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Hacc have alot of centers where you can get help whenever you need help on writing a paper you could go to the writing lab and get help there, if you want a professor to revise your paper before handed it in you can get help with that as well.
very cool with its diverse atmosphere.
I think they try to cram as many students as possible into a classroom. This limits the interaction that a student can have with the professor which is potentially problematic if a student is struggling with a particular topic that is being discussed in the course. Also, I feel like the school needs to hire more professors in certain fields because the college lacks many offerings for a particular course which is also a problem when many students want to take a particular course and there are not enough seats.
Review Harrisburg Area Community College - York
I don't really think my school has much of an alumni network and if it does, it's not advertised well enough. In just my first semester there, they had 2 job fairs so I think job and internship prospects are very good. I also believe that the value of a degree from this school is just as good as a degree from any other college or university.
The people are so nice and they're willing to help each other out in classes. My friends in my history class helped me out so much and I don't think I will ever be able to repay them .
Since this school is only a community college, it does not offer many campus activities however centers like the library and the writing center really do help you out when you need it. In the writing center, if you are struggling with start a paper or you just simply want someone else to proofread it before you submit it to your professor, they will do that for you and I really appreciate it. I know I'm not the only one but without the writing center, my grades probably would have been a lot lower than they were.
The advisers here are extremely helpful when helping you decide whether you want to complete your degree there or transfer to another college or university.
I would give the school 5 stars for this however I had one professor who would not work around her office hours whatsoever and was not open for questions during classes. Only during her office hours. However, all of my other teachers were extremely flexible with meeting outside of class when I was unable to come to their office hours.
I personally do not feel that I'm getting my money's worth when it comes to the tuition. I think that the school needs to either train the professors that they do have on how to teach better or just to simply hire new professors that can actually help and educate their students better.
I have yet to start any of my major classes yet but I've heard excellent things about the program from my peers.
I think some professors are better at teaching than others and sadly I feel like this school has more bad than good. Certain professors give out such a heavy workload that you basically don't have time to work on any other class work and then there's other professors who just lecture the whole time and never assign homework so it doesn't really feel like you're learning anything. Don't get me wrong, these types of professors do have their perks such as no homework means more time to study for exams and more homework means that you'll understand the material more when it comes to a test or quiz.
Our student body is very diverse. w have ages ranging from18-50 in our school so that means we get to meet different people from various walks of life.
I would say where I am attending school at now is very helpful with the whole process, and are great with undergrads. The whole process of starting college was scary until my mentors helped with everything I need to be successful.
Its a community college I think it looks like the way it should.
Easy and very helpful got what I needed for the school year
The resources have been a big help and our a wonderful opportunity that every student should get involved with
I had great success with my class schedule and don't have any complaints.It worked out great
Review Harrisburg Area Community College - York
Haven't been totally sure what I wanted to do so I can't say anything about my major just yet.
So far I have loved all my classes and have had success with taking the correct classes.
The student body as a whole is very accepting of each other.
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