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Harrisburg Area Community College - Lancaster Reviews

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I really appreciate HACC for its affordable, quality nursing program. I am putting myself through college while working part-time. HACC does well at accommodating the general public by offering a variety of college courses that are easier on the budget.
A downfall to a community college such as HACC is that its campus is not as technologically advanced as neighboring colleges in Pennsylvania. The campus has a much more practical feel to it since there isn't a budget for "glamorous" options that other colleges in the area might have. However, I am able to pursue my degree with less stress and anxiety about how I will make ends meet. I can rest assured in the fact that I am being trained to be an educated nurse. In my opinion, the trade-off is definitely worth it!
I liked Harrisburg Area Community College because it was a smooth transition after high school, the classes were small that was nice to ask questions throughout the class. It was also an affordable education, that also prepared you for jobs after graduation.
I like HACC because it is a community college, and very affordable. I commute, but everyone else does too (there is not on campus living). I like that, because I don't feel out of place. It is a small school, so it feels very close-knit and friendly. The professors sincerely want students to succeed! The diversity is amazing, and there are many international students as well.
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This school was very clean and modern. Most of the professors I had were doctors in their field and really cared about student success. There weren't many clubs, but there were frequent activities.
My overall experience was great. I liked that they partnered with other local schools so you could take most of your classes here and transfer the maximum amount of credits to a 4-year program. Advising staff and the resources they offered were great. I loved the fact that many classes were offered online.
One thing that was difficult is that some classes, especially major specific courses, weren't always offered or were offered at times that made it difficult for my schedule.
I've just joined HACC, so far they are wonderful. I had a difficult time applying for my schooling here at first, and they were so helpful and welcoming. In one day I was able to apply for college, get my aid set up and take my admissions testing. The location of campus is also quit big, and nicely set up. A very up to date campus. I am most looking forward to the tutoring center. It is where I had to take my admissions test. I am not the best at math and know I will be spending some time in this center and it seems so inviting. I was nervous about coming here but I know look forward to it.
This is a great place to start college. The cost is much lower than a four year university and offers just as challenging classes. If someone is worried about the transition from high school to college this is a great transition school. Harrisburg Area Community College-Lancaster also offers two year degrees which is a great idea to do before transferring to a four year.
I have really enjoyed the professor's at HACC. They really want you to succeed and help you in any way that they can. I also like how the really help you with the transfer process since most people further their education from HACC.
I loved HACC! All of my professors there were very kind, caring, and personable. I would suggest HACC to everyone. I choose to attend HACC my freshman and sophomore year and then I transferred to a 4 year college to finish my bachelors. HACC was also so affordable that I didn't even need to take a loan! HACC also made it so easy to get accepted and pick classes for semester with the help of their wonderful staff. HACC is great for the beginning of your college career because it has a wonderful environment, its a affordable, and convenient.
The level of support that HACC provides is incredible for a community college. Some of the online courses aren't quite up to par, but the majority of the classes I've taken have been challenging and educational. All of my professors have been wonderful.
It is basically a cheap 2 year college with diverse community of students. It is a good place to start preparing for 4 year college later in life. The only thing is that they dont have scholarships except fafsa. They need to improve on recreational facilities for students to use on ball games.
The college is quite simple and easy compared to other bigger colleges out there, but you definitely need to do more in advising wise. If you live far good luck, because most of the things that you need solved such as financial aid and teacher services need to be face to face. Since it is a smaller school you would expect the professors to be more hands on and interactive, but it is the total opposite. Be prepared, and learn everything before you walk in that door. Ask questions, you'll make it through.
Sales and marketing is great. HACC does a great job of teaching the program.
I absolutely love everything! The classes are great, fantastic teachers and the students are very friendly.
its a cheap college with great lecturers. it is also closer to where i live. teachers are friendly and students are also friendly. the atmosphere is great.
Hacc is convienient & affordable. Love the idea of transfer option for your bachelors degree after you graduate!
The service is great for the cost. A much better alternative then completing all four years at an expensive school.
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It is very different from high school. There are so many different diversities and people form different ages. Something new to me, but I do not mind it.
Its price is reasonable compared to other colleges that offer the same classes as Hacc.
Hacc is very helpful when it comes to looking for jobs. It even has a program that helps you with interviews as well as looking for the right job. Not just that but offers job shadowing programs too.
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