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The Professor I had isn’t friendly, helpful, or willing to help students. I find there’s no sense of community. Although, Access and Disability Services is pretty helpful.
Harper College is a great two-year institution especially if you have the intent to transfer after your two years at Harper. This college has a great nursing program and some four-year majors are offered at this school too. My major is in biological sciences and for all of the biology classes I have taken here, I have had outstanding biology professors. Using services such as rate my professor was of invaluable help in choosing my instructors. The chemistry department here is a little weak compared to the biological department so be prepared for that if you are considering chemistry. Overall, this college was great.
I thought Harper was really great for community college. All my professors really knew what they were talking about and loved what they were doing. The professors would work with me if I had conflicts with anything and would meet with me outside of class when I needed it. The classes with labs I took there were so much fun and I really learned a lot.
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Harper College is a fantastic school. The professors at the college truly care about your success and have helped me to become a much stronger student academically. Overall, I would highly recommend Harper College to everyone.
I love harper college and preferred to study there than in Elgin community college. I am not saying that ECC is bad,but my heart just belongs to harper college. I feel safe at the campus and i learned a lot from there. My other 2 sisters preferred to study there even though we are out of district.
The professors are willing to help you if you have any difficulties about the classes. They are very kind and nice. Also, you can experience diversity of races because there are many students who came to Harper to study abroad. You can learn another cultures and make many foreign friends who will help you to learn and experience their own cultures.
Harper is a good experience with passionate professors and a competent administration. It is a good way to ease into the college experience, especially if you're feeling lost about what you would like to major in or where you would like to attend "real" college.
Very good schooling for a very good price. Music department is great, percussion program is above average.
I feel like Harper is a great, diverse, flexible school. I love the wide variety of classes and easy access to student services. Many times you may feel like a small fish in a big pond on a college campus, but if you reach out to the advisers they really make you feel confident about your academic path. Unless you get involved in sports or a club it is hard to meet people considering most are just trying to get in and out of class. I love that there are options for online classes as well as evening classes. Working full time makes it difficult to find classes that fit my schedule, but with the counselors assistance, there is something for everyone.
My experience was amazing because Harper college taught me a lot. I could be proud of who I am now because I get improve my grades. College is always be best.
Overall, Harper is a great alternative to a 4 year school. The nursing program is excellent. If you are willing to work hard and study you will do well at this school. The nursing program exposes you to some great area hospitals. For the most part, teachers are very good, there are some bad like any school. Facilities, library also good. Counseling and advising is good. The faculty is always willing to stay before / after classes to help or tutor you. I love that they coordinate with other 4 years universities to transition to getting your Bachelors degree.
There are many classes to choose from that can apply toward my major. Many of the courses will be able to transfer to my four year college I have chosen.
Beautiful campus,
Harper College is a great place to create a foundation for your education. I have made a lot of relationships with peers and professors that have helped me progress in my studies. The unity present at Harper College encourages students to work hard and study well.
My experience at Harper College has been a pretty good one because it still gives a good amount of time for yourself. It gives you time to go to school, work, and extra activities such as working out or spending time with family. For the upcoming freshman students from high school, my words of advise are to manage your time wisely and that it may seem easier to you than high school. I say that because for some classes attendance is not required and some classes are based off of only quizzes and tests. For students who are coming from other countries, I advise you to take english and writing classes because a good amount of classes require writing essays. Overall, the experience is one of a kind with a lot of writing.
Come to Harper College! You can find a lot of new friends between classes and hallways. You can take courses and get a degree with low costs and excellent education. You won't regret it! Come here and apply to get into college life at Harper College.
It's great for a community college, but everyone including professors seem to hate their lives. The education is awesome, but the social life is pretty much negative. The campus is bigger than some universities, which has both benefits and drawbacks. Harper college even has its own police department which creates a very safe environment. Most classes seem to be busy work.
Great professors that are willing to help students succeed. Beautiful campus. Huge library and lots of available resources. Affordable.
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Student life on campus is almost non-existent. Most people here pt work, ft school. I wish they did not aggressively develop the campus; as a result, our tuition rates have rocketed.
I wish there was more support for students that barely have the means to obtain higher education. Merely paying for a portion of tuition does not cut it; gas, food, rent, bills, and miscellaneous costs have to be deeply considered. Sometimes, I have to choose whether I'll have to buy books and starve. Looking at the scholarships offered, I find them to be helpful but I do not qualify for them because of my demographic.
In all, Harper College is decent but could improve to becoming more student focused.
Harper is an awesome school that allows you to take general education, classes while discovering what your true passion is.
Harper is a great community college. I've had a great time here so far. I've learned a lot and really don't have any complaints. Harper has definitely prepared me for transferring to continue on for my bachelors degree.
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