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Harper is affordable and offers quality education. The instructors are approachable and are always encouraging students to seek out assistance if need be. They genuinely want their students to succeed. Harper also offers various class options such as web based, lecture, and hybrid classes. I love Harper and am so glad I chose it to continue my education as an adult student.
I liked the diversity of the students and the small classroom sizes. I felt that the teachers that I took were great and very helpful to the students. The college has been getting renovations and the buildings are really cool and fun to hang out in.
Programs are good. Nursing is the major I went into. There's a lot of miscommunication, so you really have to verify everything and turn in everything early. It's almost impossible to do nursing while working full time.
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my college is the best, it has so many services like study rooms, study space where there are lots of computers so that you can study online, libraries where there are so many books and people there help students in book picking and also in research citations. Our college also has tutoring center where student weak in subjects like English, Maths, Accounting, Sciences and lot more can go there and learn. My campus has good teachers and also all teachers are very helpful and help us to get good grades in our subjects. Employees working here are also very helpful.
Harper seems to be a very nice place. They restored one whole acre of wetlands there. They have a new building for health and a gymnasium. There are plenty of nooks and crannies where students can study quietly without being disturbed.
Fashion design program curriculum was not realistic. The curriculum is planned to be completed in 2 years but in reality takes 3. I was so overloaded following it and couldn't keep up. When I showed it to a professor she didn't understand why it was published that way. Faculty was unreliable when I needed help outside of the class hours. No knowledgeable admin staff willing to help with financial aid, and poor job placement assistance.
Harper College is a great community college. This school has great opportunities for students that performed poorly in high school.
Harper is a large community college with a nice, well kept campus and professors that take teaching seriously. My experience at Harper has been very positive.
The college is a great opportunity for everyone who is focused in education, activities, or just a place for not knowing what to do which is completely okay. The place sets you up for success with so many resources available. Tutors, writing centers, counselors, peers, and the list goes on and on. The college is advancing with a new library and athletic building. Lots of fun activities for social gatherings and many clubs! It is affordable compared to other places, but it really is a great place to start!
I began at Harper about a year ago and so far, my overall experience has been surprisingly good. Although it may look like a small college, one trip throughout its numerous buildings and classrooms is all it takes for one to see how Harper is actually a much bigger campus than it seems. Harper also provides its students with as many tools to succeed, whether it be renovating its library to help more students study inside it better or its numerous amount of skilled professors who care about their students passing their courses. My Astronomy professor who I had last semester simply astonished me by the experience that he had from studying and teaching at several different universities as well as the tremendous amount of knowledge and interest he had for Astronomy. Every class I felt like I genuinely learned and grew more interested in the lectures. I'd say overall that Harper has already definitely surpassed my expectations.
A fun place to meet people or even to stay quiet whether in class or just walking around. classes are suited for more 1 to 1 time with teachers.
Very smooth transitions from this two year college to the next, affordable. What I would like to see changed is the way outsiders view the school.
I like that there are many services available for students that help improve both their academic and personal lives. I would suggest maybe more healthy food options.
The Professor I had isn’t friendly, helpful, or willing to help students. I find there’s no sense of community. Although, Access and Disability Services is pretty helpful.
Harper College is a great two-year institution especially if you have the intent to transfer after your two years at Harper. This college has a great nursing program and some four-year majors are offered at this school too. My major is in biological sciences and for all of the biology classes I have taken here, I have had outstanding biology professors. Using services such as rate my professor was of invaluable help in choosing my instructors. The chemistry department here is a little weak compared to the biological department so be prepared for that if you are considering chemistry. Overall, this college was great.
I thought Harper was really great for community college. All my professors really knew what they were talking about and loved what they were doing. The professors would work with me if I had conflicts with anything and would meet with me outside of class when I needed it. The classes with labs I took there were so much fun and I really learned a lot.
Harper College is a fantastic school. The professors at the college truly care about your success and have helped me to become a much stronger student academically. Overall, I would highly recommend Harper College to everyone.
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I love harper college and preferred to study there than in Elgin community college. I am not saying that ECC is bad,but my heart just belongs to harper college. I feel safe at the campus and i learned a lot from there. My other 2 sisters preferred to study there even though we are out of district.
The professors are willing to help you if you have any difficulties about the classes. They are very kind and nice. Also, you can experience diversity of races because there are many students who came to Harper to study abroad. You can learn another cultures and make many foreign friends who will help you to learn and experience their own cultures.
Harper is a good experience with passionate professors and a competent administration. It is a good way to ease into the college experience, especially if you're feeling lost about what you would like to major in or where you would like to attend "real" college.
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