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My experience at Harper College has been a pretty good one because it still gives a good amount of time for yourself. It gives you time to go to school, work, and extra activities such as working out or spending time with family. For the upcoming freshman students from high school, my words of advise are to manage your time wisely and that it may seem easier to you than high school. I say that because for some classes attendance is not required and some classes are based off of only quizzes and tests. For students who are coming from other countries, I advise you to take english and writing classes because a good amount of classes require writing essays. Overall, the experience is one of a kind with a lot of writing.
Come to Harper College! You can find a lot of new friends between classes and hallways. You can take courses and get a degree with low costs and excellent education. You won't regret it! Come here and apply to get into college life at Harper College.
It's great for a community college, but everyone including professors seem to hate their lives. The education is awesome, but the social life is pretty much negative. The campus is bigger than some universities, which has both benefits and drawbacks. Harper college even has its own police department which creates a very safe environment. Most classes seem to be busy work.
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Great professors that are willing to help students succeed. Beautiful campus. Huge library and lots of available resources. Affordable.
Student life on campus is almost non-existent. Most people here pt work, ft school. I wish they did not aggressively develop the campus; as a result, our tuition rates have rocketed.
I wish there was more support for students that barely have the means to obtain higher education. Merely paying for a portion of tuition does not cut it; gas, food, rent, bills, and miscellaneous costs have to be deeply considered. Sometimes, I have to choose whether I'll have to buy books and starve. Looking at the scholarships offered, I find them to be helpful but I do not qualify for them because of my demographic.
In all, Harper College is decent but could improve to becoming more student focused.
Harper is an awesome school that allows you to take general education, classes while discovering what your true passion is.
Harper is a great community college. I've had a great time here so far. I've learned a lot and really don't have any complaints. Harper has definitely prepared me for transferring to continue on for my bachelors degree.
The campus was a lot nicer than I expected and it had a nice layout. The teachers were very helpful as well as the counselors. The only thing I didn't like was the parking
I liked Harper because it was a community college that had the feel of a bigger college. The campus was a decent size and they're always updating buildings to make the areas newer and nicer for the students. Everyone there is super nice and friendly and always willing to help you.
Harper college is a great school for opportunity. Coming from a family that doesn't make a lot of money, I had to go to a community college for 2 years. It helped me raise my gap from a 3.5 to a 3.67 while still being able to play college baseball. Harpers professors are very good in teaching and getting extended help if needed. Diversity at the school is great coming from a pretty much all white high school.
Harper College has personally been a great experience for me. It is a great way to save some money while you are deciding which career path you want to take. Going to Harper for two years gave me some more time to figure out exactly what I wanted to major in and do with that major. Taking gen eds and courses that interested me really helped me with deciding my major. With the help of great professors and counselors I was able to do that. I truly believe Harper is a great place to start for people who want to save money and for people who are not too sure what they want to major in. Harper is the perfect place to figure out what you want in life. I would not change anything about Harper or my experience at Harper. It is a great school!
I attended Harper College in Fall 2014 through Summer 2015 and could not have been happier with my decision. The classes were all very well planned and taught. All of the professors were professional and helpful in the utmost way. I was hesitant at first to enroll, but as soon as I started the process it was painless and quick. Harper College has many activities and groups to be a part of and somewhere everyone can fit in. You will never feel left out. I would recommend Harper College to anyone unsure of their career path, but still want to continue their education for cheap!
It is easy to get an education there, they are so helpful. Counselors are very helpful and go the extra mile to help in very way.
My experience here was outstanding! Amazing professors and lots of tools available to students to ensure that they will succeed. Campus is beautiful and some buildings have been recently renovated. Food is also really good in the cafe and there is a brand new Starbucks! This school is definitely one that I would recommend students to start with to introduce them to the college life.
Harper is an amazing school where you learn to grow and meet new friends. This is the best place to start the next chapter of your life. I wouldn't want to start my career at any other place.
Small classes, professors are willing to work with you and they want you to succeed. Campus is all over safe and willing to make sure you are. Working on campus is good for the in-district, but you are only allowed 20 hours a week.
Harper is a wonderful community college. The prices are very reasonable and the payment plans make for a very easy experience. Most of the teachers at Harper are very good and knowledgeable. I found the classes to be challenging, but manageable. I do wish they'd offer more choices for lab science classes at night.
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A great school for a transitional life as an continued education student. This college is more like a high school but is known as an college. Great fashion program.
Very helpful and affordable. Every time I had a question to be answered, I found myself having so many resources at my disposal. Harper’s website is very useful and easy to navigate. A very helpful tool!
No matter what building you walking into, you feel welcomed. Harper college encourages all students to get involved and meet new friends.
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