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As a high school graduate/first term freshman, my experience has been O.K, not too much of a crowd, you see new faces everyday. The campus is small, very diverse and colorful, nice resources, and nice professors. So far, I have learned a lot here. On the other hand, it is very small and not much of a college experience. The college itself is great, seriously. The buildings are beautiful and there is even an Apple store here on campus!
This is my second time attending HACC. The community college has a beautiful campus with recently renovated buildings. The staff are very helpful, and the students offer a potential network of like-minded individuals. Oh, and it only costs about a quarter of what you would pay at most state schools.
Beautiful campus. Most professors are very helpful. it looks like United nation, you can meet people from all around the world. love it.
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There is always someone who can help you or will find someone to help you. There are so many great resources, and the professors are amazing and genuinely care about your success. The campus is absolutely beautiful I've taken chrome slide film pictures of the campus because of how beautiful it is. The atmosphere is great and I love stopping by the student store in my free time. The cooper building was just redone and it is a cozy modern look and feel. There are always police cars on campus keeping everyone safe.
Takes a while to finish depending on what you are going for. Too long of a wait list for clinicals. The teachers are very helpful and the school provides a lot of helpful ways to suceed.
I love campus and all of the faculty. They are all so kind and welcoming. Campus really feels like home and I wish there were on campus housing. That would make HACC a much nicer and popular college.
I love this college, I love the professor especially my business major professor, Elaine Madden. You can tell they care about you and your education.
Overall Great school to get a education from. Credits are accepted almost everywhere which is a plus.
A beautiful college with very nice people. The professors care about learning and is a perfect place to prepare students for future college and life experiences. The only thing I wish HACC had was more parking spots.
I like the campus when I visited and I also loved the area it was in. HACC has a good nursing program and it is a cheap way to save money.
This is a great college for students that want to save money by getting their general courses done before moving on to a 4 year school. Most of the professors are wonderful and well-versed in their subjects. There are great art and music programs. The students at HACC are very diverse. They come from all walks of life. Some students come straight from high-school and some are adults coming back to school for their degrees. Many HACC students juggle family-life, children, jobs, etc. It's a great school for multi-taskers. HACC is pretty much a no-judgement zone because of how diverse its students are. Overall, HACC is a great school and you can't beat how affordable it is for a great education.
HACC offers a lot of great program for a lower cost than other colleges and universities. Its an accredited school so you can take those credits with you if you decide to transfer. Has a lost of free events for the students. The campus itself is very nice, a lot of trees and flowers everywhere. Plenty of walking space and benches littered throughout. Its a pretty great school.
HACC is a great starting point to obtain your general education credits. It also has a competitive nursing program which is highly regarded within the community.
HACC harrsiburg is a wonderful community college. They have several events each year to help bring students together and relieve the stresses that college can cause. Their only pitfall is some of their advising staff, but overall they provide an amazing education with great benefits. Wonderful and professional professors, an amazing student government staff, and a wonderful president.
HACC was a great community college, it had everything I would expect from a 2 year institution at a great price. The teachers care about the students, and there are lots of student resources for people to seek assistance with their learning. The tutor center is especially helpful. The only downside is a lack of "college feel." Overall a great experience!
its a great school to go to because you save a lot of money and its an all around good school there are alot of diffrent activitis that you can do
Hacc is a pretty great and affordable school. Classroom size is just so perfect and the campus is great. There is life outside of academics and overall it is a great community college.
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Great school for tackling credits to transfer to home institution. Professors seem to care and take pride in their teaching. Facilities and classrooms create a warm atmosphere for learning and studying. The staff are always very helpful in assisting with any problems one might face while attending. The available options for dining on campus are tasty and offer healthy choices. Security is often which offers relief to any concerns one might have as to campus safety. Parking, or more specifically, traffic control, could be a little better as there are huge rushes during certain parts of the day. All in all a great institution for any high school students considering getting some credits out of the way or hopeful future students that have other choices to consider.
Felt very comfortable going here, started out as a dual student and ever since loved the experience.
I personally like the convenience of HACC, it is close by has a very interactive and open campus, and everyone is very accommodating and friendly. HACC offers a variety of student based activities open for anyone to participate in making it a very welcoming place.
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