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It is very accessible for students. The nursing program is excellent - once you graduate, you are almost guaranteed acceptance from local hospitals.
I have been a student at HACC for many years. I completed all of my gen-eds here and graduated from the LPN program. I am now in the RN program. The nursing program is very competitive to get into but a great program. The one very nice thing about HACC is the affordability. I have paid for school out of my own pocket for the past year. The professors are nice and will help you as needed. You have to put forth effort in order to get the grades you want though.
The professors were great and the students were all very welcoming. The campuses were clean and well kept.
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All the classes that I have taken were online and the experience has been very good. The online programs are easy to use and the professors are very good at delivering the courses online.
Top level professors across the board here. Staff that could be working at ivy league schools have opted to work here to offer a higher caliber of education at the community level. You can't beat the dollar value at HACC. Plus the campus is lovely and relaxing with lots of nooks and crannies to curl up in between finals. On the downside, this is a non-dorm community college, so there's not much in the way of a student social world outside of the SBA.
I like that HACC is a community school that is local. They allow you to get hands on experience in your field. Which allows for you students to be better prepared for their futures in that field.
The staff is nice, and marvelous helpers. Very nice campus as well! Not only do you have choices for majors, but you have both students and staff who help.
My experience at the school has been great. A good variety of courses, well laid out programs, and very easy to find help if you need it. Every class and professor is different, however I've had a pretty good experience with those I've had thus far.
I’ve been a part time student for 3 yrs. I love the campus n professors are great. I have not had any bad experience there a all.
This is the second community college I have attended and it’s much better than the first. This campus is very much catered towards its students and the faculty are genuinely passionate about teaching. They are updating most of the facilities around campus and they have recently updated the gym (which is a big deal to me!) The thing that I do not care for about this campus is the cafeteria. Their food it terrible and really unhealthy, so I have to leave campus to eat lunch.
I enjoyed the variety of students on campus. I had some professors that were difficult to contact, especially with my online class. I found the bookstore staff to be extremely helpful. I would have liked my on campus classes to have a lower student to professor ratio. I found the bigger classes to be overwhelming to my professor and frustrating to students. I also took a HACC based class off campus and that was perfect! I loved my instructors, they were extremely attentive and the class was fulfilling to me. Over all my experiences with HACC have been positive.
As a high school graduate/first term freshman, my experience has been O.K, not too much of a crowd, you see new faces everyday. The campus is small, very diverse and colorful, nice resources, and nice professors. So far, I have learned a lot here. On the other hand, it is very small and not much of a college experience. The college itself is great, seriously. The buildings are beautiful and there is even an Apple store here on campus!
This is my second time attending HACC. The community college has a beautiful campus with recently renovated buildings. The staff are very helpful, and the students offer a potential network of like-minded individuals. Oh, and it only costs about a quarter of what you would pay at most state schools.
Beautiful campus. Most professors are very helpful. it looks like United nation, you can meet people from all around the world. love it.
There is always someone who can help you or will find someone to help you. There are so many great resources, and the professors are amazing and genuinely care about your success. The campus is absolutely beautiful I've taken chrome slide film pictures of the campus because of how beautiful it is. The atmosphere is great and I love stopping by the student store in my free time. The cooper building was just redone and it is a cozy modern look and feel. There are always police cars on campus keeping everyone safe.
Takes a while to finish depending on what you are going for. Too long of a wait list for clinicals. The teachers are very helpful and the school provides a lot of helpful ways to suceed.
I love campus and all of the faculty. They are all so kind and welcoming. Campus really feels like home and I wish there were on campus housing. That would make HACC a much nicer and popular college.
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I love this college, I love the professor especially my business major professor, Elaine Madden. You can tell they care about you and your education.
Overall Great school to get a education from. Credits are accepted almost everywhere which is a plus.
A beautiful college with very nice people. The professors care about learning and is a perfect place to prepare students for future college and life experiences. The only thing I wish HACC had was more parking spots.
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