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The professors are very good and enjoy meeting with students if they are unsure about a topic. I have had great experiences when having trouble with taking tests and professors helping me to study. The students here are friendly and helpful. The campus itself is beautiful, many places to relax and study after classes.
The college classes are affordable and easily accessible. Accommodations are available for students that need extra help or guidance. The free tutoring programs at HACC are my absolute favorite, and they help me enjoy doing projects and learning in a stress free environment. My only complaint would be the inconsistency's in teachers use of technology, and the way that the website is set up. Clubs are hard to learn about, and navigating the activities and job opportunities can be very confusing online. I would recommend talking to a counselor about any questions about job opportunities or ways to get involved.
attended for fall, winter and spring semesters, completing 30+ credits. Would definitely recommend for Gen Ed requirements.
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The college was well organized interms of layout, makes it easy to locate a class. Overall environment was calming and soothing.
I am in the PN program here at HACC, and the professors are amazing. They make you feel part of a group, and want us to succeed. I LOVE IT!!!
I am returning to HACC at the age of 51 years old. All staff that I have met have been very helpful. I had the opportunity to take testing to be able to take a higher English that was recommended by my Advisor. I received Financial Aid and had queations on what that involves and how to use it and the Financial Aid team was very helpful. I know when I was attending HACC before the teachers were all very helpful, I am hoping that didn't change. I am very excited for August 27th so that I can get started on earning my Associates Degree in Human Services- Drug and Alcohol Counseling!
I liked all the useful resources around you on campus. There was a free tutoring center and you could also meet with your professors one-on-one. If I could change one thing, it would be for the college to have a more college campus feel since it is a college where you commute to and not live at.
The teachers, although not as experienced as professors at other universities, are extremely passionate. They teach at HACC because they love teaching, not because of the paycheck. There are many resources available, the staff is very friendly and helpful. However, I would like to see more community involvement opportunities for the students. The college is for the community, so we should be able to give back.
Pretty good school, 8 really like it. Professors are good. There is a subway on campus, in the main building.
I love the way the school is set up and that there are so many resources there to help you succeed in school as well as in the future career wise. The one thing I would change is probably the tuition.
I love the college's library and teachers. The faculty is really nice and always try to help you in some way. I would like to see a parking lot for the Lebanon campus and additional courses can be added or available in the Lebanon campus.
I've had a great experience with HACC! I took all online courses, and I'm only a semester away from receiving my Associates in Accounting. The diversity in the school is amazing, as not only students of different ethnicities attend HACC, but also students of different ages, professions, and work and education backgrounds. HACC is helping me receive my Associates, it helped me receive admission into Millersville University, and it has helped me grow not only as a student but also as a person. Not only educational knowledge is gained, but also soft skills that you can use in the workplace and everyday life. Go HACC!
Attending Harrisburg Area Community College is one of the best decisions I ever made. Everyone there is genuinely nice, and I have made great friends while attending there. It was important for me to save money where I could and starting here was the right choice for that. I enjoyed being surrounded by fellow students who were paying for their own education as well which made them appreciate their schooling a little more.
I attended both the Lancaster Campus and the Harrisburg Campus. Both of the campuses were very easy to navigate and the buildings are modern, updated, and the professors I had were great!
HACC has a beautiful campus, but the school is pretty much run by kids, so you have be on top of everything in order to get anything done.
I haven't had much experience with main campus as I am an automotive student. However, what I have experienced is exceptional. Very diverse and offering a variety of majors for anybody who wants to receive a good education.
Harrisburg Area Community College is a very diverse and inclusive campus. It welcomes anyone from any walk of life, and each person has a say in the classroom. Discussions are so meaningful because of the variety of experiences represented. However, the depth of academics is weak. Their program is for an average learner with a break from school or weak high school performance. The material is not challenging, and there is little room to grow academically if you are academically gifted.
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Awesome school with many options for the children to choose from! Very great and safe school for children to attend. The teachers are all awesome!
HACC was a success!! When I took my prerequisites the classes were small which made it easier to get one on one help. The classes were interesting. The full time schedules were great especially if your working. The dental hygiene program was an excellent program. It was very hard work but well worth it! I felt like I graduated knowing everything about dentistry not just dental hygiene. I felt very prepared for the board examinations as well as prepared for the “real world”. One day I would like to teach at HACC in the dental hygiene program!
I loved my experience at HACC. I was a part of the Music Industry program, and I made lots of friends and valuable contacts during my time there.
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