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Harrisburg Area Community College has given me a cheaper alternative to schooling as I make my way through Nursing Clinicals. Without the opportunity I have at this school I don't know if I would have ever pursued my dreams. The campuses are clean and courses are spot on. It is a bit of a travel distance, but for an affordable college education it takes the cake. The campuses are always safe because when events occur mass text messages go out to warn students. I am very glad to attend a school such as this.
The professors are great as are all of the faculty. There is a coffee shop and a subway inside of there. Great education.
Gettysburg campus has classes that fit your schedule.. whether it be morning, afternoon, or evening classes. I'm able to work full time and go to school at the same time. Very friendly and helpful staff members. My favorite college I've attended thus far.
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Overall, my experience at HACC Gettysburg was incredible! I started with general education courses to transfer to a four year university. The classes are really informative and the professors really care. The student Government also plans about one activity a week which is really nice. Finally, resources such as writing tutors, online databases, and workshops have helped me succeed.
I came to HACC with the idea of getting as many credits out of the way before transferring to an art school. The school has many great resources, including free tutoring, career advising, and a daycare for adult learners. I have done many Gen. Ed. courses here and have rarely encountered a professor who wasn't happy to help a student. Many of the professors who teach at HACC tend to teach at larger colleges and universities, and thus the students are getting a similar education like that of larger schools. For example, when I attended the Gettysburg HACC, I had an Environmental Sciences teacher who was also a Chemist at Gettysburg College- he had a tendency to throw a lot of chemistry into our teachings.

Since I am an Art major, I have taken a couple of Art courses offered through HACC. I took mine at the York HACC campus, where Will Guntrum is head of the Art Department for York. While not well-funded, the professors are amazing and so insightful- and just downright talented! The classes ranged from a student/professor ratio of 1:13 to 1:3. Needless to say, I had a lot of personal attention when I was in class, and it was easy to ask for help. Margaret Brandt, an illustrator and professor at HACC, dedicates so much of her free time to the students and you can always depend on her for outside help. We took field trips every semester to 1 of three different cities to visit art museums, including Philadelphia, D.C., and Baltimore. I hope that the Art department receives more funding for HACC- some of these students are incredibly motivated and talented, and I think that my peers and professors have helped to prep me for a larger art college.
So far it has been great. Everyone is helpful and willing to help you in any way they can.
When I attended before I had a great experience this is why I'm ready to come back and continue a education.the class sizes were not big so it was nice to feel you got more out of the classes.
When taking online courses your able to talk to other students and the teacher. Most online courses require you to log on so many times a week to do activities with the other students.
Everyone gets along with everyone. Every body is very out going and willing to he'll with whatever you need help with. No one is raciest against gender or ethnic. Everyone is entitled to their own religious beliefs. It doesn't seem hard to get accepted into their college courses.
When I first wanted to come back to school I went into the welcome center and told them what I wanted to do. I was able to sit down right away and talk to an advisor about what my major will be. She was able to tell me how to get help with financial aid. Gave me different websites to apply with. I applied for federal and state money. With in a couple days the school has received all my stuff.
I have a learning disability and with going to hacc they offer the extra help I will require. I'm going to be learning the nurse part of being a registered nurse. I will take different classes that go from math to the science of nursing. Ill be learning old history of how nursing first began in this world. Here in a few weeks I go to a new student orientation where I will begin to pick out my classes. Find out when I get to start.
I will be joining the pre nursing program. In this program I will be taking multiple classes. Ranging from science, math, and English. Once I'm further into the program I'll be doing everything I can to get into clinicles. I was told they go off of a points system. The better I do in the class room the better chances I have at getting into clinicals. I am working as a cna have been doing this for about 1 year. I love it. I really hope you can help me reach my dream of becoming a registered nurse.
Everyone is all welcoming. Great environment. So much to offer
To do online classes you have to be able to teach yourself. In my situation I had to go to campus for help to learn the material. The online experience would be better if they made the 2 hour long videos for each section interesting.
The recourses at my college are okay. I go to a community college and I do not have many choices of activities. There are also no sports at my campus. On the other hand we do have a 24 hr. library service that anyone can contact someone at the library for help at any time.
You will be equipped with the basic essentials to tackle real life with a degree from this school. HACC is not extravagant, It's not prestigious, it's just to get you started and along your way with something to say you did some kind of school. It's easy to recommend someone to a better college if they really want to get out and become something special.
There are some kooky and fun professors in HACC and that's what you can expect from a community college but they really make it nice to go there. You can have fun and joke around with professors and it makes it a more comfortable environment than a University so I liked it.
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There isn't anything to complain about in this department. They didn't help with anything extravagant they just did their job.
It's a lot harder to know when things are due and if you aren't paying close enough attention to the entire page and all of it's nooks you will miss deadlines. Proffessors are ok to reach if you need them but they can take a while to answer your emails and it's not fun. They do not remind you of any deadlines either so you can't count on them to even casually mention that something is due at one time or another. Online Courses are difficult in those terms alone.
It's community college. They do what they can to make sure you can make it out in the real world but there is only so much they can do. It's a small school but the staff is compassionate and do their best to work with you and help you reach your goals.
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