedule to fit different things. The professors hold high positions in their field and love challenging their students.
The HPD and Capitol Police patrol around the building sometimes, but I don't think it's enough with all of the shootings in Harrisburg. Students use the building 24/7 and I believe that there should be 24 hours security in both the Academic Center and Housing across the street.
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Do you want headaches and suffering for six months each year? Then, choose to live at HU. Worst experience of my life as a first time renter. I wish I had the knowledge I gained throughout this entire thing. The management is poor, the students are wild, drunk animals that destroy the building, and too expensive. PMI, the corporation that owns the building, NEVER fixed anything that was broken. Our toilet overflowed and broke the week of finals and my roommate and I had to WALK TO THE UNIVERSITY at 3 AM to use the bathroom for FIVE DAYS. I was so thankful to go back to New Jersey that weekend...

Want a beautiful, quiet place to live? Go to Pennsylvania Place or somewhere else nearby in Downtown Harrisburg. You'll definately save money and won't have to deal with crooked PMI and the school not ENFORCING rules! Don't do it!
Moving to Harrisburg and living in Pennsylvania was a challenge coming from New Jersey. The students, mostly from Philly, were completely different than the people I grew up around in central Jersey. Many of them have a party mentality and I do not like that in an academic setting. It's a small school a block away from the PA capitol building. Housing is a waste of time and money. The staff are friendly and helpful at times, but are sometimes dissmissive and not clear when providing certain information. The professors are mostly phenomenal and strive to challenge us in all fields, not just our science majors. They didn't baby us nor treat us like juveniles. They gave us respect and expected us to meet their high standards with assignments and discussion.
Being right downtown somethings can get if-y but just remember to always have someone with you if you're out late.
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