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Harrisburg Area Community College - Lebanon Reviews

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I have enjoyed my experience at HACC-Lebanon Campus. Everyone is very friendly and supportive. I enjoy the engaging conversations with my Professors and fellow classmates. The Welcome Center Staff at the Lebanon Campus are extremely helpful and are always in a great mood.
I like how small both the classes and the campus is. The biggest class size I have had was 25 and the professors seem to get to know who you are pretty quick. However, this is a community college, so if you are looking for sports, I advise taking a PE course.
Most people will think that a community college is not a good school. After attending HACC Lebanon for the last year and a half, I can say that is completely false. It all depends on your perspective and how you choose to spend your time at HACC. The professors were great for the most part. They were more than willing to help out when needed. The student body was friendly overall. Also, there was always something to do at HACC Lebanon. If you want to have a college experience without high tuition, then HACC is the perfect place for you.
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I have had a very easy time scheduling classes and transferring credits, but there has been some confusion.
I have taken several online classes and I think they are just as valuable as any other classes.
I honestly only barely know we have a career center here.
I think HACC is a very good starting point for a career.
The classes I have taken here, especially the art classes, are very well put together and I learned a lot of things.
This is a very great program that is useful and can lead to good things. The instructors know what they're doing.
I loved HACC a lot more than I thought I would. The classes are helpful and will lead to better things for me.
I really like my professors and I've been able to keep working and maintain my social life outside of school. I would go here again because it's much cheaper and I think it was a good place to start.
The only online course I took was pretty straightforward. There wasn't a heavy workload, and I never needed to contact the professor. Any questions I had were well explained in the syllabus.
I do most of my printing at school, it's not that expensive. The computers aren't slow and there is wireless access.
It's in the middle of Lebanon, which is nice because it's close, but doesn't leave a lot of room for things like athletic centers. It also looks considerably nicer than the rest of the town.
I don't know if they even have a career center. The school is mostly used for transfer students, so the advisers are very helpful in making sure you can easily move onto your next school.
I don't stick around to talk to people, I'm really only there for my classes then I go home. In the classrooms everyone is always friendly.
It's community college. You're really only there to get started and save some money. So there isn't a ton to do, but it's just your starting point so I don't think that's important.
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Most professors I've taken are easy to communicate with and understanding. Schedules weren't set in stone.
You do most of it on your own. So if you're filling out the paperwork for the first time it can get a little confusing.
There are lots of classes to choose from and are conveniently available online.
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