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At Harris Stowe they treat you like family . The profeesors will parent, you as well as push you to succeed and be a better person. They actually take time when helping you choose your major and also the campus is small so resources are plentiful. Lastyly, they have really great academic programs that can take you into many different fields.
Harris Stowe is a great school. I would like for them to have the daycare open until 10pm so that working mother's like myself. will not have to look for sitters.
Harris - Stowe State University has great programs Major in biology I love this school they have good help when it comes to you need it with homework in others they have good internships in major in the field of biology. When I first entered Harris -Stowe State University I was scared because I thought college was going to be hard in that I was not going to be able to keep up with my grades but I am doing very good in all my class because of the administrative at Harris- Stowe State University.
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My experience at Harris Stowe has been great so far. Becoming a student at Harris Stowe was one of the best moves I’ve made so far. The staff is great and the other students around campus are very friendly. I am proud to say that I am apart of the Harris Stowe family.
Harris Stowe was an excellent school to attend. I am proud to say I will be graduating in May of 2018 with my bachelors in Biology! This school has taught me how to overcome the toughest battles and to never give up. After losing a close friend to gun violence my grades dropped and I didn’t think I would make. The teachers and students helped me in so many way just when I was about to give up on life. I’m honored and crying writing this but I am forever grateful for choosing Harris-Stowe State University to attend.
Harris Stowe State University is a historically black institution that best fits my needs. I love my school and it was a great choice for me. Harris Stowe is still a working process but it is still beneficial to be here. One thing I would like for Harris Stowe State University to change is the meal plan. We need more options for food and drinks.
great campus, it's small to outsiders but big and comfy to others. the professors are very reasonable and understanding. The classes are short and very occupying to natural student. You have plenty options of things to do and not to mention lunch served here at Harris Stowe is great.
If your looking for a small college with great one one help with professors, free tutoring through out the week, mall classes so you can have more of a relationship with your professors, and staff that will help you achieve your goal, Harris Stowe State University is the college for you.
Harris-Stowe is a great college. Its mostly African Americans. They have good food. The students and professors are very nice. I really like their dorm rooms . They are very comfortable and clean.
My experience at Harris-Stowe University is very helpful because they have enough criteria to give you enough the knowledge you need for you to move into your career[s]. What I like about it is, the many connects and networking that Harris-Stowe has to offer and their internships that are applied which are extremely beneficial to the us students. What I would like to see change is , I feel there should be more options pertaining to the majors that are offered here because i feel that'll give Harris-Stowe more competition towards other minority schools and also more offers for diverse students to attend.
This is my first year at Harris- Stowe State University and I love it here. I have been through some things over the past years. I was facing and dealing with so many obstacles, like death, depression, being ill, and personal problems and this school is giving me a second chance to get my life right back on track. The instructors here will work with you and not because they feel like they have to, but because they want to see you succeed. The school is always offering internships and job offers for whichever major you're pursing. Its also a small campus, so you will be able to focus and not be distracted. We're also located downtown, so we are by everything, a lot of attractions.
This is one of the best universities I have ever attended in my life, from the culture that the school upholds to the "life" readiness it provides. I have had nothing but caring and understanding instructors my entire time of being here. I love the student appreciation that is demonstrated on a daily basis at this institution. I would recommend this university to anyone looking for a fun education and envolvement, as well as diversity.
I love my school , Its close to my home. I love the faculty and the students . My school works hand in hand with the students.
To start off, I planned on going to Harris-Stowe only for my first semester as freshmen and transferring to Clark Atlanta. I'm not so sure about that anymore because I have fallen so in love with the school and it's environment. They have many helpful resources as far as help with work, the professors/teachers are very approachable and understanding. There are constant activities going throughout the day/week so that every student has the chance to engage and get a feel of what the school is about. Overall, Harris-Stowe is a great school and I would highly recommend anyone go to this college.
Average class size so talking to the professor is fairly easy the courses overall differ the school should implement more majors and open up the variety of choices but overall the professors are well versed in there areas
There has been a couple opportunities that Iv personally noticed for internships and other entrepreneurial opportunities but there isn't an overwhelming amount of attention this school gains
Safe food wise it's not very healthy but other than that safe
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Decent no real complaints the buildings are fairly new although they do sometimes have wifi connection issues and if an appliance is broken the time it takes to get someone to fix them varies which is a downside it's never consistent
Greeks greatly influence the school some Greeks are cliquey and snobby but for the most part they heavily affect school atmosphere through community service and events held on campus for students
As for the teams it's pretty ok if you're on the athletic team if not you don't have nearly as much access to excercise as a college student needs
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