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If you want good education with versed professors and extremely intelligent students, you should enter to the Harper College.
I really like Harper College so far. The campus is nice. I also like how cheap the in-district tuition is. I like how the professors are really nice and that the classes aren't too big. I also like how there's diversity on campus. Another thing I like is that the campus is safe. I also like how the college is not too far away from where I live. I also like how the college offers a lot of degrees, certificates, and programs; it even has a University Center that offers some bachelor's degree programs with other universities. Harper has a lot to offer it's students in general. The students are really nice, too. Overall, I'm more than happy to attend this college!
I am a freshman at Harper College, my experience so far has been excellent. The classes I am taking this first semester are really interesting and all my professors are great. The campus is very large and there is plenty of spots to work on homework. The campus has a Subway and Starbucks which is very convenient when forgetting to pack a lunch for the day. Harper College provides a lot of support to students with tutors, computer, and clubs. Although the campus is large, the parking lot gets packed very easily and finding a parking spot can be a struggle sometimes. Regardless, Harper College is an outstanding community college that encourages students to reach their true potential with a great education program.
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As a freshman at Harper I am just getting to know the school. So far I have been enjoying my classes and the campus. Professors are very helpful and want the students to actually learn. If you have any questions or concerns, Harper has made it very easy with its OneStop department. Here you can get help from things like financial aid questions to more knowledge about classes. Harper also offers a wide variation of tools to help the students. You are able to find tutors for any subject you need and also they have a career center where you can get help building your resume, or finding a job on or off campus. Only a couple weeks in I have really enjoyed Harper and I am happy with my decision on going there.
Harper college is a friendly environment, providing hundreds of different classes for specifically what you want to do. Saving money and getting a great education is what is intended at Harper.
I am currently a Sophomore at Harper. I love Harper, honestly, because the staff there helps new incoming students like myself and guide us into what college is about. I started off just going to school there because I didn't want to go see old high school friends at my normal district school. At Harper Ii have made new friends and have used many resources to help me stay on track to my future career. I plan on going to Roosevelt and after becoming an elementary teacher. I think I made a great decision for starting at Harper than going to a 4 year because Harper has been so helpful.
Harper College is an amazing school to start off with. My experi nice there was so good, I wish it were a four year university!
All the professors were helpful, excited to teach, and intelligent. The athletics program was very successful in every sport.
I never had a bad experience with Harper College.
Harper college has well prepared me to go further on to higher education. The anthropology department has been absolutely wonderful, with great resources, labs, books, and the best professors I have ever had.
I took a summer course on the Japanese language at Harper College and I very much enjoyed the atmosphere of the school and the material I learned was taught in an interesting and colorful manner. During the summer course, I was also encouraged to work with partners on in-class assignments which was great experience and I received a wide variety of various helpful homework assignments. I also enjoyed being challenged to answer various questions put up on the board, I felt like this exercise stretched me in a good direction. Overall, the summer course I took at Harper College was spot on.
Harper college is a fantastic opportunity to save money while taking required gen eds for transfer to a desired 4-year university. Education received here is not to be undervalued and is probably universal. Great commuter college in general.
Overall I though harder college is a great school to start off with. I started off at Harper to get my associate degree and I was very pleased over all with the school on making a smoth transition from high school to college. I think some improvement that could be helpful in future is expanding more elective classes so there is a little more variety.
I am an incoming freshman to haroer college and am excited to experience what it has to offer. I have not attend school yet because school hasn't started. I started classes august 19th.
Harper has so much to offer as well as a number of resource available. The staff is always willing to help and make sure the students feel comfortable when they are transitioning schools.
Harper College is an affordable and wonderful school to attend if you wish to transfer or get an associates degree. Harper offers a wide variety of student services, from free tutoring to free legal advice. The teachers and staff is very friendly. Campus and buildings are well taken care of and constantly being upgraded and modernized.
Overall, the environment is great for a two year college. However, many teachers are not dedicated and/or don't reply to emails. It's a great place to get those first two years out of the way without much cost or time.
Harper College is clearly a budget school, and the staff are examples of that. The campus is relativly small. Parking is always full. If parking is not full, the narrow one lane road creates the illusion it is. If someone screams you did something against the rules, even if not true, you will be banned until you have a "hearing". The "hearing" is you having to defend yourself while talking to someone who is a poor excuse of a councilor. They will deviate from policy.
After graduating from high school, many students choose to attend a college out of town or even out of state. I wasn't really interested in that type of college experience , or maybe just not ready to live away from home. Also, my parents don't have money for my college education. Therefore, I pay for all my college education from the money I earn at a full time job. Harper is very close to home for me, and offers classes early in the morning, and later in the evening, so that I am able to work full time and take classes affordably at the same time. If I could change one thing, I would extend a discount to those students who are actually paying for college from a salary they are earning; not getting a loan, not getting money from their parents or family members, but who are actually working hard at a job and then paying for classes from their own hard-earned money.
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Compared to community colleges of the City, Harper College is absolutely wonderful. They recently renovated the D building and it offers a Starbucks, ample seating areas with or without tables for studying and is just an overall great facility. Everything is state of the art and you truly feel you are getting your money's worth attending this college.
My time at Harper was was educational, fun, and well-spent. The environment felt safe. The professors were professional, yet very understanding. There are a lot of great clubs to join. Overall, I'm happy I chose to go to Harper.
Currently Enrolled. Teachers are respectful but also do what they want. Some are amazing and some aren't, just like any other school. Everyone has respect for one another and it's filled with learning experience.
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